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Global Warming is here!!

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posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 07:16 PM
Well, It seems that we finally have an answer to the wierd wether that's been happening over the past 2 decades or so... Global Warming!!!

While there have been so many who over the years have denied this environmental effect, it has now finally become the true accepted theory in the scientific community. Check out these articles:

While I am glad that the Global Warming trend is finally receiving the recognition that it always should have (I've been a supporting voice of the theory for almost 20 years), I am anxious to see what will actually be done with the information now that an agreement has been reached on the validity of the theory.

Who knows, maybe we're moving towards an Ice Age and nobody wants to admit it yet... ; - )

Do other people out there feel that we are heading in the Ice Age direction? Or are there more voices of dissent against this possiblility?

Our world is changing in many ways. Is our Earth able to handle our changes? Will modern technology help or harm our fragile planet?

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