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Modern Day Miracles

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 02:41 AM

A mysterious glowing cross appears for 60 years in a remote Australian grave yard

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:06 AM
link story?id=8889257

Verses from the Quran show up on a baby's leg in Russia.

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 05:48 AM
i witnessed one an actual one like in the bible two days ago
i experienced mant things but thit was well i dunno,lets say it was beatifull
its very easy to dismiis the short story im about to share with u,but thats the thing with believe,its got that name for a reason,but for me this absolutely removed all doubt that miracles are real

so on with it
i had a few beers and went to a snackbar to buy some food
when i was waiting for the food i sat down at a table were a little chinese girl,
was plaing a game with three cups
she is about nine years old i think she is also the daughter of the owner so she is there evryday,
playin running around

she was playing this game where u have three cups and a small ball in this case part of a puzzle
it was blue and about 1 cm thick it had about a cm or to to spare if u put a cup on it
so she started and i didnt want her to stop so i purposly choose incorrect a few times
so she would laugh and be happy
then i started to do it a few times i well mistaked where it was which i thought was strange,but i thought
that it was because i wasnt trying and a little drunk
then i dit it again she guessed the left cup,i was pretty sure it was under there,but it wasnt
i put the cup back down after checking the inside,because i thought maybe somehow it got stuck or somthing
then i lifted up the other cups the blue peace of the puzzle was gone...
alright so i MUST have dropped it on the floor
it wasnt there also
then i lifted up the cup,that i thought it was under,the left one, again,the bleu peace was staring me wright in my face...
the girl starting to yell u can do REAL magic u can do real magic!!
im absolutely 100 percent sure it was
but how it happened i dont know
wright now im checking ats to see if people had similar exp

take my storie for wat its worth,just had to share it with somebody

edit to say
a few days before this happened ive been intensly praying
because im experiencing very heavie paines all throug my body
and im having strange marks reddish on my arms and forehead
seems like miracles are coming back with a vengeance lol
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