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Groom Lake- Here's the Truth!

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posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 11:59 AM
You all want it, You got it! I am Publishing the Main finding of the Area 51/ Groom Lake Research Project. The truth is the truth, sorry if anyone is disappointed. All of the Info Here comes directly from the Research fourm Sources included.

What Aircraft are/ were at the base:

U-2 Spyplane

The U-2 was tested when Area 51 was still a bunch of tents and Quonset huts. Flying at 70,000 feet, the U-2 overflew the USSR with impunity for years until one was shot down in 1960. Until they were painted black in the sixties, a fair percentage of UFO sightings were actually reflections from the silver bodied U-2 reconnaissance plane.


Only four prototypes of the Mach 2.5 CL-400 or Suntan were ever built. This successor to the U-2 was to be powered by liquid hydrogen but it was deemed too costly to create an infrastructure for refueling around the world. The program was cancelled in the late fifties.


The true successor to the U-2, the mach 3 SR-71 flies at 90,000 feet, uses 8,000 gallons of fuel per hour and has outrun countless SAMs. Built of titanium, the SR-71's surface temperature reaches 3,000 degrees during flight. Deactivated in 1990, the program has recently been revived, some believe because of problems with the Aurora.

D-21 drone

Have Blue

Stealth Fighter

Code named Senior Trend and known as the Hopeless Diamond, the F-117 Stealth Fighter was designed in the late seventies. So stealthy, aircrews sometimes find dead bats whose own sonar is so confused by the signal return from the F-117 that they crash into parked craft. The hero of the Gulf war, the Stealth Fighter is still tasked to take out the toughest targets and is only now becoming vulnerable to enemy radar.

Stealth Bomber

Origionally Code Named Senior Ice, the B-2 was the First stealth plane design for the strategic mission and the first tested for it's ability to carry nuclear weapons. during the B-2 Antigravity research project, we found proof that the B-2 test fleet was at Groom Lake from some time in the early to Mid '80's untill it was unveiled and "Officially" flowen for the first time in 1989-1990. Here is the proof:

B-2 at Groom Lake

If you go down to the section on Black Aircraft the B-2 is the second one listed, right under the F-117. I incourage you to look at it if you get a chance. It says the B-2 was at Groom Lake untill it was brought out of the black world in 1988-89

Soviet Migs: Have Drill and Have Doughnut are code names for the Mig 21 and Mig 23 respectivly.

TR-3A Black Manta: TR-3

Here the Origion of the Name DREAMLAND: Dreamland

The NSA Link to Groom Lake:

First of all, USAF and DoD records we found on the B-2 Research project contradict Ben Rich's clames about his ATB design being stealthier. Second, the Flying Wing is known to be a tricky design to work with(the B-2 is based on Research that Northrop has been doing continiously since the late 1920's). The Buget dent was hidden by splitting the costs with the USAF, so they only payed for 1/2 of it.


Now as for your question about why the NSA would Need a plane for this when they always use the USAF and the Navy for this in the past. The NSA works very differently then the CIA. The National Security Agency has a sub-orgnization called the Central Security Service(CSS). The CSS is made up military personell that also work in the armed forces. The Four units of the CSS are: Air Force Security Service, Army Security Agency, Naval Security Group, and Marine Security Detatchment. Through the CSS the NSA shares its buget, it's assets and its techincal experties with the four branches of the military. NOW HERE'S THE TRICK THAT MAKES IT WORK: In exchange for shairing it's buget and Technical Experties, The NSA get's priority tasking and partial mission control rights. This means the that while the Air Force owns the plane on the records, The NSA gets a say in it's use and first dips at any intelligences it collects. The Air Force owns and operates the plane, But any Intelligence that it collects is sent straight the NSA Headquaters in real-time via. SATCOM link. The NSA then shares it with the USAF as soon as the data is processed. This is also how the RC-135V/W Rivet Joint and RC-135S Cobra Ball spyplanes are used. This means the only facilities they need for the TR-3 out at Groom Lake are hangers, maintainence and fule, runways and crew support (All of which the base has had since it was built). Since nothing is processed at Groom Lake, they don't need huge antannas or satallite dishes. You're right, it is technically an Air Force aircraft, but The NSA has a major say in when, where and how the TR-3 is used.

Quote from FredT:

Item #3 of the Directors responsabilities include: Inthe case of mobile military SIGINT platforms, he shall state movement requirements through appropriate channels to the military commanders who shall retain responsability for oeprational command of the vehicles.

Major Player at Groom Lake:

United States Department of Defense: Groom Lake is a joint use facility that is used for many defense and national security related activites. Because of its joint use, it is officially owned by the Department of Defense (this is why it is Not listed as an Airforce Base). Being a Defense Department OWENED base, means Groom Lake is open for Use by anyone within the defense establishment who needs to use it for "Black Projects" at any time. While the Base commander is military, the Base also has a permanent civilian represenitive who reports directly to the Penagon. Who this DoD Rep. is, is not known!

US Air Force: The Air Force seems to be the primary user/tenet at the base right now. The base commander is a USAF officer (Probably a General). The air force operates many of the Test aircraft at the base as well as some highly classified spy planes. We are not 100% positive but think these may include the Aroura, and the TR-3. they also are working on other classified weapon systems. The USAF also owns and Runs "Big Safari", a secret Group that provides a variety of support services for Classified programs of all kinds. Since Groom Lake is a secret base, Big Safari provides the base and it's occupents with a variety of specialized support services.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA): The pentagon's "Think Tank", DARPA is a civilian agency made up mostly of Top Grade scientist and engineers. DARPA's mission is to apply cutting edge science and technology to the development of new weapon systems and support systems that can be used to aid in the achievement of National security goals and objectives. Some of the technologies they have help develop include: UAV's, Stealth Technology, Smart Weapons, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Laser Weapons (SDI A.K.A. Star Wars).

Central Intelligencs Agency (CIA): The Base was first built for the CIA. Today however, the Agency seems to play a much smaller secondary support role. They still are working on some UAV related development out at the base. (Note: We have found several "contractors" at the base such as EG&G, and Carley Group that Appear to Be CIA "Fronts"! We aren't sure exatly what these "CIA Fronts" are up to!)

National Security Agency (NSA): The NSA most likely serves two roles at the base, although our group only looked into and research one of them. First, the NSA Provides Tech. support for USAF SIGINT/ELINT Aircraft at the base, as well as controlling their mission. Second, Even though we didn't really look into it, The NSA almost certainly provides INFOSEC and COMSEC services to support operations at the Base. (Note: The NSA has listing of a possible Top Secret SCI Project at Area 51, but we opted not to explore it as part of this research effort!) There were also NSA ties to UAV research.

OK you have it! These are the Hard facts on Groom Lake. No BS, No Speculation, No Wild Roumors! The data above was carfully gathered, compiled, and analysed by a team of ATS Researchers: Ghost (me), FredT, Infinite, machinegunjordan, DeltaNine and Muzz. We worked on this research from July 14, 2004 to September 10, 2004.

Now you Know the truth about Groom Lake and Area 51. You Know where I get my Info from and how I draw the conclusion that I come up with! To see the details of all the above data check out:
Area 51/Groom Lake Project

There Are the FACTS! Maybe we can let go of the roumors and the myths now!

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 01:03 PM
The single-pilot Tactical High Altitude Penetrator (THAP) design concept was a spanloader airframe design approximately 38 feet long. THAP's wingspan was 56 ft and it stood approximately 14 ft. high and had a maximum takeoff weight of 55,000 to 60,000 pounds. The original THAP design reportedly relied heavily on radar-absorbing material (RAM) -- as well as blended, curved surfaces -- to reduce its radar cross section.

THAP, this is the elussive "aurora" or fast mover, dark knight etc this is the aircraft I saw pictures of sitting on a tarmac at Groom Lake

It is a single seat high speed recon aircraft that has A/A and A/G capabilities and is the one that generates all the highly toxic fumes on the ground from the ADV RAM material used on the skin coating.

Carbon/graphite and something thats slurried onto the surface of the skin composite. This mixture is highly toxic and like I said before resulted in the big employee dispute at the facility.

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by ghost
The air force operates many of the Test aircraft at the base as well as some highly classified spy planes. We are not 100% positive but think these may include the Aroura, and the TR-3. they also are working on other classified weapon systems.

There Are the FACTS! Maybe we can let go of the roumors and the myths now!

Well, nice work on the research fo sure - but I think these two statements above are incompatible.

As long as we are not even sure of the latest tech they are testing, how can we not speculate?

And more importantly to me, how can we not speculate on what may have gone on there in the past - before this base became the object of soo much public scrutiny.

Heck I would even like to know all the details of the workers who were injured on the base and brought a lawsuit in court.

Seems like there is an awful lot potentially not covered by you and your teams venerable research, eh?

However you have definately helped forward the cause of ATS (Truth) and for that we are all in your dept.

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 02:21 PM
There will never be any real truth on this particular matter until there is full transparency. It would be inappropriate for anyone to tell a few facts and call it the truth of the matter. What about the rest of the facts, if that's all there is to it than a FOIA request wouldn't result in small novels of blacked out pages. You just took a few well researched facts and called it the truth of the matter in the face of hundreds of service members, contractors, and eye whiteness accounts. I'm not disputing that your research has turned up some facts but it is by no means the truth.

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 03:00 PM
Thank you Ghost for furnishing us with the TRUTH. Did most of your info come from military web sites? We all know the military wouldn't lie to the American people. Why should they.

I just poured out my bucket of skepticism. I'm convinced! Thank you for all your hard work. I can rest easy now. Again thank you!!

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 09:10 PM
Im sure that is the truth, but there is also alot of other truths covered up.

posted on Jul, 1 2005 @ 09:40 PM
It is the truth all the research I done into it suggest the same thing, although I had no idea about ties to the NSA, and the Department of Defense. You forgot one though what about NASA I have read that they have a few projects up their sleeves at area 51 and also worked on the blackbird.

posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 12:53 AM
You're "truth" is arbitrary.

posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 01:44 AM
Good work. But I must tell you it's tooooo long. Make the points, in my opinion - leave the sentences.

Perhap's I'll be overruled but with so many things to read from our members toooo long is toooo much..



posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 01:57 AM

What a waste of your time as all that is available to anybody on the net.

Big supprise coming.

If they had Aliens there they ain`t gonna put it on the net.

Unbelivable l know but hey Top Secret stuff dosn`t get on the net.

If any statements you made where Secret this board would have to have them moved.Since the subject you are writing on is a Top Secret base any of the Truths you claim would if True have been removed from here as they would be Classified,so l guess cos there still here and you haven`t been banned that info is speculative at best and certainly not the TRUTH.

So Waste of time


posted on Jul, 2 2005 @ 04:44 AM
There is really no significance behind spyplanes and fighter jets.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 05:51 AM

This is a Data Summery of the main points of the research! The whole project has 7 full lenght pages of data and hundereds of sources. All of the Planes that are listed as being, or having been at Groom Lake come from cerdible sources. The dates and source info is all stored in the ATS research archives. Also, the truth about what is going on at Groom Lake is changing as we speak. It is a reseach facility, they probably try new stuff every day! There are many Disk Shaped craft that were design and built here on earth that are kept at the base as well. I shared this info so every one could see what we learned!

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 06:19 AM
Excellent research ghost and well written too. I think NEW black Projects not made grey will not be in any release or deep-rooted papers with either.
So, I thinking you won't believe you found all test programs administrated out of Groom Lake?


posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 06:37 AM

Originally posted by Dallas
So, I thinking you won't believe you found all test programs administrated out of Groom Lake?


I KNOW we didn't find everything. Hell, the base has more hangers then known projects. All I was trying to do is give readers an idea of some of the kinds of things that are being researched at the base.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 07:04 AM
Very nice. I liked it.
I believe there is nothing wierd going on at Area 51, just Aircraft that will be for our own good in the future I suppose.

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 09:10 AM
It's understandable why the military in Groom Lake don't notify the public about it's projects of spy aircraft.

The American government can't afford having it's military secrets spilled over the evening news. What kind of advantage would we have if the enemy knew what we were using against them

posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 07:39 PM
Everybody knows the government verson of what goes on at area 51. Everybody knows its a top secret base.

Just because it developed stealth planes doesn't mean it has deeper secrets. It could be any base in the world, but ths one is special.......

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 05:12 AM
Nice try. I don't think so, you say its a bomb testing site and all the planes have been described, how come the PRESIDENT denies it exists? and why?

We all know its there, Groom Lake Faciltiy.
Anyone who works there has a coverstory and if anybody talks about it or leaks information will risk there lives. Think about it, The President denies it exists.

I have no idea what Area 51 is. I wish i knew what the big cover up is about.

But thats the US Government for you! No offence USA people but your President acts dumb because he denies its there.

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 08:09 AM
It's not the President, it's EVERYONE in the gov't. During the lawsuit by a worker, the government walked into court and said "What base?" When pictures were shown of the base, they said "What base? We don't have a base there."

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 08:22 AM
I thought they had recently confirmed it's existince?

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