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911 Peace

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posted on Sep, 11 2002 @ 05:00 AM
this dropped into my inbox today ....

Dear MoveOn Member,

Yesterday we highlighted a web site, put together by Medea Benjamin
and the good folks at Global Exchange, that lists hundreds of great
September 11th events around the nation and around the world. We've
received thousands of emails alerting us that their web site was down.

Yes, the web site was hacked -- totally shredded.
Yes, there are bad people out there who would rob you of your right
to gather and observe this day while working for peace.

The site is back up. Global Exchange has remounted a listing of
events at

Take a look. Go to an event if you can. Don't let the bad guys win.


- Wes Boyd
September 10th, 2002

.... now i spent a fair while yesterday trying (unsuccessfully) to access the site, and it looks like its down again. there are some sad, sad people out there.

- qo.

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