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posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 12:41 AM
This has got to be chapter two of John Bull's Alien evolution. Really good discussion.
Trans (Implies "through") human. But whats on the other side? Oh, yes, I still enjoy
"The Year 2525". Way ahead of its time that one was. When genetics can design
living tissue transistors, we just may reach the transfer of conciousness to machines.
"What began as a conflict over the transfer of conciousness......." Wow, thats
Total Annihilation, still a great game. Too bad the folks in the UFO forum spend
their time on the bad 1950's science fiction. They should be here listening to a more
scientific discussion instead of wondering "whats wrong with scientists?" You folks
are already doing a credible discussion of where our technology will be in a hundred years or so.
Can you imagine a thousand, or ten thousand years of technology ? AI concepts are only about
a decade old. Give that a hundred years. But dont let me interrupt. This is merely my handclapping an applause to the forum.

posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 02:10 AM
The problem with Transhumanism is that it requires artificial intelligence to get beyond a certain point. Certainly for the ramp up period envisioned (which is the Singularity) more powerful AI is required. AI needs computer vision in order to move past the block its at now. This is because all dynamic and reactive systems need to be placed in an environment richer than they are so that they may learn. So, I see Transhumanism flowering something like this:

1. 2005/2006 - Primitive Computer Vision algorithms enable consistent scene segmentation in natural and man made environments and combinations thereof.

2. 2006/2007 - Reactive Behaviorism-based robots are capable of walking to one point to another point (succeeding in a humanoid form of the Grand Challenge Race). The Grand Challenge Race is won that same year, as well.

3. 2008 - Driod patrolling robots are deployed in Iraq and around the world. These are simple patrolling robots and roam around and fire when shot at. Medical imaging technology improves with gains found in visual segmentation algorithms. Several advances in clustering and information theory develop as well.

4. 2009 - Seeing that still a crucial element is lacking, various scientists (Chinese?) incorporate various circuitry in mammals to decode and generalize the neuron electric stream. Hopefully the results are shared or published.

5. 2011 - A way to modulate and transfer information to clusters of neurons is developed. Work is done in neuron cluster systems that utilize various "input" modules to receive information about the world. While these systems are very powerful and autonomous, they do not have self awareness. By now robots based on neuron and input interfaces staff McDonalds and various other jobs. The economy enters a depression. Education becomes more important.

6. 2012 - Experiments are done with implanting chunks of "input" module trained neurons into animals fetus. These animals can manipulate and utilize various information streams; of course these streams must be fixed in their reality, meaning they have to affect things. Dogs are hooked up to the stock market via a pain center and given a means of simple investing and selling. The ones that survive are bred. Other animals are used for other purposes. Jay Leno jokes about being replaced by a rat. The following week he is fired and replaced by a comedian dog.

7. 2012 - Someone violates the Geneva convention, or has been, and reports exist of strange people (perhaps Chinese?) with various implants. utilizing additional brain cultures are possible, like extra memory. A tiny metal based high speed replica of neuron systems enables rapid computation, which then "dumps" the results in the humans brain for processing. This prevents biological neuron burn out. These kinds of systems are more easily used by those exposed to pre-treated brain cultures in the fetus. But normal people can utilize them as well, resulting in an non-linear IQ boost (the dumber you are the dumber you end up being in the end). Several prominent scientists can no longer communicate due to neuronal overload.

Once people use their cognitive modules more than their brain (a hard habit to break) transhumanism truly begins. I would predict at this point things like group consciousness and so forth. AI is never fully realized. Instead it served as a catalyst for machine integration into humans and thereby increasing their abilities to transhuman levels.

The crucial key for humanity is to counterbalance its enormous investment in calculation. As things continue, the human race converges into a global whispering mind. Empathy and care for the common man increase. As the Race converges into a distributed intelligence people begin to lose personality and drive. Needless to say, people do not give a # about anything very much anymore.

What have we gained? What have we lost?

For list of various results, see:

Hope my predictions have been entertaining.

[edit on 18-7-2005 by ktprktpr]

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