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Age-Old Vision

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 02:47 PM
Kindred Souls

I’m a grown man
With an age old vision
I share with kindred souls
Who live, like me
Through history
And try to play their roles.

We see a way
To have our say
Without the final fight

It goes like this
And please don’t mis-
Construe me as I’m sure
The words I speak
Make me sound a freak
It’s the message inside that’s pure

I want to help
To bring about
The heaven we all foresee
And tailor-make it
For the crowd
That hears its jamboree

And all that stands
Between my sight
And making it all come true
Is a simple bit
Of Satan’s wit
“First me then, maybe, you”

It takes all of us
The petty cuss
He knew it from the start
But it seemed so very
Unfair to him
That he’s trying to tear it apart

And hoard for himself
The pieces that fall
As he catches them one by one
Lucky are they
Who answer God’s call
For that spoils all Lucifer’s fun.

Happy are they
Who turn lust aside
And let their own heart be true
It’s those who refuse
Each moment to use
In search of the source of all light
Who end up with him
And he uses them
To fill every heart with fright

So think of this now
And don’t forget how
We all depend on our souls
To keep us warm
In the heart of life’s storm
And when we’re in cold empty holes

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