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Offshore IT consulting, the big computer conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 15 2003 @ 06:22 PM

"India, outsourcing, and the concept of IT productivity were the topics here last week, and there is so much more to be said. But first there is that computer pathogen du jour, the pesky MSBlast worm to be dealt with. This was an old story before any of us even read it this week. That darned worm, which exploits the recently discovered RPC DCOM vulnerability in Windows, has been creating a lot of trouble for no good reason. It targets TCP port 135. Why would any company have port 135 open to the Internet? It makes no sense. A competent network manager who is not using port 135 for something darned important ought to have that door locked tight. If your network was affected, you should be asking why."

Here's the deal... we're loosing jobs because many firms are outsourcing critical IT consulting and support to India (anyone else see a security concern here?) where support can be found for about 1/4 the hourly wage.

However, IT departments tend not to recommend the best computer for the overall job, Macintoshes. Why? It's a known fact within the computer industry that a typical Mac computer and Mac user require about 20% of the support time as WinTel computers and their users.


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