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NWO Will Never Work!

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 08:04 PM
The idea of NWO is interesting, but I do not forsee it happening. The reasons being that humans are always bickering and infighting along national, racial, ethnic and religious lines. Therefore the idea of one world government will never be a possibility as Humans are just incapable of uniting, as they will undoubtably be driven by their own self interest, whether that is religious, racial or nationalistic.

Imagine countries like Russia, China, India, EU, US uniting for the common good of each other under the banner of NWO, a Impossibility as each country will view their own national interest as most important. The UN which comes close to a unifying force amongst countries is a mess, even though UN does not abolish self interest.

Humans are intrinsically selfish and driven along national, ethnic, and religious ideals. This has been proven over and over again throughout human history, this inability to unite through countless wars/persecutions that have been fought over these issues. And I am not even mentioning the divide been Comunism and Democratic principals that govern world today.

So the NWO is a far fetched idea to me, sure groups such as Illuminati or whoever else may try, but they will have opponents too. I do not forsee a day any time soon where humans irrespective of race, ethnicity or country can work and function together sucesfully. It just isn't possible and have been proven over and over throughout history.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 08:07 PM
the only thing close to it I can see is a small number of multi nationals all over the world. Seems a bit pointless though for the NWO to take over Luxembourgh, What has it to offer the world.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 10:47 PM
Once upon a time, worldwide fluoridation makes everyone stupid and subservient to authority, except for the elite who has special filters and distillation of water. The NWO only considers this part of its primary mission which is outright robbery, excessive taxation and enslavement of the rest of the entire human race. All the stupid fluoridated sheep will obey as it also becomes even less cognizant through inclusion of more mercury in vaccinations, as this business with disease unleashes more epidemics. Only the elite have the proper formula.

The compliant population will be further weakened by lowering accepted intake of vitamins to far below actual daily requirements for good health. It will make vitamins you take for granted subject to extremely expensive prescriptions. This plan is documented in the Codex Alimentarius. Its stingy vitamin dosages will still be far below actual nutritional needs. At the same time more Rockefeller inspired coal tar derivative pharmaceuticals will cover only symptoms of a dying population suffering basically from malnutrition.

While it further poisons people the by now even more evil elite gloats as it unleashes massive biowar. In the end, only a few million lettuce pickers, technicians and gardeners will service this top heavy oligarchy. A completely cyborg chipped workforce carries with them a pleasant smile at all times even though they are oppressed and unhappy deeply inside. Their every move is monitored, and if anyone even thinks about actual "freedom," they are immediately exploded. When robots replace the agricultural workers and technicians the remaining "riff raff," meet the same fate. Only the top of the pyramid is allowed to live in luxury exceeding Satiricon a million fold. These remaining few thousand former human beings whose evil and darkness is complete, war among themselves after a water filter breaks, unleashing fluoride induced idiocy and psychosis amplified by the bacterium of the dead.

In the end a peacemaking gathering ends with an inadvertant Guyana Kool Aid party when a homeopathic "drink to your health," is miscalculated and kills most everyone to the last woman unintentionally. The last man having fancied himself a new Adam is left alone with hundreds of trillions of dollars and tons of gold of no use. Pulling up a long banned Bible he ponders "what profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?" His warped mind fancies himself one of those deathbed conversions, then he pulls the 50 caliber depleted uranium trigger.

After cultivating what would have been a Garden of Eden, and building many mansions now serving no human purpose, the robots live happily ever.

What a wonderful NWO!

[edit on 7-7-2005 by SkipShipman]

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