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Chinese communications site

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 10:15 AM
On a hourly basis I am hearing a Chinese military communications
site transmit on frequency: 6840 khz. This station begins transmitting
from 15 to 20 minutes past each hour. Using the callsign: NYZ
Research is being conducted on this station by various monitoring
sites around the world. Public discussion has occured on many
occasions within the world utility news about this station.
From my own communications monitoring efforts here in Alaska
this Chinese radio emission offers a unique opportunity to
view first hand these clandestine operations. The encrypted
messages are often preceded by radio chatter at 00 and 30
minutes past each hour. Whom the intended recepiant is remains
unknown. But judging by the considerable effort the operators
of NYZ are making the intended audience could be of global
nature. Members of WUN located in Europe have received this
station with nothing more than a portable lightweight
shortwave receiver.

Attu Bosch
Anchorage, Alaska

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