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a good point that could point all crop circles in the direction of a hoax...

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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by jritzmann

Youre missing the mark of "bent" on this. The stalks are not bent as you'd think, but rather curved at a particular angle. Often then not, in the formation I was in, the stalks were bent at a consistent angle. This bend could not be done by way possible. Hell for that matter, you couldnt bend them back straight either.

I know exactly what your talking about. I grew up around wheat fields.
You can find stalks just like all those posted by shadowhasnosource, in a normal wheat field. You'll find them bent , you'll find the so-called "Exploded" nodes.

Crosshatching/weaving are 2 different things...especially in application to this. I'd pay good money to see someone weave layer after layer, by hand, board and rope, or otherwise. What constitutes legitimate formations is like comparing a chocolate pirate coin to a real one.

I haven't seen anything weaved on this thread , just what apears to be crosshatching.

The wheat, rye, whatever inside a formation is changed on a biological/molecular level, has been altered so quickly as to cause slight burning in some cases.

Don't you think that wheat being laid down is going to then recieve alot of direct sunlight on one side , and not the other. (Sun Damage)

Try looking at seeds collected from plants within a formation. If a circle happens prior to anthesis, the development of the seed is stopped or impaired...control samples outside the formation are normal...try doing that with a board and a rope.

Plants inside the circle are in shock, so they stop producing seeds as they try to recover. The control plants would not be in shock.

What about the magnetic material melted onto soil samples collected inside legitimate crop formations? Gonne get college kids with boards and rope for that?

Drag a magnet around in the dirt for minute and see how much magnetic material you can find . I know from experience as a child that there is alot of magnetic material in wheat fields. People farm these fields with rusted metal farm impliments for years and years. Peices of metal fall into the fields , then rusts , then is plowed all around, over many years.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 04:43 PM
i am glad this thread had grown and that you are enjoying it...

keep it up and i will read

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by mpeake
Non exploding nodes have also been observed in documented man made circles.


can you provide links?

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:25 PM
Since we have begun to mix various theories into things I will share my own.

Unlike so many things connected to other forms of life I actually feel as if I understand something specific about crop circles. Where we go from here I do not know but here is what I think.

Living on this planet are beings that are somehow self-aware but they are indeed a totally different order of life. Perhaps they are based on a type of energy that we do not recognize but something makes them so different from the life we know that we do not see them.

Life so different that even though we would say they are intelligent, it is unlike our form of intelligence.

Crop Circles, always circles, but the mark of intelligence is straight lines. We make the fields, we create the square, and they place a circle inside.

Under certain conditions, perhaps, and most likely, when they choose, we can see something of them. In WWII we called them Foo Fighters, today BOL.

I have considered the idea that some form of Alien life is responsible. But if you feel the circles are in some fashion communication then they are not very effective overall. Anyone who can think even slightly like we do should be able to do better. The fact that humans make circle as well just keeps the dialogue going. I am quite sure no one can say if the first crop circle in human history was made my us or by them, and it does not matter.

One could suggest that the BOL are not the source of the circles but rather simply drawn to the event. Possible but that would mean that the life that is responsible is totally invisible to us at all times, bummer. But possible.


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posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:30 PM
My reply -> "If I knew why, the mystery would be solved".

A dumb question, "why" is what everyone is trying to figure out.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by Frosty

Originally posted by Alexander Tau

Here is a counter question: Why do humans think they should be able to understand the behavior of beings about whom we know nothing?
[edit on 7/6/05 by Alexander Tau]

Exactly dude, you answer your own question on whether aliens exist. They do not. We know nothing of them because they ain't real.


Will u ever graduate from Simpleton High School?

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 06:00 PM
Authentic crop circles (created by our visiting races) are code messages to the whole of humanity. They are coded so that govt and special interest groups cannot replicate more of them to discredit the alien races to the publics of Earth.

The messages are each cataloged and kept recorded on Earth, and upon being revealed, they will tell a whole history of alien visitation and intention in spite of govt control.

The closest to deciphering them were Colin Andrews and his team, until Andrews was successfully pressured into compliance with govt protocol of National Security. (He got bought.)

Most crop circles now are fakes. The fakers also claim authorship of the authentic. The earliest designs recorded are the greatest percentage of authentic.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 10:02 PM

What you posted was essentially my own feeling about the circles for quite a while. But something about how the complexity seems to be slowly progressing along with human constructs getting better changed my mind.

Little things like the phrase 'squaring the circle' which represents a simple fundamental idea. I do not claim to have done an huge amount of research but this idea has a certain fit.

I guess this is one of those things where I think that every aspect of the event has meaning. The fact that these appear in human-created plants, not just in tall grass somewhere for example. As a means of communication it seems to reflect a complete lack of understanding of humans.

The Beings of which you speak have a choice, they can communicate in all sorts of ways. Humanity has managed to blur the real with the fake so well in this case that the message is mostly lost.

Not something I can prove of course.


posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 05:17 AM
My own experience has been with a NL (BOL) , so doesn't it bother anyone else that I personally don't feel NL's are associated with CC's?

I am only interested in the truth about these objects , and IMO they have nothing to do with CC's.

I live close to wheat fields , and I've seen a BOL , so why are CC's not around here?

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 06:13 AM

Originally posted by KoRupT
'they' could be mapping something out for future use..

That wouldn't work, the crops would grow back leaving little to know sign of it. Although, radiation is associated with crop circles sometimes, I think, so maybe they could pick up on the radiation rather than the shape itself.

That doesn't really follow either, they don't need to create amazing designs just so they can sense (for lack of a better word) radiation.

I seriously doubt crop circles have anything at all to do with aliens, freak weather and clever groups of artists with planks of wood on bits of string but I doubt aliens.

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 07:10 AM
Alexander Tau

On the contrary, nothing is lost at all. What the messages read is well preserved by many people on Earth in photos and ground studies of the circles.

The authentic crop circles placed upon our lands are such that anybody on Earth can witness them for himself, preventing govts from completely controlling public knowledge. Anybody can see them and wonder and meet over them and begin to share their personal experiences, and this creates the true educational opportunities in the concepts and possibilities of visiting life that we need in order to learn the truth for ourselves about the alien races.

The authentic crop circles are openly free evidence for every kind of people, to prove that advanced races are visiting Earth. But the actual messages in the designs have their greatest value to humanity in the historical sense, and are coded to absolutely ensure their copyright protection.

Human-made crop circles can never match the authentic ones in any way. Real ones are made in fractions of a second from above- fake ones take hours to days. Real ones leave no entry or exit wounds- fake ones are sloppy and always have left-behind random broken stalks and various careless human deposit. Real ones uniquely affect soil and stalks- fake ones can only claim to. Real ones each follow the hidden code and have a place in the telling of the story- fake ones in human designs, no matter how large or elaborate, are still only mundane infantile marks.

There is always abundant evidence of hoaxes being hoaxes. The hoaxers must therefore create the public confusion they depend on to keep the real truth from becoming openly known for as long as possible, which will not be much longer. With enough confusion swirling, the hoaxers hope to only have to say publicly whatever they want the public to think, to succeed in the discredit of authentic crop circles and the reality of the alien races.

The authentic messages are being planted in our history and are going to tell the history of diplomatic intentions of the alien races. The circles made by the hoaxers are only going to tell the history and intentions of organized crimes perpetrated by the hoaxers.

Keep on watching and see what happens next.

[edit on 7/9/2005 by EarthSister]

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 07:25 AM
Earht Sister ,

We don't see things in the exact same light.

So no offense , but are you saying that you know which ones are real , and which ones are fake , and can you then share the info , or are you guessing at which ones are "Real"?

If you know then ,.. Please share with the class....

[edit on 9-7-2005 by lost_shaman]

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 07:43 AM

Sometimes I can tell by looking at a photo of a crop circle if it is authentic or hoax, but photos can be fixed and usually are. And what is obvious to me in a photo can be just as obvious to you.

Sometimes my alien contacts tell me if a photo is of an authentic one or a hoax. Almost all photos going around of crop circles are of hoaxes.

Hoax photos get sent around. Authentic photos get hidden, or disguised and discredited along with the hoaxes.

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 07:48 AM
EarthSister ,

You see the problem I have is , that I want to know things about the "Intelligence " I've encountered.

I don't like having to take your word for it.

I like Evidence even if its just first hand , I saw this , or that over My neighbors house , Evidence.

Edit: For Example, AUFORN has an archive , and 2/3 of those sightings reported match up with what I saw!!! Evidence!

[edit on 9-7-2005 by lost_shaman]

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 09:19 AM

Of course you should not just take the word of anybody and I am not offended at all.

I understand your frustration and I am willing to do anything I can to help you and anyone understand what I understand, at least for consideration if not personal realization of their own experience.

I certainly don't know everything, and I don't understand everything I know. I just get to be as sure as I am of what I know because I get it by firsthand experience. If there is anything I can do or answer for you, just ask me. If you don't believe in anything I answer, I will still not be offended.

If I were you I would try to hook up with the beings of your experience. I would trust what they had to say about what you saw and why you saw it more than anybody else. I would keep my mind clear and open at all times, my awareness focused to include all the empty space around me, and pay very close attention to the details of every nighttime dream.

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 10:55 AM
Thanks for understanding EarthSister.

BTW I did have my first ever UFO dream the other night!

Well there was a red sky and a skyscraper type UFO in the air ..... in my dream.

posted on Jul, 9 2005 @ 11:14 AM

Originally posted by lost_shaman

Well there was a red sky and a skyscraper type UFO in the air ..... in my dream.

Do you mind telling the whole thing beginning to end? I would love to hear it.

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 01:19 PM
I will wait until I see a fairly good collection of non-human made circles before I really judge the idea that they are a translatable communication.

My understanding of both the geometry involved and in languages/encryption/codes tends to lean heavily towards simple symbolic communications.


posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 03:55 PM
I don't understand Frensh, but here is a site that I figure out is explaining some Freemasonic connection to the crop circles. Indeed, there are freemasonic symbols in them. No aliens, no nothing.. the US government is the biggest hoaxer that ever existed.

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