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cops set up a man from another state

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:51 PM
Iwas listning to the news today or i should say a radio show in
seattle and there was a man from another country in newyork.
they think he was from asia or sompting but anyway, the man
was pulled over for runing a redlight. he whiped out a 100 bill
and tried to get the officer to forget well he said hang on my
buddies got to get in on this or ill still take u to jail. well 3 more
officers walk over and he wips out 300 more. the next thing he
knows is he is being arested for 4 counts of bribery only because
the officers had to have a whitness. anyways i forget the cop term
but they set him up and now he is doing 7 years in prision. what
do u think

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 11:13 PM
if he offered the first cop money freely then he was not set up, the term i think is entrapment. it would be entrapment if the cop first asked him for money.

actualy i feel kinda sorry for this guy. not because i think he was set up however. now i do understand that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but unfortunately it sounds like this guy got caught by culture differance.

my parrents just spent a year in the philipeans as well i know several people that have lived, worked and in some cases have even come from the east, africa as well as other non-european/north american countries. thing is that unlike europe and north america in quite a few countries (includeing the philipeans) bribes to officials is not only common and expected but an everyday fact of life. no pay no freedom or getting anything done. you pay cops not to hasle you or set you up, in fact they expect graft just to perform, their duties. want to get a house built? yup gotta bribe officials to get it approved. generaly speaking ANY time you deal with an official from the government be prepared to pay. and it ain't just for foriners (though expect to pay more than average in most cases). it's just the way things are done. i even know of one guy in the philipeans who refused to pay a cop graft and the cop mysteriously found a bag of some sort of illigal drugs in his car. NOT paying in quite a few countries can be VERY BAD for you.

unfortunately here in north america not only is graft not needed but it is also illigal and enforced mostly (there are alwys some though). and thats apparantly what happened to this guy. he responded as he was used to, the fact that he had no qualms about paying off three more without apparant complaint bears this out. all he did is react as he would have at home OOPS. hopefully any nonchalance will help him out in court. just the hazzards of traveling in a forin country that you don't know the culture verry well. this is just like bartering in some countries. to NOT barter is an insult, it is like saying that you are ritch and don't care about money is the way it was explained to me.

i guess the thing that this teaches is that before you travell you need to find out all the little cultural nuances that you can or end up screwing yourself.


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