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Sunday, September 11th, 2005

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 11:13 PM
September 11th, 2001 never happened.

Al Gore was declared the President in November of 2000 after Florida counted for the 37th time. Bush won the first 36 counts but thats the breaks, kid.

Republicans accuse the Democrats of stealing the election and wonder if there has been a fair election since November of 1988.

Al Gore wins reelection in a 2004 landslide. John Kerry doesnt even bother running. Paranoid Republicans accuse Bill Clinton of being a shadow President.

George Bush Senior finished the job in Iraq in 1991 by going all the way into the Iraqi capitol. The economy and his inability to capture Saddam hurt his bid for reelection but Iraq is on its way to becoming a budding democracy.

Saddam is captured early in Clinton's 1st term.

The middle east is caving into the influence of the United States of America. Osama lurks. He prepares. He is in no hurry.

Osama understands America. He understands that America thinks emergency when it hears "911." He understands that America loves its football and drives the rest of the world to love it to. He understands the wealth behind it, the corporations that support it, the multi-millionaires and media that attend.

Cameras and cellphones are everywhere.

Tens of thousands of people, some of which are wealthy, many of which are important businessmen, all packed and stacked on top of each other.

The limited exits. The lack of windows in the domed stadiums. Almost the entire stadium population unfamiliar with emergency exits as most attend less then one game per year.

Osama understands this and contemplates the possibilities.

From 1991 until 1999, Osama recruits 160 terrorists who will go to, infiltrate, America.

They will become American citizens and live as normal Arab immigrants. They will marry and have children. They will try to marry American women; white, black, or hispanic.

Their American families will know absolutely nothing of their plan. Mostly because all but 16 of them know nothing of Osama's plan.

Between 1991 and 1999, 16 of them will come to America, get a job, go to college to become a pilot, and start a family.

Two of them per year. Below the radar. Who will notice?

The other terrorists stay away from pilot schools all together. There is no connection. Each non-pilot terrorist knows one other but none of them know two of their friends in arms (except for a select few).

The leader of the non-pilots knows the leader of the pilots. Each pilot knows one other pilot but not two. Only the lead pilot knows who two other terrorists are; he knows a pilot and the leader of the non-pilots. The leader of the non-pilots knows the leader of the pilots and the next non-pilot in the que.

They never communicate with more then one other person in the same week.

Drawing a connection between these people is very difficult, mainly because there doesnt appear to be a reason to connect them to terrorism. They have no known history of terrorist ties and their criminal background is pure and clean.

Six months before Sunday (the Christian holy day) 9-11-05, they are told that they will be taking a flight soon. They are not told where, when, or why. It is only at this time that the leader of the pilots learns of Osama's plan. He is not allowed to tell anyone at this time.

He is told of Osama's plan in a letter that was written by a friend in the middle east who always writes.

But this letter is folded four times, not three. Thats the sign.

The letter is dated. The date written on the letter indicates that every "X" word ("X" representing the date) should be noted but not written down. Those are the words that contain the message.

After reading the letter, it is ripped into tiny pieces and flushed into the toilet. It seems to have never existed. History will never hear of it.

All of the terrorists live in NFL cities. Its part of the plan.

The NFL schedule for 2005 is released almost 6 months before 9-11. Its plenty of time.

30-100 days before 9-11, the lead pilot tells his next pilot in the que of the plan and orders the plan to be sent down the que.

The same lead pilot tells the top non-pilot only that they will be on a flight in their home city or from their home city to another destination. That order is sent down the que.

Everyone will purchase a round trip ticket and will have the right amount of baggage (and contents in the bags) to represent that trip.

Some will take their families; families that have no clue whats going to happen. Nor do the non-pilots.

During the time leading up to 9-11-05, they are all reminded that their families are tools and *NOT* loved ones. Their lives are expendable. They are told this constantly at every meeting.

The message has been sent to all. The tickets are being purchased. Family vacations are planned. Half of the terrorists will fly to another city and vacation for a week like any other middle eastern family would.

The government knows nothing as there is no written communication with one stealthy exception. No phone calls of any kind. No group meetings. Nothing. Ever. Since the first few began arriving in 1991.

The pilots are all certified. Some became professional pilots. Some persued other careers. All of the pilots know how to take off, sustain a plane in flight, and land. There is no reason for a blip to appear on a government radar.

Because of the way the NFL schedule is written, two teams will stay behind. There is a game on Thursday, Sunday night, and Monday. Three teams will carry on with their lives as if they never knew anything. Connecting the dots will be difficult.

As the dots are connected, they will hire lawyers and fight the charges. They will not run or hide.

The others will gather at the terminal, some appearing to go on vacation. Some appearing to end a vacation.

They will gather in the left back corner of the gate (if you are facing that flight's jetway).

"Do I know you?" will be the test question. There will be nine test answers. Each with their own response. The pilot will have these memorized for his nine assistants. All of the non-pilots will be in the same que. That allows a confirmation process.

Those flying with family will simply state, "I'll be right back. I think I know that man."

The pilot will hand out a business card. At that time, he will write in an arabic language, "We are going to take this plane. All ten of us. I will give the signal. All airline employees must die. Then I will take the cockpit. You will keep everyone out."

Questions are not asked. The non-pilots will not be told of their their faith.

They will police the flight to ensure order.

Know one will make a phone call. Knowone will say, "Let's roll!"

On this day, there wont be a single hero in the sky.

All of the planes will be departing a city to be attacked.

As there will be nine games starting at 1pm eastern time and four games starting at 4:15pm eastern time, all of the flights will take off between 4:00pm and 4:30pm eastern time.

This assures a high chance that most early games will just be ending while most late games will just be starting. Maximum exposure.

The planes will be over run just as soon as they clear the airport property below them.

There will be a total of 13 hijackings (unlucky 13) within a 30 minute time span. Only one per city. Each will happen less less then one minute after take off. There will be very little time for anyone, anywhere to do anything. On the plane or off.

It will be over just as fast as it starts.

As an option, the sitting three teams could still take over planes in those NFL cities playing at home but not having a game in the time frame's 30 minute window. Those planes could crash into hospitals or prisons. Either would create total chaos for that city.

Imagine a situation where prisoners are escaping in mass.

Stadiums full of 60,000 to over 85,000 people.

On live televison, planes begin crashing crashing into NFL stadiums at the rate of about 1 every two minutes.

10,000s of thousands killed instantly per stadium. Even more are injured.

So many of them drunk and unable to think with rational.

Imagine the potential for rioting with so much mass confusion.

In less then 30 minutes, its all over. No less then 130,000 people are killed instantly.

Within an hour, the number more then doubles.

Within two hours, middle eastern nations are fully aware of whats about to go down. They begin emergency plans to create a United Arab Alliance; any attack on a single Arabian nation will be considered an attack on all.

NATO is about to go to war with the a UAA that the world doesnt know exists. Until one single nation is attacked by a Chirstian nation.

As WWIII begins, there is no way that Russia and China are going to sit it out.

Within 24 hours, Gore is reinstating the draft and America supports it. Congress declares war on an enemy to be determined in a few days.

NATO nations reluctantly follow suit.

Russia and China hesitate to join the war before the enemy is determined but the UAA will need help to fight an alliance of 1st world nations and there is to much money on the table for Russia and China to sit this out.

They join the war by supplying the UAA with supplies and as a result, NATO has no choice but to attack.

There is only one way to attack those two nations and there is only one country that supports pre-emptive nuclear strikes.

As the nukes fall, the US suspends all elections, making Gore a temporary King in effect.

Within 5 years, the world population is reduced by half and the world is alot warmer then it used to be.

There are no real winners in this war. All sides manage to claim victory and all sides have valid points for doing so.

The United States is actually invaded during the war and NATO troops are called in to turn back the intruders.

When its over, all over, there is a strong NATO/UN presence in the US and much of the nation doesnt like it.

This divides the United States in half and evolves into a low scale civil war.

In the end, the USA splits into two independent nations. One has a NATO/UN presence much like Europe did after WWII. The other half is unoccupied but is "punished" for choosing that route. It dwarfs its American rival.

The inter-country conflict continues on a low level but never seems to go away.

The former USA is now like every other nation. No longer great and invincible, it is now simply average.

Although the US appears to have defeated the UAA, there isnt much reason to celebrate as lady liberty has finally been raped of her virginity.

The world is never the same.

Change afew parts of our past and increase Osama's IQ (or decrease it depending on how you look at it) by 10 points or so and the world could be a very different place.

I post this for a number of reason. I am an unpublished writer who, at my current rate, should have my first published book just before I turn 523 years old.

This was very close to a book idea I had (minus Osama) before 9-11-1. I called it The Injured Eagle. At this point, I dont see much point in finishing it.

But I want the powers to be to understand that some parts of 9-11-1 seemed "odd." We are watching. Lets make sure nothing "odd" happens on 9-11-05 since it would seem to be an ideal date for terror.

If you know a crime is going to occur and you simply keep your mouth shut about it because it makes your life easier, you have assisted in it.


Just imagine watching football and seeing this go done? Knowing how you reacted to 91101, how do you suppose you would have reacted to this?

Honestly, I think I would have packed a bag and tried to leave town for a day. Seeing all the traffic, I would then have turned around and headed back home.

What a paniced waste of time!

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 07:00 AM
Less then one fact less then 12 hours later, London has their 911.


posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 03:21 PM
Why has no one posted in reply, hmmmm, I wonder?

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 03:31 PM
Im thinking this should be in the writers forum. Funny though, my version has a much happier ending

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 06:42 PM
Good job....

And maybe no one is posting becasue th'r in ....."SHOCK"

Y'r Canadian friend,

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 07:14 PM
Wrong ending. The USA would kick the # outa the UAA no matter how much China & Russia supported them with weapons & supplies. China & Russia would eventually stop supporting terrorist harboring countrys the more we kicked the crap outa the UAA.

First we would bomb the crap outa major cities & military bases of the UAA. The UAA would be suffering huge losses of life & military might. They UAA would be confused & not know what they had & didnt have for defence, while the biggest military ground forces (since you stated there was a draft, & BTW these troops are pissed & ready) the USA ever had is steadily surrounding the UAA in strategic areas. Meanwhile the biggest campaign of bombing by air is still going on day & night in every UAA country to weaken them for a ground invasion. But the ground invasion is patient but ready. The UAA anti aircraft defence is nothing to our rader elusive bombers & tactics. Eventually the UAA aircraft fighter pilots arent following orders to go to battle & flying to Russia & China to avoid getting OWNED by the Americans in skilled air dogfights. Moral is then being lost in much of the UAA countrys. The time is right for a ground invasion of the UAA. Surrounding countrys of the UAA let the USA use thier country to stage the biggest invasion in history. As the invasion starts, U.S soldiers are met with less resistance than expected. Soldiers are surrendering by the thjousands as early in the Iraq war. Within a matter of 5 months all UAA countrys are either invaded & in U.S. control or have a surrender/peace treaty with the USA. A few months earlier Russia & China pulled all support of the UAA as they watched it crumble. After the war over the USA bulks up its military in countrys surrounding Russia. Ukraine, Japan, S. Korea, Alaska, Finland & a few more. Russia is threatened but takes a good look at their weak & corrupt economy & corrupt government. They realize they will too get OWNED by the USA if they dont change their toon. Peace is made by the USA & Russia, then China soon follows.

In that ending when mentioning the USA I am refering a Coalition of Armys from Nato, Eupoean nations not even in Nato that would 100% support the USA if a major terrist act took place. Also almost every nation from Central & South America. Some from Africa & Asia also. Big contributors would be England & Austrailia.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 11:56 AM
I'm curious as to how these immigrants would go from nothing to citizenship in an 8 year period. It takes long enough to gain residency...let alone citizenship.

That is just unbelievable

And..for what it's worth..don't be so quick to assume the "rest of the world" (so to speak) will immediately agree with whichever draft-and-war tactics decided upon by the US.

Ain't gonna happen.

[edit on 11-7-2005 by Tinkleflower]

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