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Have i been abducted?

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 07:49 AM
hey...i'm beefmaster...i'm new...i'm 14 and yes that seems odd...but i know alot about this crap.

i want to know if i have been abducted when i was younger.
i asked my parents about my earlier childhood (there really down to eath people...and they have had some very very spiritual experiences and i trust them with every thing like this...and i trust no 1 else) and they said that when i was younger i would wake up in the morning and go and walk to the bookshelf and out of nowhere i would point to this book that had a picture of a pointy faced grey on the front and describe what they told me was the inside of a spaceship and they said i had alot of nose bleeds and crap...but for some reason i have a HUGE interest in the topic of greyes...i want to you think i have been abducted? plz email me: with what you think...thanks

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 07:53 AM
Well firstly tell your exprience if you remeber and it would be good that you undergo hypnosis. and you can find more about greys by searching this site.The dulce files have a lot of things concerning about greys and they are evil in every sense and are hellbent in taking over this planet covertly.

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 01:24 PM
Well, it fits the description of many childhood abductions. Were the nosebleeds usually in the night? I've also heard a lot about small children recognizing Greys in pictures...there's one account on the internet similar to that, I'll see if I can find it. And do your parents remember what you said about the spaceship?



posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 01:30 PM
Hi, beefmaster.

I am going to tell you something very important. The alien races are real, but almost ALL of what you hear and read about them through the media is not true.

If you have had alien contact, and if you were honest in what you said, then it sounds like you probably do, then you have always had alien contact and you always will.

Having alien contact is something we are born with. We are related by spirit to the alien beings who visit us. They do not hurt anybody. They are people, but different race to race. They look scary, but they are not trying to scare anyone.

The top govts of Earth do not want the alien races here. The alien races are teaching people things that our top govts do not want us to know about.

If you get a chance to talk with your alien contacts, if you really have them- and I say that because I do not want to make you think you have alien contact if you don't- listen to what the aliens have to say and see what you think of it.

Listen to your parents the most but think for yourself too.

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