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It runs deep...

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posted on Sep, 10 2002 @ 11:10 PM

I cannot stay away - this is calling to me, despite the danger, I have returned.
I am the person who tried to enter Area 51, SirMouse. Some of you might remember me from the old boards. Someone even posted my story, after hunting me down after several months.

I have alot of opinions, facts, and general theory I plan to throw out in the next several weeks.. but I start with the entire 9/11 deception.

I honestly am sorry to even suggest this so close to the 1 year mark of the 9/11 events, and I am sorry if the following offends you. But it must be told.

The United States blew up it's own towers.

Yes, extreme. Over 3000 lives, billions of dollars down the drain - for what?

Cover. A move of the spotlight. A further step of the overall plan we were directed to do by the Grey's.

You see, a major movement of several key pieces were to take place, so large that there was a chance the mainstream media could have caught it - and run it. So the government needed a distraction - and over 3000 lives, billions of dollars were well worth the cost to continue the plan. But it is a plan the USA had to follow - it was and is the lesser of two evils.

It all goes back to the Grey's, from Beta Reticulli, master plan that was worked out with Humans during the first years of first contact back in the 40's. Our government, and several others, who were acting as one, chose to take this plan, instead of the other plan - the 'removal' of Humans from the Earth. What plan is this?


Yes, a common word, but the most powerful word one can use. The world's government's who were deemed 'need to know' back in the 40's worked out a agreement with the Grey's - instead of a quick removal from the Earth, the Grey's have given humanity 500 years to do it on their own - leave the Earth. To the Grey's, this amount of time is hardly a concern, but the Grey's are not evil, nor do they want to remove us with brutal force, but it comes down to the fact that the Grey's themselves are in trouble with other matters.
So they have given Humanity as a whole, time to 'force evolve' and the time to 'groom' Humans so that the world will not erupt in chaos when it is revealed that Life is not only 'out there', but out there in such mass numbers that a sudden realization of it would shock a race so badly that it would cease to be the race it is, and 'force evolve' into something else. They Grey's only wanted 2 things from the agreement - the right to at any time from any place on the Earth to remove Humans in small numbers for various purposes ( with the promise of a return to the Earth ) ; and the construction of several 'rest stops' if you will on the Earth for their explorers. Over 25 of these places are in operation as we speak - and have been for years.
You might know some of them. Area 51. Dugway, Deluce,Rudlow Manor, Mount Weather, and several others.

Back to the main topic of this post - 9/11. The Grey's instructed the USA, along with it's allies 'in the know' to create a diversion on 9/11/01 for unknown reasons they did not give, but high level it is rumored to have been a testing of a new craft - on Earth, and the Airspace *needed* to be clear.
So... how to clear them. Remember, the Agreement that still stands today, is that if the Grey's are ever exposed to the public, the Grey's will swiftly and totally remove Humanity from the face of the Earth - mass extinction. So in a agreement that has fustrated and angered countless high level 'need to know' people over the years, the USA and it's allies complied. Very quietly, 'mistakes' happened - a backlog in terrorist screening over Echelon. A unforunate accident of key security there. And generally, things were set up in a way as to totally invite an attack from Al Quaeda and the Taliban - who knew and still no nothing about the plan. Who were totally used - then abused by the USA to 'save face'. They feel they acted on their own, but in reality, they were lead through the maze like a lab mouse - and the result were the attacks on 9/11.
They only thing that was not planned on that day was the sudden reality that both the USA and the Grey's, who were watching as they usually do hidden - was the brave act of the people who attacked the Al Quaeda members and forced the plane to crash in Penn, instead of Capitol Hill as was planned. And in a bit of irony, the Grey's actually enjoy and have a very, very deep intrest in events such as the brave people on that plane happen - they are very curious about Humans - almost to the point of danger.
So you might be asking, ok. They Grey's have this blackmail on us, but how do we know they can actually do what they say?. Their level of advancement was shown in the 40's - and sealed the deal. They displayed several ways they could remove the Humans from the Earth - from peaceful - to downright brutal and swift. The leaders back then saw no other choice - and in a way understood where the Grey's stood, as a result of the way the USA ended the war with Japan in WW2.
You must understand - the Grey's are not evil, good, or anything else - they have expressions, but they are unlike anything our animal, humans can naturally 'understand' We all understand when a person looks angry, a dog, a cat, a tiger, etc. But with Grey's it does not work like that. They Grey's are a very very old race , and compared to our bodies, are totally different.

Word has it the Grey's got what they wanted on 9/11 - need to know people claim they said it was for a test of a new ship - but they do not buy it. They said they have their own 'ways' to detect Grey ships, but none was detected. It is still unknown what exactly the Grey's wanted on 9/11, but they demanded the sky's over the entire USA be cleared of all major commerical and civilain traffic, and agreed to only a limited military showing in the air.
I worry for the future - I am very worried. Humanity in it's whole - has been a virtual slave to the Grey's - or else.
No way has been found to even attempt to battle the Grey's - their technology is far too advanced to even attempt such a course of action. Most of their technology is far beyond even a limited understanding, but what we do know is that they have located, controlled, and put to use Anti-matter, and know hundred of 'soft spots' in space where they obtain this material. They also have a understanding of Gravity that even our best minds cannot grap, let alone understand. Greys' can also naturally withstand massive amounts of gravity - so much so they can naturally control gravity to an extent - even on Earth. They also have tried to explain basic 'rules' and 'facts' about 'this' Universe, but again, even our best minds do not understand. They say Matter and Time are the same thing, and thus can be interchanged and 'formed'. Nothing much can be said, but everything is so 'alien' to us, they are so Alien.
And they 'grooming' of humanity has been seeded on the deepest level - every Science fiction story, movie, tv show, etc after the agreement was designed to start the process of learning to expand your mind to the possibility of life outside Earth - even advanced life. This is 'phase one' of the plan to start to 'warm up' humanity to the idea - phase 2 started sometime within the past 10 years, and rumor has it it is to groom people to 'try to think beyond the everyday rules they know and understand' and the Movie they point to as just a start of it is the Matrix.
Skeptics claim such a deception is impossible on a global scale - and thats true for Humans acting alone. . But with the Grey's advanced technology, it is not only possible, but easy and in fact seamless.
They Grey's when they first encountered Humans knew nothing about how they are made, what they are, etc. They learned in a very, very sudden amount of time the core code of what a human is, and DNA is just the start - they claim there are other 'deeper' levels of what a human is, but we cannot see due to limited technology and the limited scope of our 'reality' Grey's have the ability to cure, create, and even remake anything that has to do with Human DNA at its deepest level - they could introduce a code to cure cancer for the next generation, they could introduce a disease, such as they did with HIV to 'thin the herd' in the late 70's. They could even create a 'super human' one with a supercharged immune system, protection to UV rays, protection from Radiation, all naturally by the body. Grey's also have the ability , though it is a much more complex event, to 'unlock' the 98% of brain that 99.999999% of humans do not have the ability to use.
So that is where it stands. The conspiracy runs deep - but it is not a story - it is reality, and everything that is kept secret, kept eyes only, kept well, above top secret - is forced - they world goverenments have no choice but to do what they ask - or the Grey's will remove humanity! It is a horrible, horrible postion to be in ,and very very unfortuante for all of us, and future generations. If you believe in a god, pray to it/him/her that no one ever gets lucky enough to expose the Grey's - the result is immediate 'removal' from the Earth. Meaning no more humans - and rumors have it this could be done by force, by a implanted ' Self destruct ' code that some believe the Grey's have hard coded into our DNA years ago, and several others reasons.
I do not know what to say - but I tell you this. Who remembers the sudden and strange display by the government a few years ago, showing a old test baloon and claiming that it was all a test in Roswell, the brass up there looking right into peoples eyes, lying - and you could *see* it that they were trying their best, as hard as they could to tell you what they really meant - that it is critical to stop trying to expose the Grey's - they were showing you one thing, but in a subtle way, trying to convey another. I honestly cried when I saw that display - it truly scared me. I live everyday wondering where the Grey's will take Humanity next, for they have the real control.
I shall be around on the boards for the next few weeks, and next time I wish to share the facts and events behind the coming war with Iraq, why the USA actually wants China to invade Taiwan while they invade Iraq, and what the connection to the entire middle east is.
And no, it's not for the 'Oil' or 'They Saftey of the USA'. It's like always, for the Greys.

Until next time,

- Vanguarde " Mike "

posted on Sep, 10 2002 @ 11:34 PM
Do you have facts and proof,or just theories?

posted on Sep, 11 2002 @ 04:12 AM
Grey's also have the ability , though it is a much more complex event, to 'unlock' the 98% of brain that 99.999999% of humans do not have the ability to use.

I rememeber someone saying that its just a myth that we only use

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 01:57 PM
Did you read the passage? If I had 'facts and proof' and revealed them, how long do you think the Human race would be around? lol.

As for using a % of your brain, yes you are correct, I turned the figures around backwards by mistake. Ezekiel is correct in part.

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 02:08 PM
See. It's not about the oil after all.

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 02:21 PM
You have not given any fact's so that is why I asked,it is all theory at this point.

How do you know the grey's have given us 500 years?

How do you know the grey's had involement on 9/11?

How do you know the grey's got what they wanted?

I would like the "facts",and proof.

Yes I read your post,but it means nothing,if you can't support it.

posted on Sep, 12 2002 @ 04:23 PM
well... i think we all know wha to do with the grays...



[size=20]NUKE 'EM ALL

[Edited on 9/12/2002 by necro99]

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 09:59 PM
Hello, I have limited time so I will quickly go over and answer your questions.

1: You cannot 'Nuke' the Grey's. Several reasons why. I will go over some of them in my next post.

2: nyeff: I cannot say 'how' or 'why' or 'if' - but I can tell you this. I know of it from 3 sources away from one of the 12 contacts Humanity has selected to communicate with the Grey's. And it's all Math - it's very, very, advanced math that I see, and it translates into words. I can provide the Math if you want. But without certain... devices it cannot be decoded.

3: As for knowing that the Grey's 'got what they wanted' the answer is simple. President Bush is not dead, the United States is still here. Kennedy will never happen again ; it was a test for the Grey's to see if they would back up their threats - and they did in spades.

4: As for 500 years, again it's in the Math.

Please remember that the Grey's are so, so different than anything on Earth, they are truly 'Alien' to us - I cannot express that enough. They are unlike anything on Earth, or dreamed up in the most absurd Sci-Fi the Earth has to offer.

I must go soon, but the numbers tell me that the Grey's are again the ones behind this sudden and agressive push by the USA to remove Saddam from Iraq. I do not know why, how, etc. Just that they are, and they started this movement.

Let's just hope that what happened to Regan does not happen to Bush in the future - it's up to him. Just know that all aliments that seem 'Natural' are not...

I will be in Contact again.

- 6

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 10:12 PM
Why is it that every time someone writes a story about ufo's,grey's,etc and say they have facts,they can never back it up?
If your in danger for writing this post you may as spill it all,you have nothing to lose.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 12:52 AM
holy #! SirMouse! I remember you saying ya wanted to infiltrate A51, and that you`d take your lawer friend, or some hocus pokus of the likes...
Once I read your post, I'll make another reply.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 01:04 AM
so.... what happend when you tried to infiltrate A51?
IF this is who you say you are...

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 01:12 AM
LoL my friend used to work at Area 51...He's just a Master Electrician but has worked in many exotic places such as Antarctica, somewhere I wouldn't mind spending a summer either if you ask me.

And yes he's worked in Area 51 too, and every time he comes by to visit us, one way or another he'll bring up the time he saw a "UFO".

It was in the hanger, covered with a tarp, and as he was being driven past gaurds were hurridly closing the doors on it.

As he'll tell you though, it looked soooo much like a flying saucer, with the dome and all, but as he was soon too learn from other friends there this was what is now known as the "Stealth Fighter".

And I don't doubt it for one bit that that is all that Area 51 is. I don't live TOO far away from that area, and you'd always see the stealths flying from the south east...they'd be just black triangles in the sky and you wouldn't have a clue as to what they were. And they'd do something and go behind a cloud and that'd be that.

Besides, they've closed that base now...packed up and went to Utah from what I hear...

no signature

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 04:19 AM
it might be about the snake-oil by the looks of this!

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 07:35 AM
"Did you read the passage? If I had 'facts and proof' and revealed them, how long do you think the Human race would be around? lol. "

Ah the old "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you" get out clause.

ah well, looks like your just another nutter.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 07:53 AM
there are so many holes in this bloke's story I don't know where to start

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 11:36 AM
I would not immediately condemn him for his clearly "out there story".

For starters,

All throughout history mankind has been making drawings of flying ships, aliens, snakes,......(follow link for examples this goes as far back as the inca's and spreads to the middle ages. It is also pretty clear that these primitive people could not have built these phenomenal structures without help from lord knows who.
Just look at the main temple at Machu Pichu, there are mica blocks there weighing over 50 tons and the only place to get mica is over 2000km's away in Brazil, what did they do, drag these 50 tons blocks over 2000Km and then finally drag the huge block for 200 metres up the slopes of Machu Pichu??? You may look this up, all the worlds mica comes from Brazil, there has never been mica in the close vicinity of where the inca's built there temples. Take a look at the pyramids, noone can reproduce these but still they are staring you in the face!!

Second of all Darwin and his theories are utter bull# and once you dig a little deeper you immediately see that certain things do not add up. If homo sapiens sapiens is known to walk on earth for at least 120,000 years(according to science this is a fact), and our civilisation is only "10,000" years old, what the hell have we been doing for the rest of the 110,000 years? There was enough time for at least 10 civilisations as developed as our own. Or at least 1. It does not even have to be homo sapiens. There were "probably" different branches as capable as ours. Just makes no sense at all that we sat in our new Huts (formerly known as caves) watching the fire and saying "ok guys, we will wait 120,000 years 'till we can finally buy stuff at the super market". Did we really evolve from the apes, my sound guess is nope!!

Third of all and this one is the king of the mysteries and proves that something really freaky happened in our past, all cultures erupted at the same time in our past. Since there were no boats and people could not travel the oceans could you then tell me why cultures erupted everywhere on the planet at the same time and all these cultures were building pyramids, Incan Pyramids, egyptian pyramids and chinese pyramids???

I am sorry but following saying goes for all you nonbelievers out there,

You wouldn't know a clue if it walked up to you, bit you in the @ss, and announced 'I AM A CLUE'

[Edited on 4-11-2002 by Illuminati-NWO]

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by Vanguarde
Most of their technology is far beyond even a limited understanding, but what we do know is that they have located, controlled, and put to use Anti-matter, and know hundred of 'soft spots' in space where they obtain this material. They also have a understanding of Gravity that even our best minds cannot grap, let alone understand. Greys' can also naturally withstand massive amounts of gravity - so much so they can naturally control gravity to an extent - even on Earth. They also have tried to explain basic 'rules' and 'facts' about 'this' Universe, but again, even our best minds do not understand. They say Matter and Time are the same thing, and thus can be interchanged and 'formed'. Nothing much can be said, but everything is so 'alien' to us, they are so Alien.

Yes of course. They are really advanced, but their technology cannot help them.

No no no, they need our planet to solve their problem.

Necro99 has right ! NUKE THEM ALL, and if it's not possible, at least we can nuke the whole world. So, they will have to look somewhere else for another planet and humans survivors will be able to build a new world without them.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 10:08 PM
Yes - the words "Swiss" and "cheese" do spring to mind.
The anecdote about Stealth was informative and reminds me of a comment I was wont to make on the older Boards.
If we just remind ourselves what "UFO" actually means: the criteria are simpl "flying" and "not known to us" -and this would cover Heaven knows how many military prototypes, test-beds, variants, XF-models and what have you.
To rush straight from UFO to little green men without considering at length the much less esoteric alternatives does seem to be unjustified.

posted on Dec, 3 2002 @ 11:06 AM
So, FreeMason, your friend was told he saw a stealth "fighter"? Is there any such thing in military service at the moment? as far as I know ( and I may well be wrong ) the only stealth aircraft in service with the USAF are the B1 and B2 stealth Bombers. These are not classified as fighters, but rather, Bombers.

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 10:26 PM
Its called the F-117A Nighthawk my friend. Stealth Fighter. No guns, only bombs and missiles.
. Oh but now they have the F-22 Raptor, which has more stealth characteristics than any other FIGHTER in military aviation. Its not completely invisible though...

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