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Drunken Idiots

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posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 02:42 AM
Has anyone run into that idiot drunk, or worse, the normal drunk who seems to have the stupid ray beaming down on their brain one night?

Tonight, my car was totaled. Not inoperable, but it just looks like krump from the driver side, because some typically resonable person became a drunken idiot bitch tonight, and decided she needed to learn how to ride a street bike, or any motorcycle, tonight, while she was still drunk and had the courage to do so. My idiot self didn't see the true level of stupidity, and when she told me that she was done trying to ride it, I believeed her. Now, the motorcycle's left side is trashed asthetically, and the side view mirror is destroyed. At the same time the driver side of my car looks terrible. Awful. Because she didn't go down until just now, and I had to babysit this 50+ year old moron, I may not be able to get to my family reunion this weekend.

What the frick makes otherwise reasonable people, reasonable drunks, even, become complete certifiable 2-IQ morons some nights? Only explanation I have is the stupid ray. but according to the Chicago Tribune, the stupid ray is shining on New York. What's up with this crap?

...The JJ ain't too happy right now over this, in case you didn't notice
Anger converted to simple shocked hilarity when I saw the extensive damage to my car.

FYI, They offered to pay for repairs on my car, as long as I got 3 different estimates. I dunno, makes perfect sense to me that I now lose days of time getting estimates on my car to allow this person to repair it. After all, it's my fault she became the biggest idiot drunk I've seen. The lesson'll learn me not to crash my motorcycle into my car vicariously!

...I guess when I said the JJ wasn't happy, I really meant the JJ is pissed, and for a lot more than I"m exposing on this thread. What causes this, what's a solution, and what can one do in this event? If anyone's experienced something like this and has diffused the situation, I really want to know how you did it. I'm not going to do the same reactionary revolution in my mind that the government tends to do in law when bad situations come up, but if this ever happens again, I want to know theories on how to handle it better.

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