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50th production Eurofighter delivered

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 07:46 AM
HALLBERGMOOS, Germany: The number of aircraft delivered into service with the four Eurofighter partner air forces of Germany, UK, Italy and Spain soared through fifty this week.

The German Luftwaffe and the Spanish Air Force simultaneously accepted aircraft into service on Wednesday, 29th June 2005 taking the total number of Eurofighter deliveries so far to 51 since the very first production off-take in June 2003.

Whilst all 30 Eurofighter Batch 1 aircraft and five Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) are already in service, 16 Batch 2 are now delivered to the air forces of Germany, UK, Spain and Italy bringing the total number of series production aircraft delivered so far to 51.

Not bad considering its a multi country aircraft.
First of many milestones i think.

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