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Shark Fatalities in Perspective

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 03:43 PM
With the two shark attacks in the news I thought I should post this.

Each year there are on average 16 shark attacks and only 1 fatality every two years. However, people seem to fear the sharks more than anything else even though your chances of getting bitten by a shark are less than your chances of getting struck by lightening.


The following stats are from the year 2002

  • 6639 people died from falling around the house
  • 5 people died because of fireworks
  • 26 people died from being struck by another person
  • 18 people died from dog bites
  • 75 people died from bites from other mammals
  • 13 people die from non-venomous insect bites
  • 352 people drowned in their bathtubs
  • 40 people die from hot tap water
  • 76 people die from contact with venomous plants and animals
  • 66 people died from lightning strikes


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