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The UK Media :Scratch the surface

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 09:36 AM
If you buy all the newspapers on any given day,and study the stories,you will find that 99% of them cover the same stories,and omit the same stories.
Their "news agenda" is pretty much identical,be they "conservative" l,"labour", or "liberal" papers.
If you have freeview tv,and you skip between the 3 news channels (bbc news24,sky news,itv news),99%of the time they too have the same stories on at the same time.They too omit many valid stories.
To me,this suggests total colaboration and centralisation of all our media.If,as we are led to believe, all our channels/newspapers are independently run,Why do they all choose to cover the same items consistently?
Now,lets think-who is in a position to control each and every mainstream media source?
The government?
How? Easy,they have placed people of influence in all mainstream media,who "help" with the news agenda.
Why? To control,to build fear,to surpress truth,and to reinforce there own agenda.
Anyone who uses the internet will realise that theres a whole lot more going on than we get through our mainstream media.
Please discuss.....

Wake up and smell the propaganda ........

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