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Join Texas Minute Men and you too can become a terrorist

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 05:22 PM
Imagine that you are taking a trip. You arrive at the airport to check in. You are met by airport security and led to a room where they tell you to strip down to your birthday suit. Your ticket is stamped with a big red “S”. You are labeled a “security threat” and are told that you will have to go through this every time you fly commercially. When you finally get to your hotel, you are told that your room is not ready (you’ve had your reservation for a month) and you sit in the hotel lobby for 9 hours waiting. When you finally do get your room, you notice that the room is in disarray. You suspect it has been bugged. Why, because you decided to exercise your first amendment rights by criticizing the government on a “subversive” website.

This just happened to a close friend of mine. He is a two-tour Vietnam combat vet, ex POW, ex-cop with honors and now a licensed aircraft mechanic and respectable FBO owner, out of debt, and he is also on a terrorist list. He was on his way to a Heli-Vets Vietnam Veteran's reunion In San Francisco. Since this occurred on July 1st, the boards on the HV site have been loaded with folks posting about this. Now, as of July 3rd, the site is down.

It was the general consensus that he got on the government terrorist list because he corresponded over the internet with the Minute Man Project. So actively corresponding back and forth with the Project, disseminating the info they and others associated with them put out, and using it to criticize government policy and the President, and advocating change by whatever means, is what has gotten him ID'd as a high level threat, and listed by his driver's license number on the list now.

This is what happens when the government takes away our rights to "protect" us. What sites do you belong to?

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 05:25 PM
Just so you know, I clicked on the Vet link and the site was operational. Not saying I dont agree with where you are going. AS a matter of fact, I do. I just wanted to point out that the site was up and running

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 05:45 PM
Funny, when I click on it, it says it's down for maintenance.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 06:06 PM
Please those ---are racist -------if the mexicans were hot babes nobody would care

(mod edit-- Mind your mouth and DO not try and beat the censors,)

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 06:20 PM
nice. and of course then when something actualy does happen, we will know how it managed to go unnoticed. simply because they are so busy watching everybody that some realy important info gets missed. welcome to the overworked watcher assosiation. the more people on the list, the less time can be spent looking at each. the less time available to spend means the less that they can actualy pay attention to. and so important stuff can be missed. basicaly this means that such actions make things even less secure then before, not more secure. how typical for a government.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by Kidfinger
Just so you know, I clicked on the Vet link and the site was operational.

I get it's down for maintenance, too.

Very scary. Is your friend's job in any jeopardy from this "police" action?

[edit on 4-7-2005 by DontTreadOnMe]

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 09:25 PM
Be wary of single source reporting.

"It was the general concensus"

Did anyone bother to check if it had actually happened?

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 09:38 PM
If this story is true, what is the guys name?

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 10:04 PM
My friend is self employed, owner of an FBO in Idaho. I'll check with his wife to see if he minds my giving his name. His wife e-mailed me with the story. It hasn't surfaced on the web yet, since it only happened Fri and this is the 4th of July weekend.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 11:39 PM
Thank God someone is attempting top protect our borders. I would have expected such treatment under the Clinton admin, not W. Sad state of affairs when enforcing laws gets you a racist tag as the moron above me posted. We have something called LEGAL immigration. Oddly enough for all you anti-american left wingers, it turns out many more people want to get in this country than get out (one would wonder why if things are as evil as some here like to think). If they get in legally, that's fine. We are all immigrants essentially (cept for the native americans). Our 1st security concern should be to totally shut off our borders to illegal crossing by any means necessary.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 11:48 PM
The real terrorists are in Washington DC.

They are the ones not guarding the southern border because they are corrupt servants of profit gouging US corporations, who want illegal slave labor.

A real patriot would nuke Washington DC, and start a new clean government.

Anyone got a spare nuke?
Im all out.

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 11:59 PM

Originally posted by Nerdling
Be wary of single source reporting.

"It was the general concensus"

Did anyone bother to check if it had actually happened?

It was the general concensus of his friends at the renunion. I am the single source (by way of his wife). She has reported it to a news source and when I have more information, I will post it. I can vouch for her that it really happened to her husband.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 05:05 AM
You gotta love the logic of these people.

They failed to recognize the 9/11 threat despite proven warnings, so we give the incompetent stooges more power?

So what happens after the next terrorist attack? More powers to those who have now failed us twice?

It is almost like built-in obsolescence. Like making toys that break easily so more will be bought.

This type of thing kind of reveals the whole "terror" phenomenon for what it is- a veiled power-grab.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 10:45 AM
that exact same opening paragraph was posted here before....
I remember it.. don't know if I can find it...

So, are you saying that this happened to a friend of yours or that second paragraph is part of the other website as well?

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 12:24 PM

Originally posted by elevatedone
that exact same opening paragraph was posted here before....
I remember it.. don't know if I can find it...

So, are you saying that this happened to a friend of yours or that second paragraph is part of the other website as well?

I wasn't aware of anyother thread on this. I am the author of the entire first post. I did not cut and past any of it. This story came to me from a personal e-mail from the wife of the "terrorist". These are very close friends of mine.

My friend was on his way to a HV Vietnam vet reunion when all of this took place. His wife posted the account on their forum which is only accessible by members. Many of the posters in that forum know my friend personally or through his post. I included the web address to the site because it went down two days after she began posting the story to the other members. The fact that the site went down could be coincidence. It still was not up when I checked this morning.

This is not a hoax! I have known this man and his wife for years and I believe her. My purpose in posting his story is to warn others of how we are quickly losing our constitutional rights. I e-mailed the link to this thread to his wife and she passed it on to a friend at the reunion for my friend to review. I will only disclose his identity with his permission.

I will post more information as I get it. My outrage over this incident not only stems from it having happened to a friend, but also that it happened at all.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 12:41 PM
I hope that someone can help find the other thread that I'm talking about..
I've looked for a bit.. it was a few months back...

I swear it read almost word for word as the opening paragraph of this thread...

anyone else remember it ?

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 10:49 PM
I just received an e-mail from my friend (the wife of the alleged terrorist). She is hesitant to join any more sites at this point, but asked me to pass this on. She includes a list of sites that she or her husband has joined since the last time he flew. I’d really like to see her join ATS but I can understand her hesitation at this point. Here is her letter:

Hello Everyone,
I'm the very distraught wife our nation's newest high level national security threat, Mike _______, Yes, he went through this experience; actually, it was much worse then our good friend (and former employee) wrote up about to start this thread. The reality was worse then the imagining. I'm waiting for him to get home safely before we reveal who we are. We own a public business and have an internet business website; I'm not quite sure if we're ready to deal with the phone going off the hook or the harassment we'll receive from people who think we're making this up; but he does have proof of his new status: he's saving his airline ticket, which has a long red line across it, and 4 red "S" letters stamped on it. This is to alert the crew of the threat they are transporting. We'll have to think about the best way to go public about this; we don't want to end up losing our business because of what happened to him, for going public with it. But we're not sheep either, and won't take that treatment meekly like many others have. He'll be back and fighting in two days.
But I did talk on the phone with him this morning, and he said to go ahead and provide you with all the links and newsletters we signed up and communicated with between his airplane trip to St. Louis last fall for the 187th Assault Helicopter Company Annual reunion, when he had no problem going through airport security, and July 1st, when he learned of his new "status" that his government has designated him, that he has served so loyally all of his life. We even pay our taxes, too! He was informed it wasn't because he has a common name (having the same name as other identified security threats will get you the same strip search, I found out); but he was ID'd on the government list by his "numbers"; them saying this as they eyeballed his driver's license. He was informed that this new rating is permanent for the rest of his life, and there is no way anyone can get off this list once they are listed. They refused to tell him why; that information is classified. Government classified documents are not open to the Freedom of Information request, so we'll never know exactly what it is that he has been judged and labeled a threat for. But a fellow Vet and now a Horizon Airline pilot, who is familiar with this increasing problem, immediately said he knew why. He said it was because of my husband's internet activities; and asked us which websites he had visited and what newsletters he had signed up for between his trip last fall, and now. So we're releasing all the website links and newsletters that we have communicated with and received. He thought the Minute Man Project was the one that did it. I'm not so sure, as most of these are "Free Press", critical of the government, and present logical well written opinions that you won't see on the mainstream news or TV. Some of these sign-ups are my fault; not his, so I'm just as guilty as him. I will tell you which of us was responsible for what: (if you're not already "listed" don't worry about opening these links to investigate what these websites have to say and expose, and what their stated mission is. But lot's of our friends are now busy signing up for every one of these newsletters because these are such great websites! We're discriminating subscribers; we only pick and choose those with good credentials and sources):
Mike is guilty to subscribing to this one; he's been a proud member since 20050602 (I think that means Feb 6, 2005). Now if we can find out the date he got listed through the freedom of information act (you wouldn't think just a date would be classified would you?) maybe we can see if it was just after this date. Find out what the MUMP is all about; this states their mission and purpose. All they do is documentation of the illegals crossings over our borders, not only of Mexicans who are seeking a better way of life, but people of every other nationality around the world that do not qualify for legal immigration. Perfect opportunity for terrorists to enter this country! Find out what a lousy job the US border patrol is doing, and how much our government hates this concerned group of patriotic volunteers.
Veterans who party? No; not yet anyway. They're working hard to give us our freedoms and rights back that some of us who aren't paying attention still think we have. Their motto: Where "America First" actually means something! Followed by: "On this July 4th, we declare our Independence from the two party system that has controlled and manipulated it's citizens for over 100 years!" Followed by: "Live in Freedom America! Help us break the bondage of the new world order!". Those radical old people who lobby for their rights, the AARP, fully support them. And find out the other radical group the Vet's Party also supports support that got us in trouble that. For an eye opener, check out their homepage above. Mike signed us up both earlier this year; maybe just before the MMP, or after? Love the soundtrack. Were proud members of this one; and since the new world order just branded my husband for life on July 1st (well, that's when we found out his new no- rights status) The timing of their July 4th couldn't be more perfect. Please join this group and help save us (and you too) before it's too late. Move over you donkey and elephant, the Eagle is landing!!
we signed this petition; find out what we were guilty of doing . . . .
Oops, my goof! But Veterans for Common Sense is great!! Read the real news you won't see elsewhere. This is one of their good articles. Don't be afraid to open it up and read, it won't hurt you a bit . . .
Another good article; what would have happened to my husband if he wasn't a US citizen. This one proves we're terrorists because we blend in with our community real good. I volunteer for three different groups, and just got a Presidential Citation (suitable for framing) for my community volunteer work from George WE. himself! That's real subversive all right. But if you have any doubt he's not on the threat list for our internet activities, you'd better read this one. Better be careful what you surf for, you might just get arrested . . .
Here's the home website for Veterans For Common Sense. More interesting links from here . . .
Oh boy, I hope this article comes true. Read about how a developer has just requested the right of eminent domain on the property that supreme court justice David Souter now has his home on; to turn it into a commercial development called "Hotel Lost Liberty", and a museum open to the public, with another real catchy name . . . Don't pass this one up! Pray that he realizes his dream ~ a commercial development on that property would generate much more revenue for the local and federal government in taxes then just a sorry little private home. Shouldn't matter who owns the house, right? Hope he gets a dose of his own ruling!
My bad; I think about a couple of months ago I found this one. With a name like that, you'd just know they're a bunch of right wing radicals, right? But, before you judge a book by it's label (or a person now), check it out I liked their recent article "Disharmonic Convergence" in the last newsletter about when a political party goes far left you find Stalin, and if it goes far right, you find Hitler. Have to agree; right after I read that article, my husband called me, and said "you know what happened to me reminds me of Nazi Germany and Hitler". And here he didn't even read the article - yet. The author said he prefers to think of himself just a little right of center ~ Read about how hopping mad they are about what the supreme court recently did to take away our property rights, and what we should do about it.
The Vietnam Helicopters Pilots Association; Mike of course joined that one, but can't remember when. But he made his hotel reservation through their website for the reunion, I think. The room he had to sit and wait 9 hours to be made up special, just for him. His friend with him, had no reservation, and got his room right away. Mike had to sit and wait until almost 7:00pm to get his special treatment room. VHPA ought to get steamed about that one, because he made his reservation over the internet (I think).
Now here's a great guy who overcome hardship and disabilities to become a world famous championship wrestler. He now has his own website and newsletter. His bio is fascinating. He promotes something called "combat" conditioning. Now why should we learn something with "combat" in the title? Sounds pretty radical! He has some pretty strong ties to China too. But check this out before you pass on something that may save your life. I get his newsletter and bought several of his products for both Mike and me. Now if I just can get Mike to use them. . . I did that around January; just got his latest radical newsletter this AM, "How Diet Soda Makes You Fat, Pt II." He said he stirred up quite a bit of incredulous response from his Pt. I installment last week; but this is a trade secret that the soda pop purveyors would rather not let you (ahem) weight-challenged individuals know about. Did you know you can get addicted to soda pop? Here's another one of them bad whistle blowers! Shame on you if you pass this one up.
Go to this website, and you can subscribe to newsletters that promote healthy living practices and habits. The kind that keep you from getting diseases and having to go to Dr's and hospitals. Health tips and secrets, promotes a longer healthier lifestyle. Maybe the Government doesn't want us to live that long? Especially since the social Security pot is running low. My fault; signed up again around the first of the year.
Now here's a really radical idea - how would you like to live forever? Here is a scientist that claims the technology is here to do just that. Oh OH! What's the government going to do with a whole bunch of healthy really old people getting in the way, asserting their old fashioned remembered rights?? But click on the top link above for a snazzy flash presentation of "Fantastic Voyage" - worth the show. I read about him in the news, found his website, and subscribed, I think around February. The link below is his website. He gives the latest breaking new scientific technology breakthroughs in his newsletter. Gets a little technical for non-scientific types, but very interesting to keep up on the latest in science technology and extended lifespan developments. Very radical to propose we become immortal, and think it's possible soon . . .!
Dr. Mercola is a Board certified Osteopathic Doctor (DO); DO's are fully licensed medical Dr's who can work in hospitals, do surgery, and every thing else a regular MD can, BUT DO's are also specialized in holistic medicine. What's that? Well, go to his website and find out. Puts out a great newsletter with lot's of info. I'm guilty of signing up for this one (health nut that I am) around the end of last year, just after Mike returned from his no-hassle last airplane trip. Could this be the one that caused the problems? Pretty radical health ideas! Probably irks that powerful AMA lobby. If you're scared to subscribe to this one, you're a real weenie!
Another radical group; this one of Medical Doctors who are called "anti-aging specialists". Find out why they are the biggest growing new specialty in the medical world (that's because everyone is beginning to catch on and go to them, instead of waiting to get sick, and go to a conventional Dr. to get treatment). OK ,gave you the answer, but find out why you should go to them instead when you're healthy . . . I'm guilty on this one again, January I think. Pretty radical new medical specialty too, amongst licensed MD's.

Beliefnet Hindu Wisdom:
Well, that was a newsletter I was subscribed to. Had to drop out; too many newsletters, and we get 300+ emails a day, not counting the Spam and viruses our Postini filter catches. I'm your basic Christian, but that doesn't mean that I'm not curious about and respect other religions and belief systems, and know that I can increase my own wisdom by studying other philosophies. But Hindu wisdom?? Sign up for any wisdom newsletter that you wish to learn from (don't worry, they don't try to convert you!). Promotes understanding of philosophies other then your own. Narrow minded bigots need not check this one out. All others, click below to enjoy!
OK. I'm really really guilty of signing up for this one. Now you'd think this is one that did it to us, right? Wrong! I actually signed us up back in 2002; after 9-11 I got curious about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and wanted to know what they thought about the attacks, and found this website. We actually received their newsletter for almost 3 years. Regretfully had to unsubscribe about a year ago; again just too many newsletters. Interesting information about this country though . . . You can go here and not sign up, but this is NOT what screwed us up. Just thought I'd show you what you can subscribe to that doesn't get you in trouble! Go figure.

Well, if you find out soon you have his same common name as my husband, congratulations! You are now automatically on a list yourself, and you well get the same treatment if you try to fly commercially! So all the hundreds (heck maybe even thousands) with his name are going to get steamed about this too, when they try to fly somewhere. Isn't that a kicker! But we have a friend, also a Vietnam Veteran, who is guilty by name association; his sin is that he has the same name as an IRA terrorist. He gets treated to the same strip search and interrogation, merely because of his name. He says he's never going to fly commercially again.
We have another friend who has had a colostomy because of bowel problems. She has to be strip searched because she is guilty of having to wear a dangerous exterior colostomy bag strapped to her waist.

And people wonder why the airlines are going bankrupt!

In his two helicopter combat tours in Vietnam 1969 to 1971, he survived having his helicopter shot down 5 times. He still has the entry and exit wound where the bullet went through his lower calf while piloting during one of the shot downs. The fifth time, not all of the crew members survived, and he was taken POW. And this is his reward? Well, other then a display case full of medals in our office.

As you can see, there are no really subversive websites on this list. These people are just average folks trying to make a living and get information off of the net. Of the 13 sites, I can’t see anything that would trigger the government to declare these people as security risk. And by the way, the HV site is still down.

posted on Jul, 7 2005 @ 12:44 AM
So bottom line is, if Bush calls you a vigilante, then you get slapped with the "terrorist" label.

I think the Minute Men are true patriots.

And when Bush points the finger and calls someone a terrorist, he should keep in mind that there are three fingers pointing back at him!

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