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High Energy Laser Lethality Conference 2006

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 11:25 PM
Check it out folks, next year already has some hot action planned;

Co-Hosted by the
US Air Force Research Laboratory
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office

In Cooperation with the
High Energy Laser Lethality Technical Area Working Group

This is a cut and dry, professional industry meeting. Too bad it is going on over yonder west coast. Figured this would be of interest to those into "lasers" and other high tech R&D.


Ok, here is some more info, more details on previous "laser" based programs. Such as NASAs laser propelled plane and more, from recent "Missile Detection System Unveiled, June 08, 2005", which is found at bottom.

Any one else, know of other energy based programs being "up kept"?

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