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UN Launch Blitz In Eastern DRC - Operation Falcon Sweep

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:48 PM
UN special forces have launched an operation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to clear the area of armed militia. The militia which is the target of this operation has been accused of numerous rapes, killings and even cannibalism. Operation Falcon Sweep has begun.

IOL: UN special forces launch blitz in eastern DRC

July 06 2005

Using special forces and attack helicopters, United Nations peacekeepers have launched an operation to rid the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo of armed militia, a UN spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Operation Falcon Sweep moved into the mountains of South Kivu province, a dense region controlled by several militia accused of raping, killing and kidnapping hundreds of residents every month, said UN spokesperson Thierry Provendier.

"If these armed groups refuse to leave, we will use force to chase them out."

Click the link to read the full article...

Lets hope they will eventually manage to bring some peace to that godforsaken place.

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 08:20 PM
Say! Maybe we can have a huge concert, featuring hundreds of famous bands and singers...and we can broadcast it all over the world, and Bono can host it, and people from around the world will donate millions of dollars for the children of Africa, and everyone will feel joyous that they stopped disease, and famine, and coups, and slavery, and brutal communist dictatorships, and tribal rivalry's, and racism, and poaching of elephant ivory...golly gee, what a swell idea!

We'll call it "LIVE 8", sort of like a play on words from the old, inneffective Live Aid concert from long ago that was supposed to do the same thing ("...don't they know it's Christmassssss...c'mon, sing along!"), but failed miserably because we gave all the money to the completely corrupt governments that created and continue to encourage all the terrible things that happen in Africa, and they simply spent it on themselves, without a single penny reaching anyone outside the cabal governments.

But gee, BONO wants all the rich countries to cancel all the debt the corrupt countries created with their non-producing communist dictatorship regimes. By forgiving all that debt, those rotten countries will forever be free of corruption, and slavery, and disease, and wanton murder, and famine, and coups, and tribal rivalry's, and racism, and poaching of elephant ivory.

Hey! Let's ask Bono to give all his many millions he has made in the capitalist countries, to the corrupt communist dictatorship regimes in the Congo and the rest of Africa! Wouldn't that be wonderful! I'm so giddy that this just may happen!

What? They aleady had a concert that failed miserably called Live 8? Gee, and so many corrupt communist regimes could have been helped too.

Well, let's hope, at least, that the French forces do not fire on unarmed, non beligerant civilians this time.

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 03:50 AM
Not wanting to be too picky but Bono = Geldolf


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