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Iran develops nuclear plant

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posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 08:41 AM

The Iranian Government says it is going ahead with the second phase of its controversial nuclear power plant in Bushehr. Iran's state news agency Irna said the decision was taken by the country's High Council of Atomic Energy, which did not give a start date for the second phase, but did mention for the first time construction of a particle accelerator.

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I know this has been talked about somewhere else, but i feel we need to talk about this more. Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon. If Iran got hold of a nuclear weapn, they would throw the middle east into choas.

The world would probably be dragged into a war, probably WWIII. If NK builds a nulcear weapon, the world would be thrown into a all out nuclear war. If these events ever happen we would face a nuclear halocaust. The world is in dangerous times.

At this current time, we are back in the days of the cold war. Unlike the cold war, were they were waiting for someone to make the first moves, NK or Iran would use a nuclear weapon without thinking.

Iran should allow full inspections and NK should do aswell. The world is on a knife edge and one small thing can send us into a nuclear war.

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