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The Protocols of the 'Wised' Men of Zion

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 08:56 AM
Dear Friends,

It is well worth it to exchange ideas on the above subject, since it happens to poccess the Hellenic Version of the Protocols of the 'Wised' Men of Zion, a really interesting piece of information, which of course has been written according to the views of the author.

Although i can definitely say that the truths arising from the Book are well worth the efford to be studied, analysed, and evaluated.

The importance of reading, is to get new ideas, to question & doubt, and the make an effort to separate, distinguish, and extract the truth. Reading & studying is definitely an art.

I would like you to be very open and tell me what kind of thoughts you have for the protocols, have you ever came across the various books which describe them, do you think that there is a good element of truth in them. These are a few of the questions can be made, although you don't have to confine yourselves in just a few questions, you can debate, ask more, and questions anything you like

I am waiting for your replies.


posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 09:05 AM
A long discussion of the protocols of the elders of zion can be found here

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 09:12 AM
One of the most famous literary hoaxes in the world. Constantly debunked.


posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 11:00 AM
Dear Friends,

I know that there is another tread in the web dealing with this matter, but anyway let's make an effort to define, analyse, and evaluate the protocols, although this is a rather difficult procedure.

First of all the genesis of the protocols is quite debatable, despite the fact that there are many indications of the person/persons produced them. it seems that different individuals have supplement & adapted to their views the original text or texts.

One is for sure, it has indeed been written a few centuries ago, which makes the whole text & ideas involved very attractive even to the more skeptic. What is inside the protocols even modified and adapted to someone's views is very challenging, since a lot of ideas and predictions are absolutely coincide with the truth, on the other hand there is a lot of space for debate and false interpretations.

What is the most tangible evidence, not of the originality, but of the truth of the context of the protocols, excluding the Jewish Consiracy for obsvious reasons, since i do strongly believe that the Jewish people are not responsible for all this, but the centres of propaganda and the financial interests of the Zionism itself, which may be ruled by Jews but doesn't necessarily serve the Jews, is the fact that we are heading towards a global dictatorship, not in the form of the brutal dictatorships we have seen so far, although with many brutal elements.

I will explain this more accurately numbering my evidence:

1) Every single nation owns money to the World Bank

2) In the near future all countries will seek ways how to pay-off their debts or exchange their debts with the use of their natural resources for no substantial cost* (already happening)

3) Although this planet (scientific american), and as the logic demands can feed 5 times as much as the population of earth, 2/3 of this planet live in the limits of poverty, or below the limits of poverty

4) Although we significantly contribute to our destiny (my phrase), there are indeed oranisations waiting to get the opportunity so they can achieve their aims (power, leadership, control). Problems, sources of conflict, are technically created so they can lead to more devastating results

5) As time passes the world's economy will go worst & worst, although this will happen against all mathematical odds, but technically. Poverty will increase, misery will increase, hanger will increase, wars will cease, tolerance will decrease to the minimum.

6) In the light of the above statements, the people will seek for better leadership and this will bring the coming of the new age, where everything will be controlled in the name of order and safety, education will be limited & controled, personal liberties will not exist in the way we know them and others. This is happening right now step by step, although we are responsible for what is going on.

7) It is another matter what the Zionist lobby will do. Presumably it will wait until the right time to rule as Zionists believe, because this is a sense that Zionists have, not all others.

8) Apparently they haven't realised something, not only the Zionists, but the Americal Army, the Russian Authorities, and all other 'legal' and 'invisible' organisations do exist: The humans cannot be controled to the maximum!!!!!

9) No matter the effort they will make, which i am sure they will do, since it is a historical phenomenon (see history of humankind and control) the humans cannot be enslaved for long because if they have the proper education & ethics:

Social Education
Spiritual Education
Academic Education

Then Zionists, Illuminatis, Skulls & Bones, US-Air force and all other 'humanitarian' organisations, will become history immediately when all stop to accept their actions and stop believe their words & views. As the matter of fact all the above are subjects for continuous laugh and sarcasism. They haven't realise that we are guests in this planet!!!! In a few years we will go back to where we belong, do you remember what you were before you born??

Exactly that!!!

Now my friends i hope this was enough, as for the education matter, if you really want to 'illuminate' yourselves then READ-SEARCH and you will find the truth. Preferably, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Thoukididis, Aristarxos, Pythagoras, and others....

My ancestors...


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