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WAR: Police Warn Bombers Could Be Lining Up New Terror Attacks

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posted on Jul, 10 2005 @ 02:25 PM

Originally posted by Aldarion

I think you saw the movie "Swordfish", and are having a problem separating a movie script from reality. You my friend are the one who is playing into the terrorists hands, and you are too blind to realize it. The actions you speak of would only serve to justify their cause.


Never saw it, dont care to. This is just common sense and a set of nuts, which all seem to be a rare find lately. Everyone wants to sit around and sing Kumbayya, but do nothing.

Maybe Im a moron, but someone kills my friend, I want to kill them. You people all need to grow a pair and open your eyes. We have enemys. THey want us dead. Want dont you get about that?

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 12:40 AM
For those of you who think Britain would idle if they had evidence that some foreign aid was used in an attack on British soil, you are ignoring history. Stop lecturing other people on history when most of you dont know what you are talking about when it comes to the British. If there is a link to an outside country...the British WILL retaliate militarily. If it is all in house then they will clean house. They need to stop allowing Muslims in the country in such great numbers. If muslims are so dissatisfied with their lives in their home countries, then they need to stay there and fight to change it.

U.S. and British histories are full of uprisings and reform. Change has to come from within and it isnt going to help the cause with everyone just fleeing to the West and not staying to fight for what they want. People in the West will fight for what they want and have done so. In the end we will might take centuries and probably wont happen in our lifetimes but eventually we will win. The more fundamentalists lash out...the more control we will take over from Mulsims in general.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 01:11 AM
Wow, Thursday bombing happens, time bombs used and no arrests. Then the police say there's a risk of further attacks. Well what do you know?
All I can say to Spliff404 or something, is that yes you can kill Muslim people 10 times more than they kill yours. Its effectively been done in Israel as for every Israeli killed there's 9 dead Palestinians at least.
And look where that’s got them!!!
Also Mr Spliff America has already taken your advice. Just over 3000 people died in 9/11 in total. This is in comparison to Iraq where the first Gulf War killed 250,000 Iraqis. Thats an embarrassing fact so now the U.S. Isn't doing body counts on Iraqi civilians. But given the length of this war compared with the last one I would imagine the figure would be much, much higher.

I'm sure if it comes down to it, people similiar to you will happily "nuke the bastards" should they kill even 100,000 of our own people with a dirty bomb or something. Of course the Arab world doesn’t have nukes so using your logic it would make sense. Especially when Iran is about to get them (primarily to protect themselves against your section of the electorate who could quickly become a very real threat to their people, should some nutcase prove us).
But for Gods sake America is supposed to be a Christian nation. There was once a demon named Hitler who did kill 10 French men for every German soldier killed by the Resistance in France. Maybe you two are related or something; so perhaps you could push for it being done in Iraq. But I assure you it didn’t work against the French resistance and nether will it work against the Iraqi. It makes people more inclined to join up not less.

I know I shouldn’t compare people like you with Hitler because its wrong and offensive. But you do seem to share the same logic (at least in part) and if you say things like: kill 10 for every 1 of us then it’s a fact.
Politness won't solve that.
So hopefully you can see why so many Arabs call America "the great Satan" and I assure you that one you demonstrated is only one of many good reasons.
People who kill 10 more people than there weak and desperate enemy kill of them aren’t Christians. Of course I would agree with you if you said kill 10 terrorists for every one of us they kill. Problem is you would run out of terrorists, there just aren’t that many. But unchristian people like you seem to want to hold the Arab world account it’s not fair and it not right. A civilian life for a civilian life is what I say, and even then that’s high.
Finally there have been 449 bombings by Iraq’s Resistance in the last year. How much space did those victims get? Westerners we are being brainwashed because we don’t really get to what we do, only what happens to us. That is why our people are so self-centred and arrogant (at least in the words we are called in the world over).


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 03:45 AM

Originally posted by spliff4020

Ill still wait for you to tell me when GB lost 3000 in a day. 30? hmmmm....kinda small compared to 3000, wouldnt ya say? Or would you rather wait untill they slam a plane into BigBen? WIll the point sink in then? Your all a target. You need to wake up to that fact real soon...

I know it was history and not the same warfare as today but i seem to remember that we did'nt fair too well at the Battle of the Somme.

I quote: "Haig used 750,000 men (27 divisions) against the German front-line (16 divisions). However, the bombardment failed to destroy either the barbed-wire or the concrete bunkers protecting the German soldiers. This meant that the Germans were able to exploit their good defensive positions on higher ground when the British and French troops attacked at 7.30 on the morning of the 1st July. The BEF suffered 58,000 casualties (a third of them killed), therefore making it the worse day in the history of the British Army."

58,000 casualties, a third of them fatalities......don't need a calculator for that one eh?

I'm have'nt posted that in attempt to join the "who's had it worst" brigade. Just to merely point out that although that was military losses it still hits home as hard as civilian deaths. I get more annoyed at the civilain attacks like 9/11 and London because at least the armed forces are semi prepared and equipped to react to such attacks. I know for a fact that a lot of what the US does to protect its country has been influenced by the UK's method of dealing with attacks, and likewise i know that we had to rewrite some of our methods and action plans after 9/11.......what i'm saying is no-one can really say that they have had things worse. Maybe some places have statisticly, but in emotional terms i'd say it all effects us the same.


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:11 AM
thats all well and good, but i still havent heard an idea of WHAT TO DO....Also, Brittans loss was severe sure, but it was a MILITARY loss, not 3000 innocent people who showed up for work.

Additional point.....I never said to nuke or bomb out anyone. I said TAKE OVER...which is what they need. Im still waiting to hear a different idea. So far Im an "idiot", but at least I offer solutions....

continue with the twiddling....

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by spliff4020
thats all well and good, but i still havent heard an idea of WHAT TO DO....Also, Brittans loss was severe sure, but it was a MILITARY loss, not 3000 innocent people who showed up for work.

Additional point.....I never said to nuke or bomb out anyone. I said TAKE OVER...which is what they need. Im still waiting to hear a different idea. So far Im an "idiot", but at least I offer solutions....

continue with the twiddling....

No, you don't offer any viable solution at all. All you're idea is is genocide and making the problem worse. In the case of the recent bombings, just who are you advocation poeple go and kill "10 fold"? Muslims I assume? Well, I think the number of Muslims being killed by the US and Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan is quite a few more than 10 fold. Doesn't seem to be doing any good does it?

Here's an idea for you....and world leaders. Stop invading countries on illegal pretences and maybe you won't piss people off enough to come bomb you.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 11:53 AM
A question for any older members here:

Was there this much whining and bitching during the Blitz? Did the Media go on a blame government campaign against Churchill? Were people crowded around radios in the shelters listening to announcers claim it's all a sham to get people to accept martial law and turn over their rights?

Whatever happened to the world-famous dry wit and stoicism of the British People? The cultured, no-nonsense, masters of the understatement people we all know and love?

Was the hack remake of "Hitchhiker's Guide" really so devastating? Are you truly that upset Americans find the Dr. Who" series cheesy and at best amusing?

Or does it go back to the Timothy Dalton "James Bond" films? We apologize! Bring back the Britain of WWII! We'll even start taking soccer seriously!

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 12:07 PM

Whatever happened to the world-famous dry wit and stoicism of the British People? The cultured, no-nonsense, masters of the understatement people we all know and love?

Right here phuge. Warning the following link contains extreme unpolitical language, dry wit and naughty language enter at your own risk

[edit on 11-7-2005 by sardion2000]

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 12:10 PM
Spliff420, where's Rodney King and his famous quote when you need it most huh? I believe an immediate viable solution would be to listen and perhaps follow through with their only demand.

Stop occupying Islamic land with Military bases. Yes, they want complete withdrawl of "crusaders" or what our President refers to as freedom spreading.

Although I do not sympathize with Terrorist criminals, I do however understand that military occupation breeds resentment. I would be joining the American revolution of democracy liberation if we were invaded, occupied and taken over by Red China.

Wouldn't you?

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 01:04 PM
Just wanted to post this virus alert, of an email claiming to be a video of the London bombings is a trojan.

While I realize many are fully aware of email dangers, I am also aware of the vast numbers that are not.

Story: Virus exploits London Tube bombs


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 01:13 PM
What really needs to happen is everyone needs to understand we are all equal. We all bleed the same and die in the same fasion. If someone wants to believe in something that they have been for years then so be it. The cold hard truth of the matter is the only way we will never be affected by terrorism is if we slink down to that level as well. Its not considered terrorism if its a daily occurance and everyone has gotten used to that type of acts. Since this is never a viable option, we can only protect ourselves and our brotheren as best as possible in hopes that either the leaders will wake up or the minions will start to look and realize the horror of it all. As a species though, I feel we are far from being as evolved as the other animals on this planet. They might have simple needs, but at least they don't have to deal with greed or power struggles on a massive scale.

Of course just my opinion

Bless the old country and keep her safe


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by spliff4020
thats all well and good, but i still havent heard an idea of WHAT TO DO....Also, Brittans loss was severe sure, but it was a MILITARY loss, not 3000 innocent people who showed up for work.

Firstly, I'm just going to apologise to all you good Americans out there (And I'm a 1/4 American by the way and proud of it) because what I'm going to say will probably upset a lot of people, but it's been building up for a long time and someone has got to have the guts to say it:


Blitz, The,

sustained German bombing campaign against London and other British cities during World War II, from September 1940 to mid-1941, in which over 43,000 British citizens lost their lives.

• March 8, 1973: Two IRA car bombs explode outside London's Old Bailey courthouse and government's agriculture department headquarters, killing one and wounding more than 150.

• Oct. 5, 1974: Two IRA bombs explode in pubs in London suburb of Guildford; five dead, more than 50 injured.

• Nov. 21, 1974: Two IRA bombs in Birmingham kill 19 and wound more than 180.

• July 20, 1982: Two IRA bombs in Hyde Park and Regent's Park in London kill 11 British soldiers and wound more than 40, mostly civilians.

• Dec. 17, 1983: IRA car bomb explodes outside Harrod's department store, killing six and wounding about 100.

• Oct. 12, 1984: IRA targets conference of ruling Conservative Party, killing five and wounding 24, but narrowly missing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

• Sept. 22, 1989: The IRA bombs the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal, killing 10 soldiers and wounding more than 30.

• Feb. 7, 1991: IRA fires three homemade mortar shells at No. 10 Downing Street, British prime minister's official residence in London. No injuries.

• April 10, 1992: Massive IRA truck bomb in London's financial district kills three and causes hundreds of millions of dollars of damage.

• March, 20, 1993: IRA bomb hidden in garbage can in shopping district of Warrington, northwest England, kills two boys aged 3 and 12.

• Feb. 9, 1996: IRA ends a 17-month cease-fire with a massive truck bomb in London's financial district, killing two.

• Feb. 18, 1996: An IRA bomber accidentally kills himself aboard a London double-decker bus, five injured.

• June 15, 1996: For first time, IRA targets a different English city — Manchester in the northwest — with a massive truck bomb, wrecking the central shopping area and wounding about 200.

• Sept. 20, 2000: IRA dissidents fire rocket-propelled grenaded at headquarters of MI5 security agency. No injuries.

• July 7, 2005: Four blasts rock the London subway system and a bus during the morning rush hour, killing at least 40 people, U.S. officials say. More than 360 people are wounded.

We're pretty used to this mate, but you lot seem to love wining about how hard done by you are and every time someone actually manages to make their way over to you to attack you you retalitate with maximum force, with little regard for civilian casualties.

For instance when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour:

The Imperial Japanese Navy made its attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii, was aimed at the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy and its defending Army Air Corps and Marine air forces. The attack damaged or destroyed twelve U.S. warships and 188 aircraft, and killed 2,403 American servicemen and 68 civilians. Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku planned the raid as the start of the Pacific Campaign of World War II, and it was commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, who lost 64 servicemen. The Pacific Fleet's three aircraft carriers were not in port and so were undamaged, as were oil tank farms and machine shops. Using these resources the United States was able to rebound within six months to a year. The U.S. public saw "Pearl Harbor" as a treacherous act and rallied strongly against the Japanese Empire, resulting in its later defeat. This attack has been called the Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Pearl Harbor but, most commonly, the Attack on Pearl Harbor or simply Pearl Harbor.

Please note as you did that the majority of casualties were military and only 68 were civilian.
However, in exchange for this you carried out:

During World War II, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, were destroyed by atomic bombs dropped by the United States military on August 6 and August 9, 1945, respectively, killing at least 100,000 civilians outright and many more over time. One of the primary reasons given for the use of the bomb was that it would force Japan to surrender unconditionally. Japan presented its formal document of surrender to the Allied powers on August 15. The survivors of the bombings are called hibakusha (被爆者), a Japanese word that translates literally to "bomb affected people."

Oo I don't see any military casualties there, just 100,000 + civilians.. emmm.

And of course in repsonse to 9/11 you (and us) have wiped out countless Afghani's and Iraqies.

So maybe you should check some of your history first?

And let us not forget what you, our children of the 13 colonies of the United Kingdom....

The Thirteen Colonies were 13 British colonies in North America, separately chartered and governed, that signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and formally broke with the Kingdom of Great Britain, leading to the American Revolutionary War and the establishment of the United States of America.

Other British North American possessions—the former French colony of Quebec and the colonies of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island—remained loyal to the British Crown and much later were united as Canada. The colonies of East Florida and West Florida also remained loyal during the American Revolution.

Achieved (along with the europeans), in your treatment of the indigenous people of your great land:

Military defeat, cultural pressure, confinement on reservations, forced cultural assimilation, outlawing of native languages and culture, forced sterilizations, termination policies of the 1950s, and 1960s, and slavery have had deleterious effects on Native Americans' mental and physical health. Contemporary health problems include poverty, alcoholism, heart disease, diabetes, and New World Syndrome.

As recently as the 1960s, Indians were being jailed for teaching their traditional beliefs. As recently as the 1970s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs was still actively pursuing a policy of "assimilation" [9], the goal of which was to eliminate the reservations and steer Indians into mainstream U.S. culture. Even their lands are perhaps no longer safe; as of 2004, there are still claims of theft of Indian land for the coal and uranium it contains.

Credit to Wikipedia for information..

So before you start shouting your mouth off, maybe you should pick up a history book and learn some facts before you make yourself look silly, emm?

Once again I'd like to apologise to anyone that is unfairly offended by this..

[edit on 11-7-2005 by AgentSmith]

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 04:45 PM
just thought i would add this one little thing not as an offensive or contradictory to anyone but the fact is why the hell would the al quada attack the same place twice. Osama is not your average idiot right, so if hes actually still alive and hasn't been taken down for another to take his place by treachory then hes not going to attack britain again.

Most likely he will attack one of the other countries on his list you know there were a few he's out to destroy western culture that means any country or nation or anything that fraternizes with them. I would place my bets that he's gonna lay low for a while recruit some more angry teens and other non patriotic individuals and then attack the next nation on his list that is slacking on security. I live in canada ( one of his targeted countries) and we have a pretty dismal idea of security so i'm betting he's targetting and planning for canada next.

One thing that strikes me as odd however is the sloppiness of the attack in britain. There was so much ingenuity in the attack on the states it probably took years to develop the plan and execute. This newest attack looks like it was done by some punks who have been joining the al-quada via the internet. I mean what the hell a few breifcase bombs in the subway is something pretty simple compared to the two tower. Whatever it was i'm sure we are gonna be waiting a while for the next attack.

P.S. Didn't osama claim responsibility for the towers like days after let's wait and see shall we.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 05:45 PM

Additional point.....I never said to nuke or bomb out anyone. I said TAKE OVER...which is what they need. Im still waiting to hear a different idea. So far Im an "idiot", but at least I offer solutions....

Spliff...seems you cannot read your own posts:

Christ relax... It wasnt a slam against you guys, but cmon....aint you even a little bit pissed? Dont ya even want an ounce of revenge? Or are you content to sit there, listen to sad music and grieve? Its time to stand and deliver. Start killin their women and children 10 times more than they did yours. Thats what you do. People need to wake up

Seems you advocate slaughter there...And no, we're not going to sit around listening to sad music.

We will do what we normally do. Go to the pub.

Let the Security Services do their job, arrest who is responsible and jail them. We're pretty clued up on this Terrorism thing, you know. We know what we're doing.

You also said:

You people know what needs to be done. Its just that everyone is afraid to say it, or do it. Like it or not, this is a war with Muslims.


Enough of treating everyone with our little white gloves on. This is war. They are the enemy, and SOMEONE needs to show them that. If your to afraid to, then get back on the trains and wait for the next one

Is it? What, like the IRA was war against the Irish? Get back on the trains and wait for the next one?............Bugger off you callous idiot.

Whatever happens to them is self inflicted. I feel no sorrow for them, their wives or their children. The world will be better off when that scourge is gone.

Another post advocating the slaughter of innocents, and especially children. You deranged psychopath. Children? WTF? Sick.....

These little "stans" of the world contribute 0 to us but pain and suffering. Theyve proven themselves completly unable to handle things themselves

Care to elborate on this senseless, ill-informed racism? "Stans"? Engage me in debate about these "Stans" if you like, but I guarantee I will show you to be the fool.

remember who declared war on who here.......they started and its up to us to finish it.......

Declared war? When was that? Only Nations can "declare war". Outside of that, it is merely terrorism, which is for the Law Enforcement chaps to sort out.

Intrepid-- never did I mention genocide,

I think I have demonstrated above that you, in fact, have advocated genocide.

Its time for our countries to grow some cojones and go dish out revenge. Plain and simple.

Don't question us, of all people, about if we have "cojones"....We have proven time and again our bollocks are pretty big....

So, in light of that remonder about your arsehole posts on this thread, care to enage in real debate, or are you still going to advocate mass slaughter of 1 billion people?

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 04:01 AM
well, first of all....

yup....we nuked the hell out of japan. twice.... served em right. They threw a cheap shot at us.. we fought em, and beat em. But due to pride wouldnt surrender. So we dropped it on em. Then...just to show the rest of world that we had more than one...we did it again. And guess what.....

war over...

The "stans" which I refer to are the afghanistans, pakistans and the rest. and again, I have no use for them. The only thing they do is harbor terrorists and produce heroin. Pakistan seems to be moving in the right direction, but the rest need to be the same. Even if its a puppet regime, thats fine with me. These people have proven themselves incapable of leading a country. It needs to done. Its only time before a nuke is involved.
Not to steal from W. but, "better there, than here".

Agent Smith-- No offense, but your country has been dealing with that crap for 30 years now. It doesnt speak well to the whole "let the cops handle it" 30 years.....

Look, here is what I know. We lost 3000 people. 3000 innocent people whos only crime was going to work. I want justice. I dont care what we do to them in GITMO. The worse, the better as far as Im concerned. These people are enemies of MY COUNTRY. Any means to get them to talk if fine with me. I guess they should have thought twice.

These people want every single one of you who arent muslim, DEAD. Want is wrong with you people? Just the fact that we actually HAVE prisoners, speaks volumes as to why we are the greatest country. How many prisoners did Saddam keep alive?

Look, I feel for your people who died, and I know that GB has seen her share of # over the years. Your a ressiliant people, and a good ally. But admit it, things need to change.

In the year 2005 we should be spending money on space exploration and things like that. A friggin religous war is not neccesary. The quicker this is over, the better. And the quickest way is brutal.

And again, after all that reading you people still cant come up with a single idea except for us to pull out. HA! Got news for ya. We aint goin anywhere. We know what needs to be done.

So whine all ya want, but realize that. Ya, we nuked Japan. They had it coming. Now we run things. I know thats a tough pill for the rest of the world to swallow, but thats how it is. But we won. Maybe if brittan would have dealt with Ireland a little better your last 30 years woudlnt have been so bad.

These "radicals" are a dieing breed. Its only a matter of time before we rid our selves of them and can move on. Maybe youll feel differently when a jet comes slamming into Wembly. Maybe then youll feel anger. Maybe youll get off your bar stool and do something. Probably not. Doesnt matter. America will just come along and save your asses..... again.


posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 04:59 AM

Maybe if brittan would have dealt with Ireland a little better your last 30 years woudlnt have been so bad.

How would you have dealt with it then? I look forward to this reply!

Do you mind if i ask how old you are Spliff? I only ask as i have made the mistake before of getting involved in this sort of discussion with some people who are living in a fantasy world, usualy due to thier age and inexperience in the real world. Therefore i would allow for the sort of comments above!


[edit on 12-7-2005 by CX]

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 05:16 AM

Originally posted by stumason

[edit on 9/7/05 by stumason]

. Start killin their women and children 10 times more than they did yours. Thats what you do. People need to wake up

Yeah you need to wake up alright, do you even realize how Extreme your statement is , saying that makes you a FUNDAMENTALIST !
It realy offends me to the bone.

posted on Jul, 12 2005 @ 05:19 AM

Originally posted by XyZeR

Originally posted by stumason

[edit on 9/7/05 by stumason]

. Start killin their women and children 10 times more than they did yours. Thats what you do. People need to wake up

Yeah you need to wake up alright, do you even realize how Extreme your statement is , saying that makes you a FUNDAMENTALIST ! It fuels the conflict, it makes the gap wider, it encourages more death and misery.
It realy offends me.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 03:33 PM
One simple point i would like to interject with even though no one listenss to me anymore is how do you fight an enemy that corrupts you society from the inside out and uses them against you.

posted on Jul, 13 2005 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by spliff4020
Ok people...enough of the talk...walk the walk....insult me all ya want....what do YOU suggest? Dont give me history lessons from 1920...they dont apply today. Our military might is a 1000 times more than it was then. Noone on horseback shooting rifles. Its surgical strikes now...

so enough about what a moron i am....put up or shut up....whats your great ideas? cuz i havent heard a single one.....

I think you've been smoking a little too much spliff buddy. I am born in raised in Texas never left America. At the same time I am half Iranian and half white. Do you suggest I cut open the "bad" side of me? How ignorant can someone be I don't care if it's been said. These are RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS. They disgrace the Muslim religion. Yet you suggest we take over all of these places?

Distribution of Muslims
Africa 308,660,000 27.4%
Asia 778,362,000 69.1%
Europe 32,032,000 2.8%
Latin America 1,356,000 0.1%
North America 5,530,000 0.5%
Oceania 385,000 0.0%
World 1,126,325,000 100%

Source: Britannica Yearbook, 1997
Countries with Muslim Populations of 10% or more (1996)
Country # in millions
Indonesia 182.2 m
Pakistan 136.9 m
Bangladesh 115.0 m
India 108.6 m
Iran 63.9 m
Turkey 61.0 m
Egypt 51.6 m
Nigeria 40.2 m
Algeria 29.1 m
China * 29.1 m
Morocco 29.1 m
Iraq 21.4 m
Sudan 20.4 m
Ethiopia 18.3 m
Afghanistan 18.0 m
Yemen 16.1 m
Saudi Arabia 16.0 m
Uzbekistan 15.9 m
Malaysia 10.5 m
Mali 9.4 m
Tunisia 9.0 m
Somalia 8.5 m
Senegal 7.7 m
Niger 7.5 m
Kazakhstan 6.9 m
Guinea 6.5 m
Azerbaijan 6.1 m
Cote d'Ivoire 5.9 m
Libya 5.2 m
Tajikstan 5.2 m
Burkina Faso 5.0 m
Jordan 3.6 m
Syria 3.5 m
Cameroon 3.1 m
Turkmenistan 3.1 m
Chad 2.9 m
Ghana 2.8 m
Kyrgyzstan 2.8 m
Israel (Palestine) 2.4 m
Mauritania 2.3 m
Mozambique 2.3 m
Sierra Leone 2.0 m
Bosnia 1.8 m
Serbia 1.8 m
United Arab Emirates 1.8 m
Lebanon 1.7 m
Oman 1.7 m
Malawi 1.5 m
Tanzania 1.5 m
Albania 1.4 m
Bulgaria 1.3 m
Brunei 1.2 m
Kuwait 1.2 m
Benin 0.95 m
Gambia 0.94 m
Togo 0.85 m
Macedonia 0.59 m
Bahrain 0.51 m
Comoros 0.51 m
Guinea Bissau 0.49 m
Qatar 0.47 m
Djibouti 0.45 m
Singapore 0.44 m
Liberia 0.40 m
Maldives 0.25 m
Mauritius 0.19 m
Sahara 0.13 m
Suriname 0.10 m
Cyprus 0.04 m
Gibraltar 0.003 m

* Muslims in China represent 2.4% of the population.

Don't tell us WE need to give you a better solution. You need to stop smoking that spliff and wake up to reality.

Your ignorance seriously is at the level of the guy Michael Crook who hates, not the U.S. Government but the TROOPS. He says they're spoiled and overpaid and celebrates when one of them gets killed. I can see you going on Fox and looking just as stupid as he did.

[edit on 13-7-2005 by NoJustice]

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