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NEWS: Schoolgirl killer wants to be left alone

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 04:39 PM
I am very interested in serial killers, so I have ready about this woman, and her "Partner in Crime" on numerous sites. She made a deal with the court...before they realized how depraved she actually was. It was said that after the videos that she and Paul made were viewedd by the court, everyone felt as if they had made a deal with the devil...regardless of how important her testimony was during her husband's trial.

Thing is, now she has this relationship with another convict, which is actually already going to violate the conditions of her release. She and Jean Paul Gerbert have exchanged letters, she has sent him underwear, and received a picture of his with a bare chest.

Now, I am all for people being rehabiliated when possible, as I feel everyone should at least try to contribute to society in some fashion, but I don't think that just because you serve jail time, you are entitled to a new life. Not when you won't even make the attempt to actually change how you would live it.

I figure it is mostly impossible for her and her "pen-pal" to really hook up, as she will be resticted on where she can go, and he will most likely be deported to France when released from prison in Canada, but she sure doesn't make it easy to believe that she really feared Paul Bernardo, or that she was an "unwilling participant" in the rapes and murders of the girls, including her sister. At first, I thought that her "stimulating herself" and licking her lips while making love to the victims under her husband's instruction were probably just ways she was directed to act and had to in order not to get beaten or something. Even with as shocking as the videos were said to have been, you always just HOPE that someone is just being a good actress...but regardless of the picture that seems to be plastered everywhere of her with two black eyes, I don't think she fears battery or dangerous men all that much.

They guy she is "dating" was sentanced to 10 years back in 1998 for killing his 23 year old girlfriend. He was calculated enough to have straightened up the house he killed her in, which she shared with her father, well enough to where he noticed nothing when he came home. He cut her hair either before or after her death, which some thik make him seem a little "nuts", but to me, it seems like he was trying to throw off immediate identification of her body when it might have been found. He stole money from her wallet, threw her into someone else's trunk, went and bought gas and vodka (in a different car), and then drove very, very far away.

Anyway, if anyone gets a new neighbor named Karla, or goes by Karlie...and she is blonde and looks like this....

hide your teenage daughters...and I wouldn't go over for a cup of sugar if I were you.

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 07:10 PM
I just finished reading this article:

An "agitated" Paul Bernardo continues to insist it was his intention to set Ontario schoolgirl Leslie Mahaffy free and that Karla Homolka hatched a murder plot on her own, CBC's The National reported Tuesday.

Bernardo spoke with Ontario Provincial Police on Friday before discussing his claim with his lawyer, Tony Bryant, that a panicked Homolka attempted to murder Mahaffy when the young girl's blindfold fell off, Bryant said in an interview with the CBC.

Bryant said his client wants people to know that it was his intention to set the rape victim free and that it was Homolka who panicked, despite her efforts to present herself as a submissive, battered woman acting on Bernardo's whims.

Bernardo pins killing on Karla

And she's already appealing the conditions on her!!!

posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 10:20 PM
that Karla planned and executed the murders together with sicko Paul. You know I can never forget the day she went back into the St. Catharines house with the police to describe what had happened there...she went dressed as a schoolgirl. She was totally untouched, unmoved and nonchalante about being there and inquired after her furniture and perfume.

She is the perfect example of a psychopath.

And she's loving all the attention she's getting....she's going to milk it for all its worth.

She's disgusting...I really hate her!

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