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(STBSS) The Nightmare

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 09:46 AM
This is my entry, please tell me wether you think its horrible or its good. PLEASE?
Anyway, here it is:


The eyes... The eyes... "THE EYES!!!" Michael jumped out of bed. When he hit the ground 4 big red eyes peered at him from under his bed. In a flash of speed gorillas like arm shot out from under his bed and pulled him under. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Michael woke up, again. Michael pinched himself to make sure he was awake this time. Ouch! Yeah, he was awake. His parents had blamed the summer heat for those dreams, but Michael didn’t think that was the cause. The moon cast an eerie glow about his room. Michael had been having dreams like that for over 2 years now. He thought he was way too old to be having nightmares, especially ones he still got scared of. "You’re almost 15, you shouldn't be having these dreams anymore." He thought to himself. Michael got out of bed. He switched on the lights and the radio to calm his nerves. With those on, he sat down at his desk, pulled out a drawing pad and decided to use his nervous energy on drawing.
Michael was a really good drawer. He could whip out a drawing of any image he saw fairly quickly. It was one of his gifts. Michael looked out his window. The sun was rising. Michael made long quick strokes and short slow strokes. In a few seconds he had the shape copied. Then he pulled his paint out of his desk. Michael was an even more talented painter then he was a drawer. Faster than most of us can run, Michael had mixed colors, picked paints, and finally finished. He looked at his painting and then looked at the sun. Hmmmmm. The sun's never done that before. The Sun had risen but wasn't casting as much light as it should be. It was almost as if the Sun was wearing out or had been filtered by a dark piece of glass. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Michael heard his mother scream. He instantly stood up and grabbed one of the several swords he had bought when he was 13. He unsheathed it and jumped to his door. He started undoing the many locks upon his door. "AhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This time it was his father. Michael started undoing the locks faster. The house shook. Michael was knocked down. The house shook a second time. Michael jumped to his feet and rammed into his door. It didn't give way. "BANG, BANG!!!" That was his Dads shotgun that he keeps by the bed. Michael heard various assorted curses and cries for help, some for God others just randomly. "CRASH!!" Michael was knocked down again. It sounded like the houses living room furniture was being rearranged, violently. Michael jumped to his feet again. He slammed into the door and he broke through. The house stopped shaking suddenly. Michael leaped down the stairs and stopped, suddenly confronted at the horror of the scene in front of him. The living room looked like it had been hit with a wrecking ball. The ceiling had fallen in and most of the furniture had been flung out through the window and lay crashed into the neighbor’s house across the street. It looked as if 3/4's of his house had been destroyed. Michael started to walk into the destruction. The TV was destroyed and the door into his parent’s room had been ripped out and tossed across the street with the rest of the living room furniture. Then he walked into his parent’s room.
It was a blood bath. Blood splattered the walls and disembodied pieces of his... his.... No he couldn't say it. Michael saw his Dads shotgun lying in the middle of the room, bent and torn. The flies were gathering and the summer heat was causing what was left to smell. Then he heard it. Cries and screams echoed across the neighborhood. He heard the crashes of other people’s houses being broken in by unknown assailants. He heard gunfire and dogs bark. He ran for the phone. "Hello, 911!?!" he gasped into the phone. "Yes?" answered a female voice. "You've got to help me! My neighborhood is getting att-""Talk slower, could you repeat that?" She asked. Michael tried to calm down. " My neighborhood is getting attacked by... by something!" "We don't answer prank calls." Answered the female voice, angrily. She hung up. "Wait, Wait!" called Michael futily. Then he saw It. One of his neighbor's houses shattered from the inside. A Giant stood up from inside. It was easily 5-6 times taller than Michael was. It had huge bulging muscles in every corner of its body. It was all white except for its eyes. Its 4 eyes shone red in the half-light. It had a thick white mane around its shoulders that looked as if it continued down its back. It had huge, shiny, gorilla like teeth and huge gorilla like arms. Its hands had long slim fingers that ended in long shiny claws. It saw Michael. Before it sunk its claws into him and ripped him into several pieces, Michael had one last thought. "Nephilim."
34 miles away Raphael dropped the phone in the 911 emergency center. Raphael tried to swallow his laughter when he had heard the kids’ plea for help. Ever since Israel had risen and David, that miserable shepherd boy, had defeated Raphia, they, the Nephilim, had been nearly hunted to extinction. At that time, Humans had out numbered them 100 to 1. Now they had the advantage. They had 100,000 of the best Nephilim planted among the unsuspecting humans ready to take their real form at any time. And so they did. Once upon a time 1 of our kind had been considered equal to an entire Roman legion. Then we interbred with humans and our strength and intelligence had decrease with every generation. They had now corrected that problem. It had taken them 2,000 years to rebuild their mighty race but now they were finally reaping the benefits of patience. Raphael laughed, "Yes," He thought. "The time of the human race has ended. The time of the Nephilim has begun!" And with that he started issuing orders for taking the rest of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 10:28 AM
Nice one... The beginning was exciting...

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 10:39 AM
Just the begining? I'll have to improve my writing.

P.S. This was kind of based in fact. I was inspired by Genesis 6:4. The American Standard Bible actually uses their name "Nephilim". When I said Raphia I meant Goliath. I figured that his own people would have a different name for him so I made one up. I hope it sounded good.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 03:59 PM
cool story Voidmaster...gave me the

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 05:59 PM
I agree, this was a cool story. I hope you have a few more to submit before the deadline hits. Good luck in the contest,


posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 10:11 PM
I decided to continue the story so I did this. I hope you guys like it as much as the first.

The Nightmare Part 2

3 days later…

Mark observed the destruction. This neighborhood seemed to have been hit particularly hard. Houses bashed in, cars destroyed, buses had been flung, not that that was different. Oh no, every neighborhood had been very thoroughly destroyed. The destruction in this neighborhood seemed more… more organized then the other neighborhoods. More decided. As if there was something in this area that they wanted to particularly destroy. *BOOM!* The Earth shook. ‘Oh well,’ He thought ‘ I’ll have to figure that out later.’ Mark quietly slipped into what was once a house. A Nephilim Soldier was walking down the street. The crumbling houses shook as it lumbered by. ‘Why would they still be here? They’ve abandoned all the other towns. Maybe they’re looking for something. If so I should get to it before they do. If its worth leaving 1 of their Soldiers behind, and not have them march off to fight other countries, then its worth having.’ *SNAP* Mark had stepped on a toy. Mark ducked. *CRASH!* Mark had ducked just in time to avoid a blow that would have decimated every bone in his body and ripped that body in half. It certainly had ripped the top of the building he was in off. Mark rose almost instantly, both of his katana’s out. He leapt at the Nephilim’s stomach and slashed across its chest, sideways, vertically, and horizontally. The beast shrieked, took a step backward, and smacked him out of the air like a troublesome fly. Mark flew across the road and crashed into a pile of rubble that had once been a house. Painfully, Mark sat up and discovered one of his legs and probably several of his bones,(He knew he had them but also knew that he wouldn’t be feeling them for a while) had been injured. “Okay, if that’s the way you want it!” Mark cried at the beast.
Mark pulled up his trench coat to reveal 3, almost heavy, throwing axes. Mark, on the beast’s approach, pulled on of them out and threw it at the Nephilim. The axe whizzed through the air and struck the beast in the face. The axe shattered on impact. Slightly annoyed, the beast picked up a steel pipe from the rubble, and threw it at him. Mark painfully struggled aside, just barely dogging the pipe. The creature bellowed with rage. Mark pulled the second axe and tried for the creatures left foot. The axe flew cleanly through the air and hit its target. The axe glanced aside, clearly nicked but still intact. The Nephilim, enraged that one human was taking so long to dispatch, charged. The thunderous footsteps lifted Mark into the air and tossed him into the street. “Ouch!” Mark said aloud because the summer sun had warmed the asphalt-paved street to the burning point. Instinctively, Mark rolled over to avoid getting burnt. Through a burst of good luck he rolled over just as the Nephilim was about to jump on him. Thus, unable to correct his error, the Nephilim dived headfirst into the asphalt. The creature landed with a thud and moaned with pain as it lifted its face forward. ‘Man, I’m going to have a headache, later.’ Was the only thought running through the Nephilims’ mind. But fortunately, that wasn’t the only thing “running” through this abominations’ mind. For as it looked up Mark rammed a metal pole through one of its eyes and into its brain. Mark sighed, “Ugh, I’m going to feel this in the morning.” And with that, he passed out.

* * *
Raphael frowned. The extermination of the humans was proving harder than expected. He certainly wasn’t expecting them to up a resistance. The battle raging outside the communication tent was loud and vigorous. The shrieks of his own people were rare and far between, but the screams of the pitiful humans were certainly more in numbers but not as many as he’d expected. “Sir,” The Nephilim standing in front of their communications device, a large stone tablet that allowed the user to enter the fighters minds and communicate with them, suddenly spoke. “I’m getting reports that the humans are retreating and that we have taken their main stronghold.” “Good,” Replied Raphael. “Now check on Corporal Raphia the 2nd, back in the USA.” “Yes Sir!” Replied the communications officer. “Uh… Sir?” The communications officer said cautiously. “Yes? Speak!” Barked Raphael. “Corporal Raphia the 2nd is… is dead Sir.” “What?!?!” Screamed Raphael angrily. The Communications Nephilim recoiled. ‘Calm down Raphael, calm down.’ Raphael thought to himself. “If that is the case, send a Legion of our best men over. If someone killed Raphia we better hope they haven’t got the Weapon yet.”

EDIT: Capitalization

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posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 08:53 PM
I couldn't leave you peoples there so I continued the story in part 3. I hope you guys like it. PLEASE POST YOUR OPINIONS. Here you go:
The Nightmare part 3

“Ugh.” Mark came painfully back to consciousness. Mark tried to lie to himself. “I’m not in a strange town, being hunted by unearthly creatures that have almost succeeded in destroying the human race. I’m back in my church taking the nap I always do before preaching, waiting to be tapped on my back so I can get up and deliver my message.” Mark said aloud. “Ah, my message. This week’s message is “The Nephilim, what are they?” Or maybe I’m at home sharpening my swords and practicing swordplay.” *sigh* “While I’m imaging things, why not ask for a pony? Time to return to reality.” Mark pulled himself up on his knees and looked around. The crumbling street was still there. The piles of rubble lay on opposite sides of the street. And the Nephilims carcass was still there. Mark recoiled at the sight of its decaying corpse. Most of its body had disintegrated but what was left was covering the street. Its guts had spilled across the street as if trying to get away from the sliced body. Every bit of what was left was dark gray as if it was composed of dust. A gust of wind blew through the street causing the carcass to blow away into nothingness. “Oh well, its about time I get going.”

* * * * * * * * * *
15 minutes later Mark had gathered up what was left of his throwing axes, and his swords from the confused wreckage. He decided to keep the pole he had used to stab out the creatures’ eye. Mark thought it would be useful later. Rather painfully, Mark continued his journey. “My one in a million chance journey.” Mark mumbled to himself as he limped down the highway. Struggling against these creatures on the million to one chance that he might actually find Andurin. Andurin was the sword that belonged to the soldier that pierced the side of Jesus. “1 in a million.” Mumbled Mark as he turned the corner. There it was, the towns’ church. The building stood tall amongst the rubble, incredibly unscathed. Mark sighed with happiness. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” He walked towards the church.
Mark walked into the church. Light shown through the stained glass windows as Mark entered the sanctuary. Suddenly a gun was shoved into the side of his head. In one smooth motion, Mark ducked, pulled out one of his katana’s and put it against the person’s neck. “Oh.” Is all the person said. Mark looked at his opponent. The man’s hair was thick, brown and dirty. He had greenish blue eyes and wore glasses. “Truce?” Asked Mark. “Truce.” Answered the man. Mark pulled down his sword and slid it into its sheath. “You know, my gun isn’t even loaded. I ran out of ammunition on the first day.” Mark looked up. The man had put away his gun and was now looking at Mark with a beaming smile. The man extended his hand. “My name is Gary Evans, what’s yours?” “Mark Wilhite.”
“Wilhite, huh?” 5 minutes later Gary and Mark were sitting on the wooden box in front of the Podium. “Yep.” Replied Mark between bites. Gary apparently had gathered foodstuffs on his way to the church. Mark had been starving. He hadn’t eaten in 3 days. “Hey aren’t you that pastor who had been a weapons expert before you joined the church?” Mark smiled. It seemed so long ago. “Yes that’s me.” The earth shook. “Oh boy.” Sighed Mark. He’d already killed 3 of them which when he was hadn’t been worn out. The earth shook more. “Oh no.” said Gary, fear in his voice. “There was one of those things that walked by here yesterday but it couldn’t get with 20 feet of the church.” “That was one. There’s about 5 of them.” Said Mark as he stood up. “FIVE!!!!,” Gary stood up. “That’ll be impossible to fend off, much less defeat!” The ground shook so much the stained glass windows. *BOOM!* The Cross that had been on the wall behind the podium, fell over and shattered the wooden box that Mark and Gary had been sitting on. Mark glanced at the broken box and looked again. There had been a sword in the wooden box. The sword’s blade was deep sky blue. Mark picked it up. The hilt was made of gold, encrusted with as many jewels as could fit on it, of varying size and color. On the blade there was an inscription. It said:

“Thy will be done. Thy Kingdom come.”

"Andurin." Muttered Mark. *BOOM!* The front of the church was hit with such force that the entire structure collapsed around them. As if a sheild had been placed around them, not a bit of rubble or dust had touched them. The 5 Nephilim soldiers stood as tall as a 3 story house. The Nephilim who had hit the church roared with laughter. "Knock, knock?"

* * * * * * *
Raphael sighed. The Human leader from the resistence in this area was on his knees in front of him. He was pleading for his life and the survivors of this area. He kept rambling on and on about sanctity of life and mercy and just blah, blah, blah! Raphael didn't care. Raphael didn't care at all. "Look," Raphael spoke in a deep growl. "I couldn't care less. I'm just placing revenge upon your people, the humans. When we were in are glory you killed us and drove us away. We would have been glad to make a deal, 10 or 20 humans a month for food and we would have been happy to stay away from you settlements. Our leader, Great Raphia, or as you knew him, Goliath, even went to make a deal with your people. He was killed 3 days later by a shepard boy. A SHEPARD BOY!!!!" Raphael roared in sudden rage. "How do you think I took it when I was told that my father, the greatest Nephilim that had ever lived, was slain by a SHEPARD BOY!!!" And with that Raphael stepped on the human, crushing him. Raphael was getting annoyed with the human race. Very annoyed indeed.

posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 07:40 AM
wow, great read!
So the Nephilim are like 30ft tall and intelligent? It sounds like they live a long time too. Interesting stuff. I enjoyed reading your story so far.

posted on Jul, 19 2005 @ 08:17 AM

Originally posted by shadow watcher
wow, great read!
So the Nephilim are like 30ft tall and intelligent? It sounds like they live a long time too. Interesting stuff. I enjoyed reading your story so far.

Well, they do vary in size depending on how much human blood is in them. Same thing with intelligence and longevity(sp?). I'm glad you are injoying my story. Very glad.

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 10:12 AM
Great story... I'll try making an avatar incorporatign the eyes.

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 11:34 AM
I'm happy you like the story cpr, I hope its good enough to win 4 place. Anyway this will be the last section I post for the contest. I don't want it to give Worldwatcher a tuff read so it'll be my last. I hope the last part is good!

There was rhythm to the sword’s movement. There was a pulse, the pulse of life and of death. The sword moved up, down, left, right, down, up, left, right. The sword’s jewels glimmered in the sunlight, and its blade slashed through the quiet air without a sound. The blue blade vanished when he swung it and reappeared at the end of the swing. The Nephilim roared with anger and pain but Mark didn’t care. All Mark knew was the sword. Just the sword.

* * * * * * * * *
Gary couldn’t believe his eyes. Mark was slicing through the Nephilim with ease, and by the look on his face he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing. The blade was lighting fast and it cut through the Nephilim’s rock hard skin and steel tuff bone as if they were tissue paper. Limbs flew from the fight, all of them Nephilim limbs. The last of the beasts tried to run, but before the creature had taken the second step, Mark had cut off both its feet, several of its fingers off one hand and the opposite arm. The creature roared as it fell to the ground, but its roar was cut short when Mark sliced its head off before the Nephilim had hit the ground. Mark stood there with his head down. Everything he had been drenched in black blood except the sword, which was surprisingly still shining as blue as ever. Mark raised his head and looked around. “What happened?” Mark asked with surprise in his voice. “You don’t remember?” Replied Gary, still looking shocked. “Well, I think I was in some kind of a trance.” Answered Mark. “You sliced all of the Nephilim with that sword.” It all came back to Mark. “How did I do that?” Asked Mark, his voice trembling as he realized the power of the sword. The sword had told him precisely what to do, where to be, when to dodge, and how to do it. Mark waved the sword around experimentally. The blade vanished and reappeared at the end of the swing. Mark picked up a piece of wood, left over from the church. He threw it into the air and swung the sword at it. The blade vanished and reappeared as usual and the piece of wood fell through the air, its drop uninterrupted. Mark picked up the piece of wood again. The wood fell into 5 pieces. Mark realized the sword would dice anything in the way into 5 or more pieces. “ Gary,” Mark called, “This sword is Andurin. This sword is the sword of the Roman Centurion that stabbed Jesus with a spear.” “ That can’t possibly be true. Can it?” Replied Gary in skepticism. “Do you have any other ideas as to what it could be?” Replied Mark.

* * * * * * * * * *
Raphael was angry. Raphael was very angry. The humans had actually won a battle and his people were forced into retreat. ‘It can’t possibly get any worse.’ Thought Raphael sarcastically. Suddenly, a Nephilim burst in through the door. “Sir! I’ve come to report that the humans have The Weapon!” “WHAT!!!!!!” Raphael’s shriek echoed across the abandoned human city and caused the messenger to recoil so much he fell over. “THIS FAILURE MUST NOT CONTINUE!” Raphael shouted so loud that he knew his troops, who were scattered all over the city looking for The Weapon, could all hear him. “WE MUST CRUSH THE PITIFUL HUMAN RESISTANCE AND KILL THE ONE THAT HOLDS ANDURIN, DEMON BANE!!! WE MARCH ON THE HUMANS TOMMORW, SO BE READY!!!!” The Nephilim across the city cried their approval. As Raphael picked up his mighty sword, Sin, he thought ‘The Humans will pay.’

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 08:45 PM
how can you end it like that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
nice chapter

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 07:37 PM
This was a good story. It took more imagination then I put into the stories i've submitted. I think you'll do well in the competition.

Love and light,


posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 09:27 PM
awesome job void. that was an awesome read. propz

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 01:50 AM
Yep that is an excellent bit of readin there Void. If the masses get to vote, youve got mine.

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