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The Anti-Non-Christian Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 01:21 PM
link there a latin word for catching away?

Seems to me that if you cant find anything on the catching away , pre-1800, then it is your research that is inadequate. Seems to me that the Latin version of the bible that the RCC uses has that very word in it.

As for a money trail... Maybe you can ask the founder for his credit card statement. It likely begins and ends there. What is it you hope to find?

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 02:34 PM
Hello, Jake;

Certainly, people have a right to be left alone and to determine the rules of their group, as long as they aren't harming others.

My issue is with the claims of persecution which come from some Christians when they are denied such things as organized prayer in public schools, posting of ten commandments in courthouses, insistence upon teaching of Creationism in public schools, etc., etc. I don't view this as legitimate persecution but rather the attempt to protect a level playing field for all beliefs about ultimate reality to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Paul certainly took advantage of this on Mars Hill.

I, for one, am not "ignorant" of the scriptures but I do disagree with the pre-tribulation rapture eschatology. The historicist view was dominant, within Protestantism at least, until the last century. And this is my point. Interpretations of scripture change, especially on issues of prophecy or eschatology. I don't want to see public policy based on someone's eschatology (or other doctrinal beliefs); which is not the same as saying that people of faith (or lack of faith for that matter), have no place in government or public life.

I am wandering dangerously off track in this thread. I apologize to all for that and will, in the future, try to keep comments more focused on the entire tenor of the thread.

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by jake1997 there a latin word for catching away?

Sure, the term is in the bible, old and new.
Excerpt -

the term "rapture" is derived from the text of the Latin Vulgate of 1 Thess.
4:17—"we will be caught up," [Latin: rapiemur]).

But the interpretation of those words to mean a RAPTURE is impossible.
Read the article. Rapture splits Christ into more than one second coming.
Can't happen. If there was to be a 'rapture', then Christ screwed up and
either lied, or didn't know what the future events would be.

Catching away - there are many different thoughts on this term, none
of which can possibly be 'rapture' because that would cause other
prophecies made by Christ and the Scripture to be wrong. Christ
can't be wrong because if He is wrong, then He isn't Christ.

I read one thought on this term that had to do with Christ's Royalty
and people being caught up unto Him in the clouds in worship. I'll
have to go see if I can find that again.

EXCELLENT BOOK - 'Churches that Abuse' by Dr. Ronald Enroth.

SOME TERMS to consider -

** A group is called a cult because of their behavior, not their doctrines.
Doctrine is an issue in the area of Apologetics and Heresy

Secular Definition of CULT - 'Cult' from the Latin 'Cultis' which denotes all
that is involved in worship, ritual, emotion, liturgy, and attitude. This
definition actually denotes what we call denominations and sects and
would make ALL religious movements a cult.

Christian Definition - 'Cult' - Any group which diviates from Biblical,
orthodox, historical Christianity in so much as they deny the Deity of
Christ; His physical resurrection; His personal and physical return to
earth and Salvation through his crucifition and resurrection.

This definition only covers groups which are cults within the Christian
religion. It does not cover cults within other world religions such as
Islam and Hinduism. Nor does it cover Psychological, Commercial,
or Educational cults which do not recognize the Bible as a source of

Orthodox Bible-Based Cults - This occurs in both non-Charismatic and
charismatic churches. These groups teach the central doctrines of the
Christian faith and then add the extra authority of leadership or
someone's particular writings. The group becomes ELITIST and views of
itself in relation to others as having a UNIQUE CAUSE and that THEY ARE
THE ONLY ONES RIGHT - everyone else is wrong. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES
DOING GOD'S WILL - everyone else is in apostasy.

They will promote their cause actively and in doing so abuse God-Given
rights and freedoms. The abuse can be theological, spiritual, social and
psychological. Any of these is a sign of unhealthy faith -

1 - The leader may claim a special exclusive ministry, revelation or position
of authority given by God.

2 - They believe they are the only true church and take a critical stance
regarding the Christian Church while at the same time praising and
exalting their own group, leader/s and work.

3 - There will be great emphasis on loyalty to the group and it's teachings.
The lives of the members will be totally absorbed into the group's activities
and group think. They will have little or no time to think for themselves.

4 - There will be total control over almost all aspects of the private lives of
members. Members will look to their leaders for guidance in everything
they do.

5 - Any dissent or questioning of the group's teachings is discouraged.
Criticism in any form is seen as rebellion.

6 - 'Us' verses 'Them' mentality.

7 - Personality changes take place - Relatives and others will say that
they no longer recognize the person. From a warm, loving personality
will come heaped abuse, rejection and feelings of hate. The cult member
sees himself as 'righteous' in comparison and all this comes across in their
attitude toward all outsiders.

8 - Loss of identity - The cannot see themselves as individuals apart from
the group.

9 - Paranoid - Any time you say anything negative about the group,
whether justified or no, it is regarded as 'persecution'. ANY criticism of
the individual is also seen as persecution only becuase they are the
'true Christian' or 'enlightened' one - not because they, as an individual,
have done the wrong thing. However, at the same time they will feel free
to criticise whatever you believe, say , and do, because they are 'the only
ones who are right'.

PARANOID CULTS - have a fortress mentality.

END OF THE WORLD CULTS - I'll be back with more on this later if
anyone is interested.

RELIGAHOLICISM - I'll be back with more on this later if anyone is

All cults believe they have a monopoly on truth.

'Faith that Hurts, Faith that Heals' - Arterburn & Felton
'Churches that Abuse' - Enroth
'The Subtle power of Spiritual Abuse' - Johnsone and VanVonderen
'The Mind Changers' - Griffin
'Combatting Cult Mind Control' - Hassan

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posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 12:02 AM
I would like to contribute this link for all of our members (religious, post & non), in the sincere hope that they will find some information which will be to their benefit. I know I did. Please pay special attention to Parts 2 & 3.

(excerpt - Part 3)
There are two basic forms of religious codependency. One kind develops in relationship to a religious addict; the other kind develops in relationship to a codependent God. Both kinds of religious codependency are fairly common. Both can be devastating to a healthy spiritual life. .

posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 06:16 AM
ahh lordling. Interesting link! They briefly touched on the 'bunker' or fortress mentality in 'christian cults'. Interesting. I'll be hunting down
more reading from these guys. Thanks.

BTW - I see you are from Birmingham AL. We used to live in Huntsville
and we have many friends in Birmingham ..
specifically in the Leeds area

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