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What do you have to do to see ghosts?

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posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 11:44 AM
I got an idea. Rent a fog machine. Go to a known place that has had some instances. Turn the machine on and wait. If I am correct you will be able to see forms in the mist. It would be like someone walking through a bunch of sheets and their forms were showing. My opinion is that ghosts are disassociated intelligent energy. They no longer have a shell sometimes because they were ripped out of it too fast and unaware. Other times because they are still in denial and need to let others know of them.


posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 12:11 PM
I don't think you can just make yourself see ghosts. I have always had something around me, from the time I was young. After my Dad died, it got really intense. After my kids were born, especially in the first year, things were at their peak.

I have heard a male voice talking in my kids room. I have seen something stand on the landing of my stairs, I have had my son tell me that my Dad was his friend and talked to him, when he looked at an old photo

I do my best to NOT see or hear things. It is spooky. I have tuned things out to the degree my husband was tapping on the kitchen window by the sink, and I didn't even notice.

I hear things at night alot, like someone is walking around upstairs(our master bedroom is on the main) I go up to make sure the kids are not running around and they are fast asleep. I just ignore it now

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 12:15 PM
good idea shrededice! im sure they will let u investigate the college. that will be a great place to search for ghosts! I f u do go to the college then happy huanting! im rooting for ya bud!

posted on Jun, 27 2005 @ 03:55 PM
OK, here are some of the places that are said to be haunted at the college.


Helm Library - is known to be haunted by a student who fell to his death from the ninth floor when trying to open a window.

McClean Hall - McClean Hall on campus is supposed to haunted by Mattie McClean the woman its named for. Supposedly if you stare at a picture of her long enough in the lobby she will smile back at you. Pearce Ford Tower (Dorm Hall) is supposed to be haunted by a construction worker crushed by an elevator.

Potter Hall - In 1977 a girl hung herself in the basement. Change has been heard dropped in soda machines but no one is there, scratching sounds of basement floor. - February 2004 Update: is now just used for the office of the register, housing has been moved down to South West Hall. Which did once have a creepy incident involving a ouija board where a wall began to crack open. Also for Potter it was in room 8 on the bottom floor that the girl hung herself -- though that is debated some believe she was murdered.

Western Kentucky University - Van Meter - Auditorium - The auditorium is reportedly haunted by a man that fell to his death there while working on one of the catwalks. Students, workers and performers have seen him. Also rumored, he fell onto the stage and his blood of course soaked into the wood. In the 1950�s and again in 1968 this stage was re-floored, and the stain again returned.

Those were the best ones - If I had to pick one, what would it be?

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 12:04 PM

Originally posted by ShreddedIce
1. Move into a house rather than building one;

The most haunted house I have ever been in, is the one that we
built. It was part of some tract houses in Alabama that went up
on an old cotton field next to a brook. We had little black balls
flying through the house really fast and when they'd go through
a wall, the wall would make a big 'craaaaaaaaack' sound.

A long while back slaves used to pick cotton on those fields and
when they rested, they rested by the brook in the shade.

So building a new home doesn't exclude ghosts. Sometimes,
depending on where you build, it can be very active.


As far as what to do to see one .. I have never done anything and
yet I have seen them, and even held a conversation with one. The
conversational ghost I didn't realize was a ghost until I turned around
and looked back at him and he was gone. I was with two other
girls at the time. They both saw him and talked to him and then
noticed he disapeared when we turned around.

Ghosts just show up when they want to I guess.

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