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Theory: If it happens in America, watch for it to follow in Australia

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 09:36 PM
Australia is now following America in many areas thanks to conservative government which is run by John Howard, a NWO brown nose like no other.

You got 9/11, we got Bali bombing.
You got Jessica Lynch, we got Douglas Wood
You had a threat of Terrorism at the last election, we had a threat of interest rates.
You have a government that has aligned itself with corporations, we have a government bringing in new laws to do much the same.
There's a lot of things really. If it happens in America and makes a stir or gives the government more power, watch for a scaled down version to hit Australia within a year or so.

Today, a new low has been reached in the mime-America campaign.

John Howards approval rating hit a low this week and of a two party preference, he's down by over 10% at around 45%.

So what can they do? What do they do in America?

GO TO CHURCH! Praise the Evangelicals!
Australia just had MASS protests in it's streets for workers rights which the government is trying to take away while saying 'we are the workers best friend'. The opposition leader was amongst the protest and was being praised by the workers.
So the government goes straight to the conservative evangelicals to try and balance the scales instead of actually listening to the half million workers who protested.

The nation's most powerful politicians sought to connect with a crowd featuring an oversupply of that all-important political player, the aspirational voter.
They were all there - NSW Premier Bob Carr and federal ministers Alexander Downer, Kevin Andrews and Peter Dutton, as well as NSW Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile, Liberal MP David Clarke and other state parliamentarians.

But the 20,000-strong crowd of evangelical Christians reserved their most enthusiastic applause for Treasurer Peter Costello, who received an almighty welcome - just as he did last year in what he described as his most famous speech.

Mr Costello urged members of the gathering to find strength in their beliefs, noting the massive growth of the Hillsong Church.

Mr Carr told the crowd he enjoyed Hillsong's style of "spontaneous" worship and described it as very Australian as large screens projected his image to those at the back of the Superdome.

"This week you've turned Sydney Superdome into a cathedral," Mr Carr said.

"And you're affirming the centrality of Christianity in the life of this nation, still the faith of most Australians."


Disgusting. Australia is a multi-cultural society, it's really wrong to hear these leaders talking about Christianity being very Australian and the faith of most Australians.

What's next for us?

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 09:50 PM
interesting comparison between the two countries.
moving to global politics btw..

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 12:23 AM
The right idea is to go to church. Pray for your country. Pray for you leaders, and pray that your leaders go to church and actually pay attention!

You seem to think that the "Conservatives" in government are the only NWO folks. On the contrary, the NWO knows no ideology, in that regard. Their ideology is money and power.

In the U.S., the NWO used the left to destroy the nation's moral foundation so that the population would have difficulty distinguishing right from wrong, and rather than using concrete guidelines would go along their "feeeelings", which can easily be manipulated by 10 second sound bites and lines of BS. They destroyed out sense of national identity, appreciating our own identity and welcoming those who wished to become part of our culture, and replaced it with "multi-culturalism", furhter dividing the nation and making the country weaker. Everyone should know that a house divided is a house soon to fall. They've attacked God in His place in our nation's history and proper place in the here and now, selling a misquoted line of "Separation of Church and State!", as if it is in the constitution somewhere. Now, "patriotic Americans" wave a flag and say "God bless America", not necessarily knowing that God or what the country is supposed to stand for, only knowing that one should cheer for their country!

Now, in come the "conservatives", who, any real Conservative can tell you, aren't really conservative at all. They claim to be about the country, while the borders are porous, and lead us into conflicts that is hard to argue against, but is also hard to argue for.

We are a real soup sandwich, now. Things will only get worse, I'm afraid, because they have beaten us with the government-controlled public education. Because most people have no idea how things ought to be, it'd be a miracle for us to get back right.

I hope the Aussies don't follow suit!

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
Things will only get worse, I'm afraid, because they have beaten us with the government-controlled public education. Because most people have no idea how things ought to be, it'd be a miracle for us to get back right.

I hope the Aussies don't follow suit!

Well it looks like we are.

Howard is trying to standardise education across Australia. The people who drafted the constitution of Australia NEVER intended the Federal government to be a ruling government. The states with their respective governments are meant to be mostly autonamous.

Howard is going to use the threat of lack of funding to the states to push then to agree. The Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, so far has stood up to him on this and refused $650 million in education funding to maintain the LEGAL RIGHT of the state to set their own education policies and marking.

I can only hope he continues.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 09:43 PM
he says most australians are christians?
i really dispute that calim
most people i know have never been to church except for a wedding or funeral,
and most that i have been to have been run by a civil celebrant, no religion in it at all hardly.
i think that christmas and such in our country now are not so much about celebrating christ, but more about getting together with the family, having a holiday and a good feed
or at least thats what its like in my town

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