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Question about traveling in UK, France, Italy etc...

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 04:15 PM
Ok, my fellow ATSers. More specifically, all of you living in the UK, France and the "Big" EU countries.

End of August Im going on vacation to the states for 2 weeks then France for like 9 days.....Ive done my research, brought the Lonely Planet guide on France and the surrounding countries. And have done countless hours online trying to find the cheapest tickets, hotels, and cheap everything else. I don't make much money....but Dammit, I need a vacation!!!

Im going with the flow on this...I don't want to buy tickets now to go from France to London or Italy or wherever....I want to buy as I go.

Once in Paris, is it possible to just go to a train station or airport and get tickets to London? Italy?

How much are these tickets, just a rough estimate? I know what the websites say, but I check 10 different sites and get 10 different quotes.
Just let me know if they are cheap or not so cheap

How long is the train ride from Paris to London? (is there a train?)
What about cheap last minute flights?

Thanks in advance.....I figured I would get the best answers here, since many ATS'ers are from the UK and have probably traveled thru-out Western Europe.

To sum it all up...should/could I buy now...or can I buy there? and is it Cheap or not?

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