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GSG9 won world swat challange

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by mojoberg
im just glad the SAS dont get involved in this stupid little competition guess it shows they have more important things to worry about

Maybe you don´t see the bigger picture. The aim of these exhibitions is not to compare the proverbial d*** lenghts, though the winner of such "games" certainly deserves the reputation. The main aim is to compare and measure capabilities and learn from mutual experience. That is also why the GSG9 has been invited.

I don´t think that any single of the competing SWAT teams doubts the GSG9 is inherently better at the tasks at hands - simply because they have an entirely different organizational structure. The GSG9 does nothing else than what is asked in that challenge, while many SWATs consist of "regular" police officers with some enhanced training.

Basically what all the competing teams achieve by taking part in this is a "look into the mirror". They (including the GSG9) can evaluate their performance against others and identify fields in which they excel or in which they lack capabilities. So its not just fun and games, the World SWAT Challenge offers solid benefits for all contestants.


A little too much hearsay for my liking concerning the tasks of KSK and GSG9. There is no rigid operational differentiation between the two in the CT field, they have overlapping responsibilities. Whether or not the KSK or GSG9 will be sent into a specific mission is mainly dependant on the surrounding parameters:

The GSG9 is a DOMESTIC unit. That means that they can only go for out-of-Germany assignments when this is allowed for and/or requested by the respective authorities (The Somalian "government" for example had to allow the GSG9 deployment back in 1977) - unless they are used as bodyguards/advisors as in Iraq, but then they wouldn´t perform a hostage mission.

As a military unit, the KSK however would have to get a parliamentary approval to be used WITHIN Germany, because the military is not allowed to perform domestic missions on their own. Germany is the responsibility of the police and the police alone.

Another factor would be how well the overall strategic and security situation is: You don´t need a military unit with all its mobile supplies, satellite networking and equipment intended for daylong use in the field when you are trying to clear a single building within a friendly city - when you know the mission begins when the unit enters the building and is over when they come out. So thats where the GSG9 comes into the play.

The choice depends on the surroundings, not the actual task to solve a hostage crisis.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 07:59 AM
I agree with lonestar.
And for the guy that said that GSG-9 is the same as SEK just operational nation wide, if you're so clued in can you then explain why is gsg-9 still operating then,when every state has its SEK unit.

GSG-9's US counterpart is FBI HRT.
SEK's US counterpart are SWAT teams.
GSG-9 and HRT are usually used for high sensitivity missions and SWAT teams are used for less sensitive missions.

For example if terrorists occupied a big building somewhere in the US and took hostages, threatening to kill them I bet your standard SWAT team wouldnt be called in, it would be HRT(and not DEVGRU or CAG because they are military units operating outside of USA).

If a man for whatever reason took his neighbour hostage then the rescue would be assigned to local SWAT team.

For comparing military units and police units, compare them only in the same tasks. You can compare SAS CT team and GSG-9 but you cant just say SAS vs GSG-9 because SAS is trained in many other roles such as operations behind enemy lines(sabotage,recon), and most police CT teams are trained only in counter terrorism while behind enemy lines work is left for military units.

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 08:13 PM
yes and the SAS counterpart is the KSK in Germany. They do these missions in afghanistan. In the beginning they were under US command and now they can choose and attack targets on their own decision.

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:57 PM
so they're essentially mercenary units? where do they get their pay?

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 09:49 PM
mercenary units? They fighting the taliban in Afghanistan with special forces from Canada,France,Denmark, norway and USA. They earn the money like any other german ISAF soldier or polish soldier in afghanistan

posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 02:40 PM
i figured just as much, its just that someone said they could make their own choices, so i was thinking maybe the country they helped paid them.

thnx for clearing that up

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 10:22 AM
The actual reason GSG 9 was invited was commercial. The event is sponsored by the Original SWAT boot makers. They wanted some big names to boost sales. They did actually invite all the big ones like SEALs and detachment Delta etc. For some unexplained reason GSG 9 accepted. The rest saw through the money making scam.

If you who are now going to rush off and buy a pair of Original SWAT boots, let me tell you GSG 9 do not wear them.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 06:33 AM
"... I agree with lonestar.
And for the guy that said that GSG-9 is the same as SEK just operational nation wide, if you're so clued in can you then explain why is gsg-9 still operating then,when every state has its SEK unit...."

The SEK have alot more to do then the GSG9 in Germany, they raid houses of suspects very often etc. The GSG9 is called if something special happens like mogadischu 1977. If a drunken guy in Berlin held his girlfriend as a hostage in his apartment then the SEK will come and definately not the GSG9, if a plane gets hijacked for example then they will appear. GSG9 officers also took part in a raid against "Hells Angels" buildings in germany. They used Shotguns against the dogs those hells angel ppl have here in germany very often, normal weapons didnt worked that good against this dog breed.

I doubt that they invited Seals or Delta Force or whatever, because they those are military units. This is for police units only!! Get your facts right. greetings from germany

This Video shows very good that the GSG9 is a police unit, those are video recordings from GSG9 operations in germany.

The first shows GSG9 officers raiding a house from a well known turkish islamist Mehdi Kaplan in cologne/Germany-1999. Then there is a little image of a riot with hostages in a german jail.

then you have GSG9 officers capturing a famous extortionist of the German Federal Railways.

And the last part shows an operation against a bordel. In Frankfurt those are often controlled from hells Angels.

here is another nice video ive found

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