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Another Vivid Dream

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 11:13 AM
I know I already posted this in my previous thread, but mods please forgive me for putting it here as another thread. This dream was that powerful to me, and I again need to know what others think about it.

I had another vivid dream the night before last, the kind where you wake up for a little bit, then fall back to sleep and take up right where you left off in the dream. I haven't had a string of vivid dreams like this in years, since just before my surgeries in 2001. Its kind of freaking me out because the last time this happened, I had my first surgery the evening of Sept. 10, 2001, and woke up the next day to 9/11, and felt like I was connected somehow to what was happening.

This latest dream takes place in an old, old, cathedral, maybe even the Vatican. A woman I apparently know and I are being led through the place by what I assume is an archeologist or scientist of some sort (older, portly guy with glasses and beard, looks and talks academic) down into a lower level, way down, where this guy is telling me he's found a door to a vault or something. He can't get it open, though, but he seems to think I can. He leads me to the door, and I start running my left hand over what appears to be some kind of crumbly gray plaster. It turns out to be really thick dust, or something like that, because as I rub at it, it starts to fall away, revealing colored symbols that remind me of Egyptian hieroglyphics. As the design is revealed, I trace a portion of it with my right index finger, not knowing why I'm doing it, but a portion of the door slides inward and down, and we gain access to a vault of ancient artifacts. There are all kinds of small tools and implements and instruments and dishes and glasses and stuff on shelves to the right front, and the archeologist guy stops in wonder to check it out. I continue on into the vault, and further along to the right rear of the room I find capes and scepters and staffs, made of or covered in gold and rich red fabric, stuff that would belong to royalty. At the very back of the room, on a shelf mid-wall, there are several of what I can only describe as some kind of hat/cap/crown, curved over the top and close fitting to the head and brow, looking like they would come down to just above the eyes if worn. I have an overwhelming urge to put on one that looks like its made of a single huge polished ruby ringed with gold. I'm not scared, but have a strong feeling of impending danger as I grasp the crown, or whatever it is, in both hands and put it over the top of my head. It fits perfectly, and I immediately feel like I was meant to wear it. The woman, who has been waiting near the door, suddenly turns and says, "someone's coming!" The archeologist guy freaks out and screams "RUN!", grabbing the girl and scambling out the door of the vault. I'm in the back of the room, and start moving toward the front. The other two are well ahead of me, and they turn a corner up to the right as I reach the door. A high-pitched angry howling sound can be heard coming closer, and into the corridor ahead from the left comes some kind of she vampire/zombie thing closely followed by several more of her kind. They hesitate briefly, looking after the other two, then come for me. I'm still wearing the crown and feeling no fear, and as two of these creatures launch themselves at me from just yards away, I decide I don't want to be there anymore and.....disappear, kind of melting into the floor as the creatures try to land on top of me.

The rest of the dream is spent , after I rematerialize outside, or whatever, getting back into the cathedral and trying to find the woman and rescue her from the vampire/zombie creatures. I don't think the archeologist guy is still there, or he got caught by the creatures, as I don't seem to be looking for him, only the woman.

I wake up before I get back out with her, but have a feeling that we make it.

Strange dreams, indeed.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 01:11 PM

This is very interesting. Particularly since I have had a similar dream with an 'Old Man'. I call it my 'Old Man' dream. I would like to discuss this with you as it is a little eerie don't you think?

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 03:23 PM
What did your 'Old Man' dream entail?

The old man in my dream reminded me of someone I know in waking life. Not exactly him but a dream representation based on him opening a door of sorts for me previously, also in waking life. Also very interesting to me was his inability himself to open this door and his seeming surety that I could. This coupled with my own lack of any inkling on how to go about opening the door, then naturally uncovering and tracing the correct design to do so points to some hidden knowledge within me that I must be accessing somehow. It is very strange yet somehow re-assuring at the same time.

This dream followed a Vivid Dream of Telekinetic Powers I had just two nights before. It is rare for me to have a cluster of vivid dreams like these. Fascinating trying to understand what is behind it all. I'd like to read more about your experiences, too.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 04:52 PM
The old man in my dream also reminded me of someone I know. He was an old college professor. No vampires or doors to open in mine, but a puzzle to solve.

The old man and I are to meet at a gothic cathedral across the street from the great library where he works. The church is haunted by darkness and tall shadows that play on the walls, alcoves and arches. Glorious music is everywhere. I walked around the massive halls. There was a woman lighting candles. I stared at the paintings and the massive organ and a set of stairs that went up, I’m not sure where.

‘I don’t see any angels,’ I say sadly. She points down a flight of stairs that I descend. Downstairs is the great library. I walked the long hall in the basement to meet my 'professor' but he was nowhere to be found. I saw people running, some of them looked scared. They were young like students. They run across the hall and disappear down the corridor. A security guard approached and stood in the middle of the floor looking toward the place the people had gone. He looked puzzled. Where were they disappearing? Through a wall he couldn’t see? Strange but he didn't seem to see me. I walked to where I saw the people running. The wall stopped and I couldn't see anyone. No doors either.

Down the room there was a great mural like those you see in museums. It had a little bench to the side. I sit there and look. The mural is immense and filled with hieroglyphics and strange markings. Enchanted, I peer closer. I notice they are not hieroglyphics after all. They are cubbyholes. In the cubbyholes there are odd things moving. I look closer. I notice it's filled with the people I'd seen before in the corridors. They were hiding. I stared at the great mural again. It was disturbing. What did it mean? I started putting the pieces together and realized it was a puzzle. The wall had hooks and shapes and pieces that fit and interlocked. Then I heard the voice of my teacher. He said, 'What took you so long? I've been waiting a long time for you to put it together.’

At his words I began to put puzzle pieces together faster. I noticed a pattern. A face emerging. It was 'his' face. A white bearded face. Once I realized the people that had run down the corridor, weren't people but giant illusions that became his face – some form his nose, other his eyes. Like those pixilated images made of thousands of people. Then he appeared to me in a human form standing beside me. He was a benign old man with a beard and a sense of humour. I don't know why but I am thinking 'Loki' the great shapeshifter. His appearance and demeanor kept changing from that of my old professor to that of an old man.

He took me shopping. We went to a very expensive store and he shows me (a sort of walkman) a cylindrical ear device for music, something I have never seen before, it was made of platinum and smooth, a thing of beauty.

It was made up of three parts. The headphones. A special thick cord and a third component, something like a battery charger shaped like a pack for the back of the headphones. The cord is difficult to explain, made of a material that looks like gold but very thin like coil.

"Listen to the sound", said the professor turning it up. I closed my eyes - the music was like that I had heard at the great church. The music was haunting and strange. I see tall figures standing in the alcove of the church. They are spanning their wings out until they stretch across the pews. They are silhouetted against the stained glass. They are beautiful and scary. They are massive. I open my eyes and the old man is gone.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 05:50 PM
vivid dreams may be becaus your getting too much vitimin(sp) B6 in your system. my mom got me some and i looked it over. B6 can cause vivid dreams, similar to the effects of like an anti depresent. i wouldnt worry about it.

by the way are you a vegitarian?

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 07:47 AM

While it is true that there have been some links with increased Vitamin B6 supplements and lucid dreams, these refer to taking herbs and pills as supplements, not with eating foods rich in Vit B6 solely.

I don't take supplements, but I have read that sometimes eating a heavy meal late at night can give you bad dreams.

By the way, anyone ever eat cilantro and have weird dreams? I have known a few people who have had bizarre things happen to them in dreams after eating the herb.

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 08:47 AM
I don't really think my dreams or their intensity are diet related, although that could be a factor. I wonder what milk and cookies do? Thats my bedtime snack.

Very cool imagery of the massive winged creatures in the cathedral. A vision within a dream. Do you get a sense of their intent? Are they malevolent? Some kind of sentinel? Passive observers? I'm curious if you can provide a more detailed description.

Your dream seems to indicate you are being led toward some powerful new realization.


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