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Plane triggers security alert in Washington

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 06:22 PM

An unidentified aircraft violated restricted airspace over Washington on Wednesday evening, prompting orders to evacuate the U.S. Capitol and surrounding office buildings, U.S. officials said.

Some senior white house staff were hustled out of the west wing during the brief scare, but a Secret Service agent at the White House later said the alert had been called off.

Capitol Police sent a message to senators saying they were "tracking an unidentified aircraft."

"All persons in the U.S. Capitol, Hart, Dirksen and Russell buildings should evacuate now."

The House was in session in the middle of a vote on transportation funding when the chamber was cleared.

So that makes for what? 3 times this has happened lately?

1 flock of birds.

2 aircraft (whatever this one was)

Panic mode really sets in when this happens.

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