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Another whale on the beaches in the Hamptons

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posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 02:37 PM
We have had another dead whale wash up on shore here in Southampton, NY -- it just happened this morning so I haven't heard any ideas of why it happened again and since you now have to have a beach permit to go on the beach or park in the parking areas I most likely won't be getting down to see it or take pictures. Not to mention the holiday weekend crowds I refuse to fight

This is the second time this has happened in a few months. Normally every few years a whale washes up somewhere on the island but this is unusual.

Of course there are also shark sightings now - which may prove to be interesting for the July 4th beach people - but it is to be expected when you have had a decaying whale floating around for awhile.

As I hear ideas of the cause I will post them. The last I heard on the previous whale it was hit by something out to sea and died from it's injuries (all internal as nothing was showing externally) Now I wonder if it was actually sonar testing that caused the internal injuries on the last whale and now wonder about this one also. With the dolphins and whales beachings in Australia recently and also the dolphins beaching in Florida it seems to be a big coincidence.

The one thing I would think if this is the case is that they are now doing the testing further out to sea as we aren't having live animals beach here only the dead whales. I would guess that any smaller animal such as a dolphin would be eaten by sharks before they got to shore if it were done far enough out to sea.

Has anyone learned more on the sonar testing and if this is even a possibility??

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