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Survey reveals Chinese 'sex idiots'

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posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 06:59 AM
Interesting and funny story quoted from

" Survey reveals Chinese 'sex idiots'
7:00 PM July 7

Chinese are more ignorant about sex than any other subject, the official Xinhua news agency quoted a sex expert as saying.

"In the survey we conducted, not only youngsters but many grown-ups are sex idiots, which is really dangerous and woeful," Xinhua quoted Xu Tianming, president of the China Sexology Society, as telling a seminar.

"More Chinese are ignorant about sex than about other knowledge, even including those having received higher education and experts of other fields," he was quoted as saying.

Xu himself demonstrated a unique understanding of the subject, saying people could only enjoy a normal sex life until the age of 25.

He added that meant teenagers should be allowed to socialise more freely with members of the opposite sex.

"Parents and society should allow them to have normal contacts with the opposite sex, such as dancing, and to read some books with certain sex descriptions," Xu said.

Attitudes about sex have relaxed since Communist China began market reforms in the late 1970s, opening the doors to teenage dating and also creating a huge increase in adultery and divorce. "

- Reuters

Who would have thought!!!! LOL


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