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STBSS story entry.

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 12:29 PM
Jonas Bringham sat on his porch and took a deep breath of the warm summer air. He scanned the horizon for any unusual activity, as usual…Nothing.
"Eh, doesn’t look like we’re gonna see anything today old friend," he said to his dog, Blue.
Jonas Bringham, a 24 year old man who lived alone with his dog, Blue, in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He was a lonely fellow, who spent his days scanning the skies, hoping, praying, that one day he will see something. Jonas was an undoubting believer in the UFO phenomenon.
Fairly well off with the inheritance of his father’s money, Jonas didn’t need to work. So he had plenty of time to himself. He spent most of his time on the computer, researching, reading stories of sightings and abductions. He had written several books on the subject and many would call him an expert on the matter. He had read almost every story on the nets, but the one thing that would make his expertise complete, would be to have his own encounter.
Jonas had longed for this since he was just a little boy, when he stumbled upon stories of abductions and became fascinated. So great was his obsession that he had withdrawn from the world. At 15 he spent his days on the nets, reading, writing. It was his passion, and he stuck with it. Now 24 he has resigned to scanning the skies and reading a few things a day.

"Hello Jon!" said Isaac, the neighbor’s boy.
"Hi there Isaac…"
"Anything new?"
"Anything I can do?"
"…Okay… Well, bye Jonas." Very disappointed, Isaac left.
Isaac had been trying to get through to Jonas for quite a while now. He knew Jonas had no friends and all his family was gone, so he thought Jonas must feel lonely. But every time he tried to talk to him, Jonas got mad. He didn’t understand it. Why was Jonas so withdrawn? It made him angry, so he tried to think about other stuff.
He decided to go to the beach with his brother, Roger, for a while, that would take his mind off of that crabby old man.
"Ahhh. I just love the beach, don’t you Roger?"
They walked in silence for a while. Then they heard a crash off in the distance. Isaac told Roger to go see what it was, but to keep his distance. Isaac knew right away, he ran all the way back to Jonas’ house.
"Jonas, Jonas, come quick!!!!"
"What is it, kid?"
"A UFO crashed on the beach just now, you gotta come see this!"
That was all it took, in the blink of an eye, Jonas was out the door.

"Roger, are you okay?" Isaac said to his younger brother.
"Mmhmm, I think so. Isaac, what is that thing!?"
Isaac turned around to see Jonas bent over a body, it was glowing a bright, whiteish blue color.
Isaac was speechless.

Jonas bent over the body, and just stared. He was completely shocked. The alien was dead, that was the only thing he knew for sure. He snapped back to reality when he saw the boys standing over him.
"Jonas, what is it?" Isaac said, when he found his voice again.
"That, Isaac, I believe is an alien," Jonas said.()
Looks like he finally got his wish.

Jonas and the boys got the authorities out there immediately. They were all called heroes for this amazing find. The bodies were proven to be extraterrestrial and the ship was studied thoroughly and caused immense leaps in aerospace technology, moving us so many steps closer to traveling through space and discovering new worlds.


meh, this is what i could squeeze out of myself in the wee hours of the morning with a timeframe of 45 minutes. hope thats not too tedious, if i ramble on parts, let me know and i will edit it.

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