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Sandy Berger Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 09:05 AM
SandyBerger's sentencing is set for July 8 for the criminal theft of documents from the national archive. He has plead guilty as part of a deal with prosecuters

Berger's inane defense: going back to steal documents more than once was inadvertent, Berger's excuse that his thievery was inadvertent could and should be classified as lying to a judge. If Berger filed official documents with the court attesting to this lie, that could be considered foisting a falsehood on the court, and is prosecutable.

It is important to remind the judge that there is probably nothing in the National Archives that could ever have caused Berger any personal or political damage because of his protected status at the time-----acting as a member of the cabinet for a former president. Anything Berger was attempting to do in stealing documents was done to protect someone else and at the behest of someone else. It is hard to say what did, or what might have happened, with the Sandy Burglar deal -- there are so many double standards and complicity in Washington nowadays that one can only wonder. We can conjecture about who Burglar was/is protecting. But it may go beyond that, and that anything Berger was attempting to do in stealing documents was done to protect someone else, and at the behest of someone else.

It could be reasonably postulated that Berger was not covering for the Clintons as is commonly thought, but that the Archives theft was to reinforce Berger's usefulness as candidate John Kerry's national security advisor---to get something to use against GWB. That possibility became more apparent when it was discovered that the US Pentagon traitor Lawrence Franklin gave US national security documents to AIPAC, and that candidate Kerry hired Steve Grossman, a past AIPAC president, as his key campaign advisor. Suspicions arose that candidate Kerry was being coached, and that somebody might have been leaking privileged national security information to Kerry in the effort to defeat President Bush. Berger was serving as Kerry's national security consultant when he pilfered the classified US national security documents from the National Archives. So, the Berger theft may not be as originally suspected (a Clinton cover-up)----but an attempt to compromise the 2004 election to undermine George W Bush's reelection.

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