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I'm Joining Al-Qaeda (not !)

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posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by Boatphone

Originally posted by aelphaeis_mangarae
Al Qaeda doesn't even exist you idiot, it is just a boogey man made by the CIA.

Your talking about fighting a threat which doesn't even exist and is manufactured by your own government, your own government has carried out numerous terrorist strikes against you and your too stupid to wake up and face the facts.

Look who gains from this terrorism? Why haven't they caught Osama Bin Scapegoat?

Dude, you need to wake up and smell the terrorism, its real. So, get with it.
Where do you get your silly ideas?

Actually it's YOU that needs to wake up. Silly ideas? The evidence is overwhelming. Please do some research before you accuse him of being bogus, in fact i'll lead you in the right direction.
Documentary: Martial Law 9/11 -Rise of the Police State. If you want to get into the hard core evidence of 9/11 download video 2 @

I hope you seriously just sit down and watch it and be open minded, otherwise i'll have to say another case of "ignorance is bliss"
Please at least watch the second video if nothing

posted on Jul, 4 2005 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by Boatphone
All that is complete garbage. You sir, are just spreading lies, and disinformation. It makes ZREO sense.

I really do believe that you yourself don't even really believe what you are saying.

I mean ZERO proof! And why may I ask would the government want to attack its own self?!?!?

This is the real world not X-Files dude....

here is your proof:
Download video 2 of Martial Law 9/11 - Rise of the Police State. Watch it and tell me that isn't proof? Why did Gulliani, a former prosectuor destroy all the evidence of 9/11 ? He should know a thing or two about keeping the evidence of a crime scene.

You realize no modern sky scraper has collapsed from fire? Buildings have burned for DAYS and had it structure still stand up (Winsor Building in spain for example). Why did all the fire fighters tapes malfunction? Did you hear the one fire tape that got released saying how they almost had all the fires contained? Or what about firefighters right on 9/11 saying it seemed like explosions suddendly started going off? Why did building 7 fall from fire when it was out of the debree field and only burned for 6 hours? Why did all buildings owned by Larry Silverstein fall? Do you also realize Larry Silverstein went on PBS and said they pulled Building 7? You know pulling a building takes weeks to plan don't you? Why was there a FEMA station setup the night before? How come most of the terrorist after 9/11 were found to still be alive? The list goes on and on and on.

You ask why? Because when the terrorists are a big threat Martial Law allows you to suspend the constitution and run a military state where you have no rights. Please educate yourself. Don't just sit there and live in ignorance -- do something about it

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