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New World Order conspiracies in video games

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 04:13 PM
I've noticed that themes of the new world order(or the nwo itself) has been a pretty big focus in a lot of video games these days. From Dues Ex 1&2(Illuminati, corporate takeover, nwo) to Area 51 and a ton of other games. Lot's of RPG's now have at least references to known secret societies, and a lot of Orwellian themes of big brother and fascist police states are seeping in. Some, like Electronic Art's canned Majestic and others pull from widely known conspiracy theories.

What are some conspiracy theories you've noticed in games?

Here is a brief satiricle synopsis of new world order themes I've noticed in games, as well as my own interpretation conspiracy theory interpretations.

The Ninja Warriors(arcade/1987/Taito)

A way cool late 80's arcade classic, where two trained ninja robots take on a tyrannical dictatorship who rules with Orwellian authority over a country. Like in Nazi Germany and Columbia, Coca-Cola seems to sponsor tyranny wherever it may spring up(as well as keep the bastards refreshed!)

JFK Reloaded(PC/2004/Traffic games)
What happens when your president is about to abolish the CIA and put an end to the Federal Reserve? It's time to get Zapruder up in that! Made by the idiots who helped develop PS2 suckfest State of Emergency, they are out to prove there wasn't any sort of conspiracy whatsoever! Nope, none at all! Hopefully someone can make a mod where ya can play as CIA operative Bush Sr. and Richard Nixon having a nice smoke break on the grassy knoll. Remember, there ain't no camping on the 33rd parallel!

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000(PC/1999/Microsoft)

So you're stuck in a classroom, tired of playing Oregon Trail and reading books about pet goats. Well what better way to ensure your neo conservative buddies can enact their globalist fantasies, than by practicing your skyscraper kamikaze skills in virtual reality! This game works well with Highrise Demolition Expert 2001 and CIA Terrorist Trainer Tycoon. Building off the success of TWA Flight Simulator 1996(where ya got to "accidentally" shoot down passenger planes over the east coast), Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 is the perfect game for any wouldbe jihad cowboy.

New World Order(PC/2003/Termite Games)
Here is the official tagline of this FPS game: "In the near future, terrorist factions known as"The Syndicate" are becoming increasingly successful in creating havoc in the world. Now, the worldpowers have reacted by forming anti-terrrorist guerilla squads known as the Global Assault Team, who have a mandate to track down and dispose of terrorists any way they see fit, anywhere in the world. You are a rookie member of the Global Assault Team with only one mission: show terrorists it is time to set a New World Order and restore freedom." Hmmm, using a terrorist attack as the impetus to set up a new world order under the banner of "freedom"? Gee, I'm sure glad that could never happen!

Aw yes, twas the late 80's and the war on drugs was everywhere(including your local arcade!) In this ultra violent 2-player spectacle, your mission was to take down and blow up crack dealers spreading their drugs throughout
the inner cities. Of course little did you know it was actually the CIA funneling in the crack coc aine to fund central American guerrillas, but was a time of ignorance and wealthy excess. Oddly enough a CIA anti drug message appeared before all the arcade games of the time. Ooh boy, that's irony for ya! Remember kids, winners don't do drugs!(They only deal it!)

Deus Ex(PC/2000/Eidos)
One of the best damn PC games ever, as well as one of the coolest cyberpunk games to boot, Deus Ex is the mother of all conspiracy games. In this captivating adventure FPS, the Illuminati is busy taking over the world through corporations, world governments, and even the airwaves. The only thing missing is Bilderberg meetings, Trilateral commissions, Knights Templar, CIA mind control, Denver International Airport, and funny red hats!

Jambo Safari(arcade/1999/arcade)
In this fun filled adventure across the central African plains, you play a zoologist driving around in a jeep wrangling up all sorts of different wildlife. I guess when the World Health Organization infects half the population with bio-warfare lab created AIDS, there isn't much else to do but lasso up Gazelles and Elephants.

Majestic(PC/2001/Electronic Arts)
This game was actually scrapped over a lot of controversy, and the website taken down. Revolving around a plot of CIA world take over, EA actually put a good amount of hype and marketing intrigue for the game. Sadly, in the end when a conspiracy hits to close to home, they send the black helicopters after ya.

WCW Vs. NWO World Tour(N64/THQ/1997)
Yes, the New World Order went prime time in the latter 90's...but instead of a shadowy group of elite globalists, bankers, world leaders and secret was mullet haired steroid buffs wrasslin' around on cable tv. Whatcha gonna do brotha?

Mall Tycoon 2(PC/2003/Take Two Interactive)
There is no civic duty more important as an American citizen than being a good little blind consumer. As a mindless prole it's imperative you spend your all seeing almighty eye dollar on crap you really don't need. In Mall Tycoon 2, you get to create the ultimate cubed consumer hell. Filled with the latest 3rd world slave labor made stuff, your customers will be coming in droves. Just don't forget to put in a few dozen StarBucks, the preferred latte tool of the New World Order. Remember folks, only buy 3rd world slave labor made stuff!(As only overworked tiny hands can stitch the best in Nike, Gap and Disney garments!)

Battlefield 1942(PC/2002/Electronic Arts)
It's 1942, and up to you to take on the Nazi regime and stop their tyranny over Europe. One of the best multiplayer FPS war games ever, the game illustrates how imporant it is to stop Nazism wherever it may spring up. Of course it's easier said than done. When you have the current president's grandfather, corporations, wealthy families and elite bankers who funded fascism, you got your work cut out for you. A lack of fast reflexes and an old graphics card might be your achilles heel, but a fascist German genocidal campaign without Ford engineering, aspirin companies, and IBM machines is useless.

America's Army(PC/2002/the corrupt millitary complex of America)
So you've met with your oil gang, defense contractor pals, Saudi friends and Skull n Bones buddies...used the cloak of a tragedy to hoodwink the American public, and declared war for fictitious reasons. Now you need some young cannon fodder! What better way to snooker in vulnerable young men to line flag draped coffins than using video games as a recruitment tool! Yes, your senators and congressmen were in bitter battles over so called violent video games for years. Now you're using violent video games to encourage kids to incite real life long as the target happens to 'talk funny' and look different from you. Remember kids, there ain't no respawn points in Iraq!

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 06:26 PM
That is a very interesting theory, and one that you have shown circumstantial evidence in proving. What your saying could be entirely true, but there's also a chance that these games simply have that theme because they know that people will probably buy them.

I mostly say that because I keep my Microsoft Flight Sim up to date on the latest version, and I don't consider myself a terrorist. Well actually there was one time that I was making up this scenario where your engine would fail (I turned off the main power and engines), and I tried to land between lots of buildings, and I hit one. But that's it, I swear!

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 06:30 PM
Knights Templar are actualy featured in DeusEx 1.

The entire part with the Duclaire family has references to the Knights Templar and the cathedral you have to infiltrate(where you also get to kill Gunter if you didn't do so earlyer) is the old Templar gold vault.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 10:17 AM
Deus Ex is by far the very best game I have ever played. Although I did not finish Deus Ex 1 becasue I played it a long time ago when it just came out and i had no clue how deep this game was. And I cant really go back to it now and replay it becasue of old graphics (I know that is not what is importent, but still) and the running issue, runs and walks runs and walks not smoothe.

But I did finish Deus Ex Invisble War recently and it is great, smartest game I ever played.

One other game which is old by I remember I loved it - omikron nomad soul. Cant really remembr what it was specifically about, but it was a great game.

I wish there were other games like that, but I searched so much and found nothing.

So, play deus ex invisble war. It is posted on newsgroups right now.

posted on Jul, 5 2005 @ 01:14 PM

What those above links be the game in question?

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 03:02 PM
Dues ex was quite good but i found the story in general rather dull and confusing. They tried to cram too muhc in in my opinion.

however Dues Ex is coming true, i wonder what the people who made the game must be thinking if they were not conspiracy theorists.
UNATCO = UNESCO in real life
Bird flu is a dangerous virus, for which they have not real vaccine.
FEMA is the most susptious organization in the world beind the cia/nsa. when really it should be the most innocent.
they are researching augmentaion

duex ex will come true

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 05:34 PM
no way FEMAs really researching augmentations? WoW! Are you Sure???

thats Nuts if ur right....

yes Dues Ex was great game i loved it....FPS +RPG = Sweet Game

i got Dues Ex 2 but i havent got into it yet; perhaps this is the Next game on my list to play did BF1942 get in there? thats a bit outta place? its just a WW2 game u know
if your going to consider WW2 games NWO related than we must include literally THOUSANDS of other WW2 games...seriously
thats why i think BF1942 probably doesnt fit here

ive played BF1942 for literally thousands of hours, and ill take any oneof you down dare you meet me online; but i seriously never thought it had ANYthing to do with NWO stuff....just my opinion

lol funny post tho about Ninja warriors
very funny

all fun games tho definatly worth playing wether u care about conspiracys or not; its all fiction in the end u know
its just Video games
*thats why its WRONG to ban GTA San Andres; but thats another fight i will commit myself to tomorrow...

im sure i can find some other games in my collection that somehow fit this list; if i find one ill post it

remember everyone; no one has proof the NWO is real; and no one has proof it ISNT real either
so its a toss up at the moment

lets try to keep flaming outta the cool video game thread

if you think a game isnt "proof" well your Right
its just a game
pure fiction
just because it coincidentally matches general conspiracy theory is probably because the makers of it were well versed in the theory already

---- im gonna go check out Dues Ex 2 tonite ...gotta dust her off

but please lets discuss BF1942 ...and if this really fits with the agenda or not? if so, why dont we add the rest of WW2 games? thats what i wanna know

BTW the coolest feature of Deus Ex ; was the hacking thing
very cool indeed

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 06:09 PM
Yes its under the 'biotechnology' field.
When i said 'they' i just meant people in the US governement. There may be a fema team on it i dont know, but im sure they will have access anyway.

human augmentaion

2005 anti-aging conference
Furthermore, we can expect an exponential expansion of medical knowledge on aging thanks in large part to the fast pace of advancements in biomedical technologies. Medical knowledge doubles every 3.5 years or less. As a result, gains in human longevity are directly proportional to the cumulative sum of advancements in the biotech fields of:

stem cells , giving rise to a supply of human cells, tissues, and organs for use in acute emergency care as well as treatment of chronic, debilitating disease
cloning , a technique holding tremendous promise in producing consistent organs, tissues, and proteins for biomedical use in humans
nanotechnology , enabling scientists to use tiny tools to manipulate human biology at its most basic levels
artificial organs , making replacement body parts available
merve-impulse continuity , a set of biomedical technologies that enable the continuation of nerve impulses to travel from the brain to the rest of the body, regardless of physical disruption such as spinal cord injury and similar
Collectively, the five biotechnologies aforementioned above offer the second endpoint in human augmentation. These biotechnologies offer unprecedented capacities for to preserve and enhance our minds and bodies.

According to a report jointly issued by the US Commerce Department and the National Science Foundation, America's leading researchers are already designing and perfecting technological advancements to boost peak mental and physical performance, such as:

Brain-computer assisted interfaces to allow individuals to control artificial or paralyzed limbs simply by thinking about moving them.
For healthy men and women, enhanced coordination and reflexes to attain physical edge; increasing cognitive acuity
A digital cerebral interface for augmented reality pst...DUES EX!!!!

The US Commerce Department-National Science Foundation concludes their report that "new paradigms in communication (brain-to-brain, brain-machine-brain) could become reality in 10-20 years.”

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:20 PM
This is a good conspiracy game

This game is a futuristic thriller set in a highly industrialized New York City. It is all adventure - featuring a traditional point and click interface, inventory objects, challenging puzzles of varied difficulty and type, over 35 speaking characters and 8 hours of conversation. Choices made during dialogs effect how other people react to your character. The game plays in wide-screen (letterbox) style and has fully rendered backgrounds with animations and full motion video cut-scenes.

Your character, Peter Wright, wakes suddenly and, peeking through his front door, he witnesses a SWAT team bursting into his neighbor's apartment. His neighbor is arrested and taken away, leaving behind his wife and child. His willingness to help the family and his curiosity about the events leading up to the arrest will plunge him into a spine-tingling drama. Containing elements of both Blade Runner and Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy, The Moment of Silence pulls you into a world of corruption and sabotage. Many different experiences will confront Pete including following leads about alien conspiracies and terrorist threats, among others.

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:34 PM
Great post about games.
Update on some latest news.
On line games will be interrupted in case of state or national emergency.
More interference of legislators, or lawyers, moving to "1985" controls.
Nazi Germany had the greatest security the world has even known.
The secrets they guarded are now guarded by the US of A.
Ultimate control can be achieved by a few because they now know that
less manpower in needed for the support of their technology.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:20 PM

Great post! I have been looking for this type of games. Here is my add to your list


SuperPower 2 is a Real-time strategy wargame developed by Canadian based GolemLabs and published by DreamCatcher Games in 2004, following SuperPower. It was released between October 11 and November 19, 2005 in North America and Europe. Players may join a game as any of the 193 nations recognized by the UN at the time of its development. All standard games start in the year 2001, with the player taking control of their nation. They then must work toward their predefined goals, such as achieving world peace, balancing your nation's resources, or conquering the world, or, if they did not set any predefined goals, they have the opportunity to work toward developing their nation's infrastructure, increasing their military strength through new unit designs and development, and encouraging the economic and cultural growth of their nation.

and there is this one as well

Geo-Political Simulator

Great trainers for ze next generation zheeplejunge

And o i´v been trying to get them really bad, because i was thinking on playing couple of good theories i have found here on ATS on them.
Like an ATS cocktail of everything bit of market crashes, pandemics, natural disasters etc. I would be very interested in an outcome.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 02:21 AM
Mirrors Edge and Assassins Creed my friends,nuff said.

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