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The World Trade Centers need rebuilt!

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posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 12:47 PM
So here we are, spending hours upon hours debating whether or not the WTC was brought down by demolition, fires, or structural flaws...

We have hundreds of hundreds of data to pull from to research our theories.

We have a seemingly endless stream of people coming forward calling the official story "bogus"..

Where do we go from here? Obviously, either the government needs to fess up and disclose every single bit of information regarding September 11, or we're going to figure it out ourselves.. but the truth will be told regardless. We're a slow nation.. but once we set our eyes on something and demand attention.. we always end up getting our way. Democracy.. how wonderful.

We need to rebuild exact replica's of the 3 WTC buildings. Offsite in a remote area of course.. The construction of such towers would yeild us "researchers and engineers" that are basing every assumption by hard rock solid research material. The amount of data that would be obtained from such a project could forcibly open the doors to the truth. Was it the fire? Was it demolition? What structural designs could have caused this?

With such a project, we'd surely build, study, wire the building up from head to toe, and then run an exact "test reenactment" (though im sure this would be hard for alot of people to watch). Not only would we gather information on whether the trusses broke, the beams failed, the building swayed.. we'd know exactly HOW MUCH it failed.

Gathering this data would at the very least expose an engineering flaw, or better future precautions. But it could also force the government to fess up and "re examine" their cover story if the test doesnt yeild like minded results. Which I'm assuming that if you've made it this far into this letter, you're beginning to wonder if it's..well.. all true?

And if you're not doubting the entire 9/11 incident isnt shrouded in coverup and mystery, you need to spend at least 10 hours reading over the material thats being presented from all the different sides of the spectrum.. Though some of it has been thoroughly debunked, other topics remain a sore spot for the "believers"... topics that arent even discussed because its just a topic so full of truth, it reeks of suspision.

Heres a good site to research.. start from the top, work your way down from the beginning to the end.

So whatya say? Can we create a "Rebuild the WTC fund!"? It can be ATS sponsored.. hell, we all know ATS reaches the globe.. we could spread the word and probably even have governments of different countries chipping in eventually..

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