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Unofficial Poll - Patriot or Paranoid?

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posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 04:07 PM
In reading the threads on this web site, and considering my own political opinions, I thought it might be interesting to conduct an unofficial poll.

Are you an American patriot but think the government is up to something? If so, what are your reasons?

Are you an American patriot that trusts the Bush administration implicitly? If so, what are your reasons?

I'm personally one of those who loves my country, but thinks BushCo is up to something. The reason why I think they're up to something is that they're so secretive over nonsensical things that it makes me paranoid that they're hiding things I really should know about. I also don't like disinformation and the feeling that I'm being lied to. And I'm a strong supporter of the Constitution, so I feel recent activities undermine the very foundation on which our nation is built. So, I worry and hope that what I don't know about what they're doing is not as bad as what I do know.

What about you?

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 04:58 PM
Let's look at the things we know with certainty they have done.

Lied about aluminum rockets magically transforming into centrifuge tubes and banned DOE employees from telling the truth to reporters.
All for a war that has funned Tens of Billions of Dollars to Haliburton, which Dick Cheney was CEO of.

Revealed a CIA covert ops agent name purely as political revenge,
Because Wilson expressed doubt about the false Uranium Yellow cake to Iraq story. [and this is the whitehouse that is going to be in direct charge of all intelligence? WTF?]

Covered up Bush's desertion from Florida military service, while he hypocritically simultaneously staunchly supported the war. [What a limp wristed patriot he is.]

During the Wall Steet debacle of robbery of corporate shareholders by CEOs and their attendant accounting firms he appointed an accounting firm lobbyist, Harvey Pitt, to head the SEC. Who said he wanted to go slowly before any reforms should be made.

He hired an Polluter Industry lobbyist lawyer to head the EPA.

Was elected by razor thin margin his first term after the Florida election roster had been carefully engineered by his Brother.

His good political supporter in Texas and Washington is Ken Lay, CEO of Enron who is facing indictments, was in personal meetings with Dick Cheney, making energy policy. The CEO of a market manipulating and accounting fraud corporation is helping make energy policy? Maybe that is when it was decided that they would invade Iraq.

He & Tom DeLay both receive campaign contributions from a lobbyist for slave-labor employers in the North Marianas [Saipan] a US territory, so no investigations or changes of labor practices would happen there.

He did do insider trading at Harkin, but was lucky enough that the market price recovered shortly after he sold out, so the SEC couldn't get traction to file charges.

But there are enough Barbarian Christian Right supporters who will follow anyone, including these slimebags, that promise to turn this nations government back in to some biblical barbarian state.

There are other much uglier things such as the violent murder of Ray Lemme, an FDOT investigator in florida, who was killed while looking into money laundering using the untracable toll-booth cash income. [FDOT - Florida Department of Transportation] If true these Republicans are simply organized crime.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 06:12 PM
I'm a patriot that KNOWS that the government is up to no good.

How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving!

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 07:33 PM
I would like to think both: I am vigilant.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 08:45 PM
I dont trust the Bush Administration and top levels of the GOP lead Legislators like Frist, and DeLay. They have been caught lying and only resort to discrediting those that point out such lies and is able to keep the mass media spineless without holding themselves accountable.

The Downing street Memo as well as other accounts proves that Bush was allready planning to go to war while he was saying in publicto world leaders nand the US citezans that he was going to use war as a last resort in Iraq.

If they just admited to lying and stopped trying to cover it up there wouldn't be a 40% approvel rating for the presidancy that is going ot drop further in the next few months as gas prices go up to record levels

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