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Government CRITICIZES New Jersy city for use of Patriot Act

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posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 03:44 PM
Which is good.
But they need to put measures in place so that cities and states aren't allowed abuse the Patriot Act period.

N.J. City Is Sued for Using Patriot Act Against Homeless

NEWARK -- The Justice Department criticized a New Jersey city for invoking the USA Patriot Act to justify kicking homeless people out of its train station.
In an answer to a lawsuit brought by a homeless man ejected from the train station in Summit, N.J., the city cited a section of the Patriot Act regarding "attacks and other violence against mass transportation systems."
But Kevin Madden, a Justice Department spokesman, said Summit has no business invoking the law in that way.
"The Patriot Act is a law enforcement tool to identify and track terrorists and stop them from further attacks on America," he said Wednesday. "To apply it to this case is, shall we say, an overreaching application of the law."
The city is among several defendants being sued in federal court by Richard Kreimer, 55. He is seeking at least $5 million in damages.

longer article:

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 03:47 PM
From "Rags to riches" it seems that the homeless man will do just that, if he can straighten the authorities and show that even when he is homeless he still have rights as a citizen.

I think this is outstanding.

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 03:55 PM
This reminds me of all the folks here who love to claim that if you aren't doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about.

Those people should also remember government and F.B.I abuses during the sixtes and seventies against civilians.

There is no friend anywhere - Lao Tse


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