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Personally Significant Sighting. (June 10th, CAN. Sighting)

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 05:04 PM
(This is a repost from a group I belong to, figured it might be useful to share here as well, because I never really have bothered to officially report any UFO sightings I've had, I kinda feel it to be pointless at this stage in the game.)

Hello friends, family and lurkers. (Both wanted, both warranted, as well as unwelcome)


Its’ I, posting a brief message before I head off to bed (Been ‘fasting’ as well as extending my energy for 3 days without sleep.)

Unfortunately I am far too exhausted at this point to write in detail all of what has occurred over the last recent days, the revelations that I’ve received, the instances of complete and total significance in conversation between fellow star seeds of the same age as I (19), and COUNTLESS amazing things. Perhaps to most people it will not be amazing, but to me, Today, or now rather, has been the most significant time in my life.

After finding what I was looking for in regards to what has been manipulating me ever since my initial star seed activation, I decided to affirm to myself that if I saw our star visitors “tonight” every conclusion I’ve come to about who I am, as well as what I’ve discussed with a fellow star seed and member of UFOFacts will always stay undeniable in my mind, and no form of manipulation can ever succeed within my mind again. I did not really set all this in stone per-say, once again it was just a little mental note I made for myself for assurance purposes. However…

Basically some landmarks that I’ve come across today supporting BIG changes coming soon, (July-August?) are as follows:

-Recent significant “Native American” White Calf Birth.

-Connection in the recent rise of various accounts and experiences with and of the Sylphs and various other “elementals”

-Connection in the recent rise of creative energy, “Paradise Island” – Centralizing from Hawaii, possibly grounded by star seeds?

-Connection with an article written in January on a sister site, regarding first contact beginning with special 6PM news report/etc. (Hello? ABC news, as lame as it may have been to some of you.)

-Realization that the time is now, and we are sure to see our star visitors in the coming weeks and months.

-Realization of the possibility of many star seeds being given the opportunity to pursue their true dreams – working with the star visitors and earth. “Universal Relations Team”

-Realization of so much more, it’s just too significant to put into words rite now. I’m so exhausted! PLEASE, take my word for it, this is huge!

So, continuing on. (For those of you still with me, or for those of you who have emailed me in response to prior visual contacts and messages I’ve shared with the group… I respect your ability to follow along with my abstract writings)…

As darkness fell upon the skies, and as my conversation came to an exhausting close for both of us star seeds. (Mental exhaustion overcame us both at the same time). I decided that the hot stuffy computer room was no longer a place for me. I needed a break, a bit of fresh air before I write a summary on my past few wonderful days, before I break to sleep =)

I decided to go visit some friends, to drop off a CD with drivers for the repair of a friend’s windows-based laptop computer.

Arrived shortly at the apartment complex (Downtown Edmonton), and parked my Saturn in the front J

Stepped out of the vehicle and looked under the tire to notice some wire and a piece of broken redwood. For some reason I tried to create an idiom for the two things, unsuccessful and blaming my quirky creative burst on sleep deprivation – Something in my head suddenly told me to look up. I glanced up (Remember: Still dusk... dark blue sky, with some light)

And stared at the BIGGEST, most COOLEST LOOKING dark-reddish STYLISH, ENOURMOUS spaceship I’ve EVER EVER EVER SEEN.

It was COMPLETELY Silent. It was at about the height that a helicopter would fly at, but it did not move like our aircraft do – it glided smoother than anything I’ve ever seen, completely solid and stable, perfect in motion.

Nothing was coming from it, No lights, no fuel – It was square-ish like in design, and had surface design (Possible alternating surface levels... like a star trek craft)

Once again, the first thing that popped into my head besides the Radiant awe, was that it was a kite or one of those big balloons. This was quickly disproved. (A bit of skepticism is healthy?)

The second thought was that I was seeing things. (Yeah rite… But still, I try to be safe when staring a completely amazing craft of distant origin in the very eye.)

This was disproved when I followed it as it traveled across the city and became almost impossible to see in a relatively short period of time, at this point I was really wishing and hoping there were people around, someone I could share the experience with. As I followed it with no shoes on my feet walking towards a nearby park, and across the sand, I heard some chattering and headed towards it.

3 young teens my age were on a bench hanging out in the park, all 3 were star seeds by their energy signature, and intuition told me it was possible they might have even been SV’s posing in the park.

I asked them if they saw that, and they said yes. With contained surprise, the girl asked or suggested it were a UFO, and I confirmed. She seemed to smile; the two boys remained somewhat silent, but intrigued about it. I told her how I came about seeing it, and how amazing it was, how absolutely huge it was as it floated directly over my head. I told her they were “My family” and the three of them kind of laughed in a humorous or happy kind of mannerism. I mentioned that they would probably hear of and see much more in the near future. The girl asked if their was going to be an “Alien Invasion”, and I said no, just mass public news of star visitor reality. I asked if they had an email address or any form of contact because they were people that I would love to speak to again, unfortunately they all said they were too poor to have a computer, though they wished they had one. They claimed to all live in the same apartment complex, and the girl just met the two boys that night. I felt it necessary not to purge for any other contact information, and they made the notion that they had to leave. I said I’ll see you again someday, and they said yes; see you later as we went our own ways. I must state that all three had a comforting, beautiful presence of welcoming emotion.

I am sure this was a star visitor craft, and it was so amazing to see rite above me – to watch as it traveled away – to wave goodbye to it……. I don’t think there is much of a possibility of it being one of the new American war toys spoken of recently (The antigrav. jazz)

I am thankful for the assurances to my meek human thought forms and I will never forget this night, it was indeed a cornerstone to a new beginning.. Its just neat when things happen in such mannerisms. Where you tell yourself your thoughts would be confirmed by a sighting, kinda jokingly and not 'sirius' and then it happens to the least of your expecting.

I spotted a military/police helicopter as I was walking back to the car, possible that their may have been enough witnesses to get this thing on local news – I didn’t have a camera with me obviously, and it doesn’t matter anyways. The fact is they are here, and they are tired of waiting. (Obviously) Things are stepping up, and with the help of all the star seeds worldwide we are going to accomplish what has been in progress for some time; I guess a big revolution is in our hands. I anticipate much in the coming months, and if I am wrong, then it won’t be far off from the time I am writing this irregardless. After all, these are my thoughts, and they are prone to errors of all kinds.

As far as type of ship is concerned: It may have possibly been a small mother ship, decently too large to be just a regular scout. I gather it had a crew of over 3, likely many more. I think a good word to use is “star cruiser” capable of independent life support in deep space, Interstellar travel, and the capacity for a large crew. (It was at least 7 times the size of a regular commercial airplane). For those of you who may have played the game “Starcraft” picture the Terrain Battle cruiser. Or a very large model of one of the ships used in Stargate: Atlantis (The “Jumper”). It was a complete and total physical manifestation, and until thus far – most of the craft I’ve seen have been what appear to be “Moving Stars” (No, not satellites, but the girl at the park did suggest that it was possible many were the effect of bending light in the outer limits of our atmosphere or something of such sorts). I have witnessed these things in the astral plane, and I’ve seen too many to count in the past 7 months. Sometimes over 5 in a period of minutes. What I witnessed this evening was defiantly within physical reach and it intense, not intimidating but more-so brave like. This brings me to the conclusion that things are stepping up and it’s just a great time to be alive rite now. I am esthetic about this all. I hope things go well, and I’m thankful for everything more than ever before.

To be ‘lame’ for a second my true dreams and desires are not to be in college like I currently am, while mastering my skills with the bass guitar and forming a wonderful Canadian spacey metal band with lyrics influenced by star visitor reality. No no, none of that. That doesn’t really do anything for anyone but I, and the few around me. Money disgusts me, fame is pointless, earthly education is something I don’t really think of or respect very highly, and I find more value in earth music and creativity. However, it is a good plan B in my mind, to keep me busy until my purpose is served here. Aside from that though, I have little “physical” interest in pretty much anything here.

My true goals remain in my dreams and intentions of becoming a star visitor to human ambassador or better to say – a ‘universal relations’ guy, much like doctor Boylan is now.

However, what I envision in my mind is physical contact with the star nations, along with many other star seeds. Returning casually to and from the ships, talking with various star visitors and coming back down to earth to teach and help bring peaceful acceptance of the reality of the situation as it is needed. Progressing and eventually achieving a solid safety net for the actual landing of SV’s to take place in various locations this summer, for various reasons which will become clearer in mind as the situation unfolds.

I think a large number of star seeds may be called in for this purpose, if what I have seen tonight represents a fraction of the reality and possibility of things in the physical. It would indeed make wholesome use of those of us who feel as if our intelligence is bleeding, like blood from a stone. Those of us, who feel this calling as of late, please do not be ashamed to share your reality – If I can see what I have seen tonight, then I think it is relatively easy for many humans to visit such flying fortresses and work together. To be honest, I feel this is one of a few logical scenarios to usher in such news to the people of earth. Though anything is possible =)

I personally think it would be pretty good if there were a bunch of star seed kids and adults worldwide called in for such purposes, and backed up by the SV’s – it would be a safe, peaceful way of doing things, while also ensuring safety to our brothers out there. I think it’s a good road to declaration and evolution. Doctors, Students, Parents, Entertainers, Everyday People, all coming fourth with this humble mission and service - worldwide. Most of all though, it would be fun, as well as interesting beyond comparison!

Anyway – I’m getting carried away here – I’ve lost track of my track, so to speak. I’m sorry if I seem all over the place, I have “ADHD” – and words are generally unsatisfactory when trying to describe what I see so clearly in my mind. Not only that, but there is just far too much personal tidbits of coincidence and situational conditions applied to my awakening at the end of 2004 as well as the connections I’ve made with various sources of creditable material, the communication I’ve had with Sylphs, the man that talked threw my girlfriend many times after she’d fallen asleep…. All sorts of stuff that is so incredible to me that I endured an entire personality overhaul within a period of a few days. Too much to keep in mind some times! So bear with me, friends.

I’ll leave you guys with the visualization of something that you don’t see everyday J But maybe soon, it will be an everyday normality. ‘Unfortunate’ for the entertainment firms – whom will no longer be able to gain large sums of profit for sci-fi entertainment and media of all types, because finally people will realize the truth and who knows what opportunities will come afterwards. I guess its unfortunate for monetary in general, but everything is well overdue to cycle and change. It’s all in the firmly gripped hands of possibility. Boo to the old, in with the new.


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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 05:15 PM
thanks for the post... and welcome to ATS

however - i've done 3 days without sleep before and hallucinations are a plenty at that point! i will say no more.... perhaps get to sleep more often!

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 05:40 PM
As you are able to clearly read in my post, I was able to originally consider the possibility of this being a hallucination, though I was positive it wasnt, I made sure to find some onlookers nearby to verify the sighting

And I sure did! Wonderful teens my age.

As far as hallucinations go, I've never really been "blessed" or "cursed" with extreme or vivid hallucinations for the most part. I've never had any trouble distinguising what is a visual blur or hallucination (Always minor) as opposed to distinguising clearly something in the 3D physical reality.

But then again, The mind cannot differentiate an object made up, versus the same object seen in reality. (Or something like that anyway.)

Either way, It was clearly significant for me because I witnessed it the moment I stepped out of my car and had the feeling of looking up, and witnessed it dead center above my stand-point, silently floating into the horizon.

posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 05:43 PM
Sorry i didnt mean to judge...

Let say it was a hallucination (not saying it was but lets go down that train of though for one moment)
Even on hallucinations we see things which arent there in the dimension we physically see day to day, but are opened up to possibly view things that are there that we are not aware of!

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