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My UFO life

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 08:51 AM
Here is my story, it involves some UFO experiences and other paranormal stuff. Leave your comments in this thread please.

This whole journal thing is really just therapy for me, I don't really care if you think I am crazy or not, but I just must tell someone about some very strange events that has happened in my life. I have tried to send my stories to different online UFO websites, but I never get any reply, they probably think I am a nutcase, and sometimes I wonder the same. Nutcase, or not, I think you will have some interesting reading ahead of you, I hope you will excuse my poor English. Oh, and I don't want to prophet that aliens exist, or anything like that, I just want to tell my strange story.

About me
I am a Norwegian male 33 y.o. and work with technology, I am a computer science college drop-out, and the founder of a technology company. I currently live in Oslo, Norway. I am also an artist, and do some painting/drawing in my spare time.

Fishing village
I was born in the northern part of Norway, Europe, in 1972. My father, mother, and my two elder sisters lived on a small fishing village that today houses perhaps 150 people, back then it might have been a lot more but I guess that there was no more than 250-300 inhabitants in total. My parents were divorced when I was almost 4 y.o.. Some of the details that I will reveal might seem pretty accurate, but I actually remember a lot of stuff from I was a child, some people don’t really remember much from their childhood, I do though.

My invisible childhood friend
Many kids have invisible childhood friends, and so did I. I remember him as a play-pal, but not really what we played, I think he was more of a companion too me. I would actually hear his voice, and I'm just guessing that no one else ever did. Today when I'm an adult, I sometimes think that he was a ghost, an angel or something like that, the truth is that I don’t really know. One day, I must have been like 3-4 y.o., he came to tell me that he could not talk to me anymore, since I was getting older, he said it was forbidden, he seemed sad about it. I really loved my invisible friend, and cried for days, not sad tears, but angry, I was a very determined child, and I was not letting him leave me. After some days he came back, and told me lovingly that he was really forbidden to talk to me anymore, and I accepted it, but I had a grudge towards him for leaving me, I always liked to have things my way when I was a child, but I somehow accepted him leaving. I have a lot of love in my hart for him still, imagined or not.

A visit from far away
Before he left, my invisible friend cam to my one day and said he had something he wanted to show me. Not too far from our house there a sunken part of the ground, abit hidden from the houses around. There were two people there, and some kind of object on the ground. I don’t know why, but I always think of them as a male and a female. The female was looking around on the ground, it seemed, the male was keeping a lookout and was apparently quite surprised to see me when I suddenly popped up from nowhere. The seemed scared, quite surprising considering I was like 3-4 y.o., anyway, then settled down and the male approached me in a friendly manner. I don’t really remember much about their looks, but I have a feeling that they were Chinese looking, they can’t have been to much unlike humans, or I would probably have been too scared to meet them. I am confident that they were bi-pedal and had a skin color pretty much like a human has, two arms, hands etc., humanoids in other words. They can’t have been very tall, since I remember a belt with lots of boxes on it that the male had, and I think the belt on his waist was at my head height, from this memory I can approximate his height to about 130-150 cm. I can remember talking to them, I don’t really know how though, as it’s really unlikely that they would speak Norwegian. The male asked me how I found them, and I told him about my invisible friend, a story he seemed to accept. The female was much more restrictive towards me, I think I felt this because of her body language; she never came very close to me and seemed more stressed my presence than the male. They told me that they were studying flowers or some other kind of plant life when I surprised them, and asked me if they could study me some. I agreed and the male came towards me with some gizmo that looked exactly like those 'Y' shaped water wishing rods. He held it over my head for a while, while he did this I was playing with his belt that had many big boxes on it. He pulled something out of one of the boxes and used it to study me with, the other gizmos in the boxes had all different functions, he told me, even if they all looked the same. I apparently had very high values of something, and they both seemed much exited about something. He asked to study me some more, I agreed. Suddenly I felt paralyzed, I couldn’t move, and when I actually could move the daylight had suddenly dimmed, so I think I lost some time here. I was furious at them for paralyzing me, and I ran away in anger. The man said he was sorry, but I was still very mad, and ran home.

Excuses, excuses...
Some time later, probably that same summer, I saw a object in the sky near our house, not making any sound, and I followed it. I lost the object for a while, when I found it it was sitting on the ground, and the same two people I met were besides it, it seemed that they had waiting for me. The man said that he was very sorry for what happened the last time we met, and wondered if I wanted to look at their craft. I have since a kid been extremely interested in all kinds technology, I could spend like a whole day just looking at machines in work, until my parents would angrily bring me home. Anyway, I eagerly agreed. The craft can’t have been more than five meters across, but I don’t remember much of its shape, but I have a feeling that it was very smooth, meaning it did not have many features on the outside. Inside the craft it was one big room, i think the room was circular, with windows 360 degrees around, I can also remember that we could see through the floor of it. Across the walls of the craft there was instrument panels, I asked about lots of them, but only remember once of them; a gizmo that made flowers of all things, and spewed it out the craft. They told me that the flowers were not "real" flowers, but only looked real, it was a very long time since they last used it last, they said. Sadly, I can’t remember the other panels. All of the sudden we was in the air, and flew across the landscapes. I can’t remember there being any g-forces, or any sound. I do remember it was very sunny and it was a very beautiful day. We were going to visit someone, they told me, as we flew away.

Every since I have been a child I have sort of scanned people, I have never questioned it before I became older. This is how it works, if I get eye contact with someone I usually get a feeling of what kind of person he/she is, it has always been part of my life. I guess I always thought everyone does the same, until I became older. It only works when I make eye contact, and it won't work across TV. The older I got the better I got at it, and it actually works too, it keeps me away from the wrong kind of people, so it is useful to me and therefore I don't suppress it. It says in the bible that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, perhaps there is some hidden knowledge in that. I really don't know how it works, just that it does for me.

Mr. Emotionless
The craft docked with a larger craft. The larger craft was circular and about 15-20 meters in diameter, inside the craft there was two floors. The craft was vertically split in two areas. The front area had two floors and was essentially one big room shaped as a half-circle. The room was shaped sort of like a wedding-cake, where the first floor was a lot smaller than the second floor, and you could see straight down to the first floor from the second, a rail kept you from falling down. This new larger craft had other occupants than the one I had met, today I would say that they were another race, I don’t really remember what they looked like, but they were mean looking, and much taller than the once I came with, but still humanoid as the others, two hands and two feet. On the first floor, which I never visited but only observed from above, there were 2-3 of these creatures, they were all very disciplined and quiet it seems, and paid little notion of me, they were all focused on the waist high panels that they had in front of them, that seemed to be control panels or something like that. On the second floor was the only of this creatures I met, he seemed to be the captain or leader or the team. The walls were all see-through, like on the smaller ship. My companions brought me to him and he spoke with them, the man seemed to have spoken about me with the captain at an earlier occasion, and I had the feeling that I was to be evaluated for something by this captain. The male and the female left the room, and left me alone with him. The captain said nothing much to me, and I had the feeling that he was hostile towards me. I looked in his eyes to scan him, to find out what kind of person he was, but I felt nothing, like he was cold as a machine. But I dug deeper, and deeper, and then I found a feeling of love in him, and I could sense that he somehow knew what I just did, and I felt him smile at me.

Kill him
Feeling more relaxed I started to explore the ship, and eventually left the big room on the second floor. To get out of the room there was automatic door openers where the doors went into the walls, like every mall have today. The doors was non-transparent, and let me into a smaller room, about 2 meters across, where there was a new automatic door of the same type, this again opened to a sloping hallway with a wide open door to the outside. I looked out the door, and we were perhaps 50 meters over dense pine forest. In the part of Norway where I come from it is too cold for that kind of tree density, so we must have been much further south, forest like that don’t appear for another 500 km from where I used to live, of course then I didn’t know all this. It was a bright and sunny day, and we seemed to be hovering. I went back to the captain, and he told me they had stopped because they had found some interesting flora, and was going to study it. Then all of the sudden I got a terrible premonition that he wanted to kill me, I got the feeling that they wanted to push me out the open door to my death. I panicked and ran out of there, out into the sloping hallway, and into another room at the end of the hallway where I met the two who had taken me there. I told them what he was planning to do, and they went to see him, I think there was some kind of argument between them. I had a feeling that the captain didn’t think I was worthy for something, and simply wanted to dispose of me, the male and female was certainly more "humane", and seemed very upset. They seemed to think that I was worthy for it, whatever it was, or at least that I did not need to be killed if I was not. We left in the small craft immediately after the episode.

The big ship in the sky
We left and docked in what must have been a very large craft. I don’t really recall all that much, but I remember meeting lots of other people there, and everyone was very friendly and seemed thrilled to meet me. I can only meeting adults, no children, but it seemed to be a large community aboard this ship. Since I can’t really remember seeing the ship before we docked, you might ask why I didn’t believe it was a large building on the ground instead? Well, there were no windows, and one of the rooms was truly spectacular!

Spectacular room
When we left one of the rooms we went into a small room that seemed to move, it connected to a huge room, a circular tube perhaps hundreds of meters long and 50 meters in diameter. We were on the inside of this circular tube, there were trees, and a pathway with benches, but everywhere, on the walls, on the ceiling, you could walk from the floor to the ceiling on the pathway, and when you looked straight up, that what was your floor earlier was now your ceiling, and your ceiling was now your floor. It was as if one has one of those magnetic gravity boots that you can walk everywhere with, only where the blood didn’t go to your head, if you get my drift. Gravity seemed to follow you around, in a way. Its very hard to explain, but I think the gravity boot example pretty much covers it. Or it you have seen the film "2001: A Space Odyssey", where he walks inside that wheel on spacecraft, sort of like that, but this was no wheel, but a long circular tube.

Going home
It seemed they offered me to stay there, I got the impression that many had done so earlier and that I was privileged to be offered it, that they liked and accepted me. I could help them with something concerning my home (earth?), such as many others had. They told me that my parents would think that I was death, that they could create a body that would resemble me, and that my mother would be sad, but then she would move on later, and that I could always see my mother later if I wanted. I loved my mom so much, that I could not bear to make her sad, so I declined. I have not regretted that, my mother had depressions in her later life, and if I was not there, I don’t think she will have made it through. Everybody needs someone to love, and my mom and I has always had very close ties, even for a mom and son. They accepted my decision, but told me that I was not like others, and that I would be unhappy. However, they also said that I would be a great man, and do great deeds, almost as if they could see my future somehow. I still don’t feel like a great man, or have done great deeds, but that’s what they said.

The helicopter
When we came to my little village I saw a older boy that I recognized, he was walking along the road with someone else and we approached them above from behind. When I wondered why he did not see us, they said that “He does not want to see us” or something in that context, a statement I always found puzzling. When leaving the craft I had to climb down a chain ladder. Being a kid of 3-4, I thought that all this was normal, and told my family that I had been travelling in the air. They all though I had lied, which I remember very clearly, because I did not know what lying was until that moment, and I had never lied before, that’s the day that I learned that even if you never have lied before, people still will think you are a liar, even a innocent kid. The youngest of my elder sisters did believe me though, she was about 10-11 at that time, she said that it could have been a helicopter that I had been in. I had never seen a helicopter before or anything else flying, remember this is a very small town, far from anywhere, so I accepted this, glad that someone believed me.

Going to the air show
My parents got divorced later that year, and my mother took us children to the south-eastern part or Norway to live. When I was six years old mom had a boyfriend that one day offered to take us kids to an air show, where they demonstrate airplanes etc. Remembering my earlier flight in the "helicopter" I though that perhaps I would meet my two friends again at this air show, with their "helicopter", so I was much exited. When we got there I immediately asked my sisters to show me the helicopters, and they did. But the helicopters were far from what I had seen 2-3 years earlier, these monsters were so noisy that we could not hear each other speak, and they were ugly, bulky, dirty and crude looking, in other words nothing like the graceful crafts I earlier seen. I was very confused.

The sweaty astronomer
Our mom took us kids to live in Oslo, and it was not until I was about 10 y.o. that I realized what I had been through as a child. A summer day in the street Karl Johan, Oslo, with my mom that I met a guy selling magazines about astronomy on the street, the guy was actually selling magazines from UFO Norway, the biggest Norwegian UFO organization, but I did not know what UFO's were at that moment. Anyway, thinking it was astronomy magazines, I persuaded mom to buy a couple from the street salesman, she seemed quite reluctant, no wonder as he was kind of freaky looking with long blond hair, a beard, and he was smelling like he had been in the sun a bit too long. I had a long interest in astronomy, and liked telescopes etc, the salesperson promised to visit me at home, and he would bring his telescope to show me, this never happened though. These magazines made me aware that I might had a alien encounter as a child, up to then I didn’t really know much about those things, but I never told anyone. After that day, I have swallowed everything whole that had anything to do with aliens and UFO's.

Dream or reality?
When I was 14 y.o. I came home to find our front door unlocked, when I entered our living room I saw my step dad sitting stiff on the sofa, he seemed complete paralyzed with eyes wide open, I went into the kitchen and my mom was sitting there paralyzed too. All of the sudden I saw three alien of the grey type, that are so common in observations today, they were coming towards me, I ran into the living room with them chasing me around the living room table, they seemed amused somehow over my resistance. I escaped to our balcony, and was about to shout help, but I were caught before I do. Then I don’t remember much more until I wake up in a totally blacked out room, my arms and feet are strapped to the wall, there is a strong light on me, but I see no light source. Then all of the sudden about 10 meters down to my left, part of a wall adjacent to mine is lit up by a strong light which source I cannot see. I see my mom and step dad next to each other, strapped up to the wall like myself, they see me and scream for help, they seem to have panicked. Then, not more than 1 meter from me I see the faces of two grey aliens, of the grey type that are common in sightings today. They stare at me, and then one of them comes closer until his face is 5 centimeters from my own. Filled with despair and anger I spit in his face. The faces disappear, the lights around my mom and step dad disappear, and the lights in the room I am in are turned on, and I see that it's a 2x2 meter room, so how could I have seen my parents 10 meters from me, I don’t know. Then suddenly I wake up in my bed. Was it all a crazy dream? I go into the living room, and see my step dad watching TV, as if nothing has happened, it felt so real. I just couldn’t make sense of that day; did I really go to bed that afternoon and sleep until evening? I’m not sure what happened, strange dream if it was though, and 100% realistic. My step dad seemed vary of me after that, and he left my mom not long after that, did he blame me unconsciously if it really happened? Guess I will never know.

Into the light x 2
I started to search in many religions to find answers after these events, I have really never felt I knew who I was, and wanted to find my place in this world. I always had a good gut feeling about Buddhism, I remember that one of the aliens said that the religion we (Norwegians?) had was not entirely correct but had much of the correct essence. Norwegians are mostly Christians, Lutheran tradition, and I always liked the values. I did start my search in Buddhism though, with relax meditations where I dreamt of new powers that I would uncover hidden in our mind, I guess I wanted to be a modern time magician or something. There was so much stress in my life, so the relaxing meditation helps me through lots of those hard times. One night, I was about 19 y.o., I saw the movie Poltergeist, where there was a light that was the door into death, so I visualized this in my meditation. Then I actually saw it in my mind during deep meditation, and I asked (read thought) to visit it. All of the sudden I felt like my soul was pulled out of my body, and my eyes were no longer closed. I was being pulled further up towards what I can only describe as being an open hand of love wanting to receive me, but I did not see the hand, I more like felt it. There were no colors, everything was grey with a bluish tint, but I was still i my room. In my room there was a lamp the my ceiling, I could somehow see the pulses of the lamp, like time had slowed down dramatically, since a light bulb actually flickers really fast, I have gathered that this is what happened. I felt like there were many people around me, but I could not see them, I could hear their whispers though. I could also hear three male voices singing a very low tone continuously, like a very deep "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA..." but they never took breath, they kept going as if they had the biggest lungs in the universe. I tried to fight it, but I was pulled further and further towards this loving hand above me, then I asked God if he could let me go, and it worked immediately. I was conscious in my bed, but was exhausted, my limbs were stiff, and I fell a sleep. My mom came home, and I woke up, I was really groggy and filled with an overwhelming wanting of violence, I actually wanted to harm my mom and her girlfriend, even though they had done me nothing. Therefore, I thought that there was something seriously wrong with me, and I had better go to bed, and so I did. That feeling was the most evil and chaotic feeling I ever had in my life, I do not know why that happened though, and I am so ashamed I just want to cry. Anyways, I woke up again, feeling quite good. I ate some food, and started to think about what I had done the day before, then I remembered going into the light, but I decided that I probably had dreamt it all, but what the heck, lets try it again to see if it really works. Therefore, I did, stupid me, and the same thing happened again, the exact same experience as the first time, but luckily, God let me back this time too, thank you God! Yes, I'm getting religious here, but you would too. Real or not, it effected me in such a way that I had trouble meditating for relaxation after that, always afraid that the light would pop up, and that I would fall for temptation once again. I tried to approach two Buddhism monks about this when I later was in South Korea, but they had no answer for me. However, I did later find a very similar thing in Robert Downey Jr. death scene in the film Natural Born Killers(1994), where he kneels down and you here the same voices singing a deep "AAAAAAA..." before he is killed. This film was made many years after I had my experience.

More bad meditation experiences
Then some years later I was meditating for relaxation on my couch, then I felt a presence next to me, I sat upright. Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest. All of the sudden I was tossed across the table and landed in a lotus position. It occurred to me that I was knocked out of my body, and I saw my own body on the sofa, shaking as if I had an epileptic attack. Then I heard a voice from nowhere that said "I will take your body now!", I responded "No, God will protect me!", the invisible being said "You don't know what you are talking about!". All of the sudden my body stopped shaking, and I heard the being screaming angrily and then saw something, like a semi-transparent small ball about the size of a orange leaving the chest of my body, and when out straight through the window without breaking it. Then I suddenly woke up in my body, still with a pain in my chest, but otherwise fine. If you protected me, then thank you God! After this I stopped my meditation, these things might be mental, and I actually believe that they are, I don’t believe in spiritual possessions and such. However, these thinks messes you up in a bad mentally, because they have no anchor in reality or logic, suddenly I found myself afraid of everything, paranoid. Sleeping with the light off was suddenly a big problem. I felt like S. Dali when he said "The only difference between a mad man and myself, is that I am not mad!". Anyway, I got over it, but I was pretty messed up for a while. I am somehow also proud that I went to the border of human sanity to find the truth, I live for the truth, and I love the truth!

Attracting trouble
All Norwegian males have to spend one year in the army, I got office duty and took a ferry home every weekend. I had read about some UFO group in the USA that used telepathy to attract UFO's, it sounded crazy, but it got me thinking. If they are sophisticated enough, a alien race might have fine-tuned their sensors to even pick up telepathy, might be worth a try, then I started planning what to separate my thought from everyone else’s. I figured that the most interesting signal would be something short and repetitive, like a Morse code. Since the boat trip took several hours, and I traveled regularly, it was perfect. So then for several months I thought the same short sentence while on the ferry both back and to my military camp. I am very stubborn, and it paid off. When late to the ferry one Friday, I saw a donut shaped light by the docks where the ferry left from, passing over the water in what must have been 60 km/h, with no sound, it was very dark that evening, but no boat moves like that at that speed. The bright lights were only on for a second, after that there was lots of light at the center of the donut. The donut was tilted slightly towards the direction it was traveling, perhaps 10 degrees. When I got to the dock, the people the closest to where it popped up seemed unaffected, and I heard no one talking about UFO's and such, I don’t think anyone besides me noticed. When I got to my destination and sat in the taxi to bring me home, I saw a bright light in the sky that must have been low, as it was snowing, and with snow you don’t really see very far. Later I had the strangest dream.

Strange dream - Warning: Explicit story!
I dreamt that lots of others and me were standing on line in a large room. I was paralyzed. There were several humans with strange uniforms, which were not paralyzed; they seemed to be in charge. Making an effort, I actually managed to move, one of the men angrily told me not to move. I stuttered out "Are you looking for a signal?", supprising one of the men, a leader of some sort, he said "Yes, what can you tell us about the signal?". Suddenly I was no longer paralyzed and we took a walk, where I told him that I planned this for several months, and that it obviously had worked! However, these guys were human though, that wasn’t expected. We walked and talked in a big circle, and this fits with my outside view of the ship, a donut shape. The hallway was white, but seemed worn, and there were doors ever few meters on the corridors white walls. Everything was painted white, and gave me the feeling of being in a hospital. They wanted me to do something for them, I don’t remember if I agreed, they gave me a drug that made me close to a zombie, and then introduced me to a human Spanish looking female, she said something like "Finally I get a cute one!", or something like that. We were placed in a very small room with a TV, a bookshelf with some books on them, a cheap wall-to-wall carpet, and a big one-way mirror on the other wall, no furniture. The TV was showing a porn movie, and I recognized several of the actors from the 70's Hollywood porn industry. The room can’t have been larger than 2 x 1.5 meters. It gave me the impressions that they wanted to simulate "normal" environments, and that I was there to breed with this woman, on this zombie drug, and the porn was to arouse me. I started to have sex with here, but then angrily put my penis in her "other orifice", I was not that much of a zombie that I loose my sense of humor! The woman went ballistic, and started to attack me verbally; people came and took us out of the small room. The woman actually wanted them to kill me, she was offended, but the other human would not have any of it. The zombie drug was wearing off, and I was taken into something that looked like a cantina, with long tables and many chairs, there I was presented to a small humanoid alien with no hair, he seemed nice, I have no idea why they wanted me to meet him. The other humans were excited though. Then they took me into another room, here they said they would make me forget what had happened. The room was not more than 1 x 0.5 meters with a chair, on the wall opposite the chair was a circular two-colored drawing where the two colors were spiraling inwards towards the center, like those large circular red and white lollipops one buy at fairs. This drawing was spinning, and I was told to stare in the center of it, and that’s the last I remember of the dream.

I had some Baptist friends that told me about it, and I became baptized when I was 24 y.o., their support and the Christian message helped me through a very though time in my life, and helped me realize who I was, and what values I had. I had always felt that I did not know who I was, becoming a Christian helped me understand that what I am for is love, and I truly believe that love is the greatest thing in the Universe.

UFO 1997
When leaving my workplace in 1997 I saw a black craft flying soundless at about 20 meters above ground in about 100 km/h, it was about 300 meters from me, and I estimate it being about 10 meter in diameter.

UFO 2001
At home one afternoon I saw a 5-meter disk wobbling past my apartment in Oslo, it seemed to be in technical trouble, I saw it for about 2 minutes before it disappeared in a cloud. It was silver and disk shaped, a clearly defined classic UFO.

UFO 2004
In the sky above Oslo a bright day, I saw something resembling a large ball in the air, it seemed semi-transparent, being the guy I am I decided I thought it was some kind of cloaking device on a UFO that I had seen.

Thanks for reading my story.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 09:33 AM
First of all thanks for sharing your very detailed and good story.

I really did enjoy reading all this and it made me thinking.

Just some questions :

Have you sometime in life wondered what was "not" 100 % true that the Christians teach , as the Humaniod man said?

It seams like they studied a lot of flowers and our nature etc , do you belive that they could analyze and perhaps make a theory of how the earth has grow to what it is today?

I would like to put in that I am from norway !

For the record , your english did not make it any hard to read

I really hope a lot of peoples answer to this thread, since its highly interesting

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 09:42 AM
Reda upto the Into the light 2 bit and had to stop because my eyes were burning. Though from what ive read, it did seem interesting and believable.

One thing goes through my mind whenever I read someones account of something,

Are they ting me?

Because I cant be dealing with people that post a piddly little account and then dont post again. This is relevant to your post as its long and detailed and what would you gain from spending all that time and faking it?

So I am going to have to say fair play to you mate, I believe you.

Ill get round to reading again later.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 10:24 AM

Originally posted by gamerman
Have you sometime in life wondered what was "not" 100 % true that the Christians teach , as the Humaniod man said?

I must admit that I have my theories, but it is only speculations though. I did get a sensation that they share our Christian message of love though.

Originally posted by gamerman
It seams like they studied a lot of flowers and our nature etc , do you belive that they could analyze and perhaps make a theory of how the earth has grow to what it is today?

People have asked me about the flowers before, as it sounds abit strange I guess. They seemed curious about lots of stuff, for what prupose I dont know. When they told me about the gizmo that made fake flowers and spewed it out the back of the ship, I get the sensation that it was a very long time since they used it last, like thousands of years, and I still see a image in my head where you have Indian looking people below a craft spewing flowers and the people running after it chearing and beeing very happy. I dont know where I got this image from, but it seemed that when I met them we spoke not only with words, but also communicating with feelings and images, and that I can still access this feelings and images they experienced as they were my own.

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 02:24 AM
thank you very much. That was an amazing read. It was so complete i wont say anymore than, youve got a solid mind.

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