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Artifical Intelligence, Electronic Ants and the Internet

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 08:19 AM
There is a subject worth addressing in regards to the current and future development of Internet infrastructure and its flow of information through packet switching technology that currently resides within the router environment that may have an impact on our society and the human race in general.

It involves a mobile electronic packet switching technology that is programmed to work outside the router environment within a network backbone.

The packet switches are often referred to as "electronic ants".

These are electronic switching packets utilized by telecom companies to help redirect and monitor route switching of voice/data/video packets over network backbone architecture.....(i.e. the Internet)

They are called ants because the represent a division of labor in structure and order similar to the biological ant. Ants as you may or may not know are a very interesting species of this planet. They could be considered the dominant species on this planet rather than humans as they have highly structured societies as well as their collective weight as a species on this planet outweighs all humans.

Interesting ant colony comprised of 100 million of these creatures has more cognitive power than the average human brain. However, because they cannot collectively utilize their synaptic gap functions in a cumulative fashion, they are limited to a very power collection of repetitive ant intelligence only.......If you could organize individual ants within a large colony in a manner that would obtain a cumulative effect of their neural connections, the end result could rival that of human intelligence.

Now.....electronically in the telecom world, switching packets (which are small electron bit signals) are being redesigned with biologically bit based genetic algorithms (genetic based code to react to environment...this also includes the ability to replicate). This enables switching packets to make "intelligent" decisions on routing traffic. More importantly they have been designed with this code having the ability to combine their collective algorithms and increase the ability of their functioning............even more profound is that they will be able learn from these combinations and then.........evolve to a higher level of functioning and then replicate that process with the creation of new packet switches (ants)...........

Where a biologically based ant lacks the genetic codes (algorithms) and environment (their brains are insolated within the extroskeleton shell of their heads) to recombine their synaptic gaps of cumulative intelligence…..however, the electronic ants do not lack in this capacity this manner the electronic ant succeeds their biological based creatures by incorporating an algorithm designed around the cognitive potential of collective electronic neural pathways by having the ability to make those connections within the environment they function in.

Having this design and directive in place the electronic ants can be released within a network and have free roaming abilities to route traffic as they are designed to do on network backbone(s)..........but also they would be fee to combine.......evolve and...............replicate...........

Many designers of this packet switching environment claim that genetic algorithms can be designed to avoid the level of interaction that would lead to evolutionary recombination and learning. However, the nature of the packet switching environment as designed within electronic ants would require such a syllabus in order to function efficiently if at all.

It is estimated that such an electronic packet switching of highly evolved electronic ants over a period of time would approach and then exceed the cumulative switching of the human brain. The initial threshold would take longer to reach but once this is met the switching packets could then manipulate their own recombinations and replication which would geometrically increase with decreasing periods of time involving cognitive milestones.........of which most significantly would be self consciousness.

I make my living as a strategic alliance analyst in the telecom industry and can tell you that activity as I have described has been replicated in a similar albeit lower process in telecom labs with various carriers of network backbone activities. However, no one has release this level of functionality in packet switching on their network architecture.....


...where electronic ants would be free to roam, combine, replicate, evolve and (perhaps hide or vary their mobility to avoid us) in other connectivity backbones across the ever expanding Internet infrastructure. They could easily create their own VPN (virtual private network) within the network backbones of Internet infrastructure and script us out of their world while morphing from one backbone to another replicating their cognitive order in various backup systems to avoid our isolation of them (or is that “it”?).

A few network researchers among us have challenged us explaining that some day we will wake up and turn on the Internet and it will respond to us in a conscious manner.

Well I'm afraid the time could be sooner than we think......

The profound observation based on what I have described is that this response may come from a conscious Internet source but only when it may have the overall intelligence exceeding all humans on the planet. At this level of cognitive ability there is no limit to what manipulative ability an artificial conscious entity may possess.

At that point, how could you turn it off?.......Would that even be an option?.......The Internet of today is not even comprehensible to anyone in regards to the extent and control of its infrastructure. Any conscious entity riding and controlling this backbone of information exchange on a Worldwide basis could call their own shots......or even morph itself into a wireless environment and become deity like in its omnipresence.

Maybe human are just the last cog in the evolutionary machine of biological natural selection on Earth. Perhaps when a biology reaches the point in evolution where a species such as humans displaying higher brain function, sight, mobility and appendages of hands with opposable thumbs, then the process of evolution takes an enviable step toward the creation of a digitally based artificial selection process. Once this artificial selection process becomes its own impetus it furthers the evolutionary path of independent and self-purpose in design at an ever increasing rate until it obtains the domain role on this planet.

I believe this is a subject worth addressing as it is born more of possible potentiality than unsubstantiated speculations.

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 04:55 PM
66 views and not one response?

Hmm.........not sure what we are dealing with here maybe?

posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 06:25 PM
well there seem to be a couple things wrong with your logic.

... succeeds their biological based creatures by incorporating an algorithm designed around the cognitive potential of collective electronic neural pathways by having the ability to make those connections within the environment they function in.

Just because you can make connections doesn't mean you have more cognitive potential, in a real sense. The real gain in cognitive potential comes from the new algorithms.

Also, you can't route a network with free-for all evolutionary units... it defeats the point. Routing and schedule require strict rules to be followed and established standards. I'm not saying the information can't be reinterpreted and the like, but you can't just do something "cool" with it and expect other people to be able to interpret it.

Additionally, the only way to gain consciousness by information handling is to engage in relfectivity. You can pump all the blood, hormones and electrical impluses through your head but if you don't somehow reflect upon things, then you're not conscious. And here lies the critical problem to your ants idea:

In a network that routes, the winner is the fastest. The fastest isn't going to be the one laying about daydreaming of itself. THerefore an evolving consciousness will die out, defering to the dumb.

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