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Supreme Court Nomination Index Thread

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 02:05 PM

If you create a thread about the upcomming Supreme Court Nominations and votes, please add the URL for it to this list by posting here.This should be a helpful way to keep track of stuff. I will be periodically editing this post to add new yours, and subsequently deleting your post to keep if from going over a page.

Here are some off-site references:
The Supreme Court Historical Society
Milestone Cases in Supreme Court History
Specific Cases that involved a 5-4 Decision
The Role of the Senate in the Nomination Process
Role of the Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court
Articles of the US Code dealing with the powers of the Supreme Court
The Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States of America
A Current Term Calender
The American Bar Association
The Find Law Site
Powers of the Chief Justice

Here is an ATSNN thread on what set it off:
Sandra Day O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court

Here is a thread on the previous 'agreement' to not go 'nuclear' over regular nominations.
John McCain is an Idiot

But lets keep the rest strictly related to who's being nominated, how that's going, what the concerns are, and what the results and implications are.

And now, after this introduction:
A(B)(P)TS(NN) Threads

The lead up
ATS is about to get real nasty
Democrats go to war no matter what nominee Bush picks.
Journalists on 'Red Alert' for SCOTUS Nominee
Bush to Announce Supreme Court Nominee Tonight
Bush Nominates Roberts for Supreme Court
Roberts Declines to Explain Group Listing
The Federalist Society
Anita Hill Resumes Attack on Conservative Court Nominees
Hillary Clinton decides to confirm John Roberts.
Political activists having a hard time taking on John Roberts.Absurd drama of Roberts' nomination
Did Roberts step in it with Kennedy?
Scared about Bush's Two Picks For Supreme Court
Background of Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts Jr
SCOTUS Nominee Roberts Represented Convicted Clinic Bomber Michael Bray/ Operation Rescue
Democrats Split on Roberts Nomination
Liberal Media Reaches New Low -- Attacks Roberts Childrens' Clothing
NYT Plans Investigation into the Adoption of Roberts' Children
NARAL Pulls Anti-Roberts Confirmation Ad
Roberts get well qualified grade from American Bar Association. attempts to use Katrina disaster to take on nominee Roberts for supreme court
Political activists having a hard time taking on John Roberts
John Roberts--Hardly a conservative
John Roberts’ Role in the Guantanamo Hunger Strike

The Committee Confirmation
Senate Agrees on Calendar for Roberts Confirmation
Roberts Confirmation Hearings Begin
Biden To Roberts: 'You're The Best' You Read it Right!!!
Senate Hearings on Roberts discusses Forced Microchipping
Orrin Hatch Blasts Chuck Schumer's 'Dumbass Questions'
Democrats Split on Roberts Nomination
Senate Committee approves Roberts

The Senate Confirmation
Roberts Confirmed As Chief Justice
It's Chief Justice John Roberts you punks...and there goes Roe v Wade?

Is Bush Counting on Another SCOTUS Opening?

Round Two, the second nomination:
High Court Nominee Has Never Been a Judge
Miers Briefed Bush on Bin Laden Memo

The Radicals React, and the Reactionaries get Radical
SCOTUS Nominee Miers: Poor Judgement In Question for Superfund Land Scandal?
Bush-Miers Texas correspondence reveals mutual admiration society
OP/ED: The Miers Conundrum
Shadow President Karl Rove Calls to Discuss Miers Nomination with Real President James Dobson
Miers supported ban on most abortions
Ann Coulter Slams Bush's SCOTUS Pick
Harriet Miers and Executive Privilege
Meirs - Key For The Right Result ?
Schumer: Miers Would Lose SCOTUS Confirmation Vote
Miers' brevity fails to impress Senate panelists
Poll: Bush Is Losing The Support Of His Core

The Withdrawl
Harriet Miers Withdraws From SCOTUS Nomination
Harriet Miers withdraws as Supreme Court nominee.
Miers Withdraws, Bush Accepts

The Next Nomination
Bush Picks Alito For Supreme Court

The Political Corruption Scandal
Alito's "Conservative Credentials" Now Confirmed; He's Crooked!
Alito's achilles heel?

More Controversy
Supreme Court Nominee, Alito, Rejected Abortion as Constitutional Right
Mob Judge picked for SCOTUS
Judge Sam Alito is a Nerd ( nothing)
Gallup Tracking: Alito About As Favorable a Nominee as Miers, but on Abortion...
The Manchurian Candidate in Real Life
Sen. Ted Kennedy member of sexist "Owl Club"

The Hearings
Ministers 'Bless' Seats in Aito Hearing Room
Alito Confirmation Hearings Begin Today
Alito Sworn in as 110th Supreme Court Justice

A medley of related threads
U.S. Supreme Court to Decide if Police Can Barge in Unannounced
Americans divided on the issue of security and privacy
SCOTUS Upholds Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
Federal Judge Rules Some Portions of U.S. Patriot Act Unconstitutional
You say "Freedom", I say "Freedumb"
New Documents Show FBI Targeting Peaceful Protesters in Colorado as Potential Terrorists
Turning a blind eye to an impeachable offense.
Nonpartisan arm of Congress says wiretaps may be illegal
City considers ‘red-tagging’ problem houses
The American Civil War of 2005 as predicted by John Titor
Pat Robertson prays for Death and illness to strike supreme court justices
Your Right To Privacy: Myth, Liberal Conspiracy or Fundamental Freedom?
Right Wingers and the Supreme Court

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 02:17 PM
Nice collection, Nygdan, thanks! Looks like this is going to be the place to be through the next few years for the supreme court nominations.

Rock, rock on! (I really hope I have to apologize for calling McCain an idiot...)

posted on Jul, 20 2005 @ 01:18 PM
Here is a thread on the announcement of the nominee
Journalists on 'Red Alert' for SCOTUS Nominee

The nominee is John G. Roberts Jr.

Here are some ATSNN submissions on the subject. They may be upgraded to news articles at any moment by the viewing public.

Bush to Announce Supreme Court Nominee Tonight
Bush Nominates Roberts for Supreme Court
Roberts Declines to Explain Group Listing

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Thanks Nygdan you always so efficient, this is a great way to get the facts and understand what our country political and judicial system is all about.

Hard decisions and harder choices to keep the balances in places.

posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 08:52 PM
I think this could reside as a sticky until the nomination of Judge O'Connor's replacement

posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 08:41 PM
After a lengthy delay, it appears the 2nd set of SCOTUS nominations, this time for Judge Aliton will be starting soon.

Watching Alito: what to expect from Supreme Court nominee hearings

he Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its second Supreme Court confirmation hearing in four months when it turns next week to U.S. Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito's nomination.

The questioning of Alito is likely to be more intense than it was in September for Chief Justice John Roberts since Alito would replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a moderate swing vote and the court's first female justice.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:16 AM
Very nice thread!

I don't know if this is appropriate for this thread, but it's about Alito's hearing, which starts tomorrow, so...

Ministers 'Bless' Seats in Aito Hearing Room


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