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A Very Special Episode

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 09:47 PM
Hopefully this thread doesn't get deleted.....

The Very Special Episodes....

Mr. Belvedere
- Wesley gets molested
- Kevin Gets laid
- Heather almost gets date raped by a jock

Diff'rent Strokes
- Arnold and Dudly get molested by The May tag repairman (Bike shop owner, that like pizza and little boys)
- Arnold and Dana Plato hitchhike, kidnapped and taken to an apartment,
the guy wants to "have his way" plato. The cops save her just in time.
- Sam gets kidnapped (in a cheap rip off of "Without a trace")
- The Ghostbuster Episode. When they run into some ancient movie star that faked his death.
- Kimberly gets Bulemia..."No more Barf-Chow for me!" she declares!
- Sam's bed wetting episode.. How Sad.. NOT!
- "Just Say NO!" with Nancy Reagan.

Punk Brewster
- Cherry gets stuck in an old refrigrator and nearly dies. "Lets play a game of hide and seek!"
- The Andy Gibb episode, Andy Gibb comes on and sings a pedophile's favorite song "Thank heaven for little girl"
- The episode where someone is getting abused, That girl then went on to do "Saved by the Bell" and not asked back for the second season.
- The Challenger Episode, when they all sit around and talk about their feelings regarding the National Tradegy. Then Buzz Aldrin, former Apollo 11 Astronaut appears...
- The "Night Stalker" Episode. Punky drew a picture of Herny Warnamond getting hacked to death. And more people sitting around talking about their feelings...That was such a stupid episode...

7th Heaven

Please add something!!

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 11:10 PM
And there is always more...

Growing Pains:
- Kirk/Mike works at a liquar store with the father from "Eight is Enough", He turns out to be a racist, so Kirk quits
- Jeremy finds out his Rock Idol Brad Pitt is a total prick and does want anything to do with him.
- Carol's Boyfriend getting killed in Drunk Driving Accident. Boo Hoo
- The Episode when Mike and Boner are doing some project, they're mentally Ill and suicidel friend is outside chain smoking, Alan Thicke goes out and talks to the troubled girl.. (In my opinion that was the Best episode of the entire series)
- Boner joins the Marine Corps
- When Santa Wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the second story..

What Psychtrist in thier right mind is going to run his practice out of his home???

Family Ties:
- Alex gets addicted to Antphetamines. Michael Gross's "IT'S OVER ALEX!"
- The Tom Hanks episodes; Tom Hanks wanted by the FBI. Tom Hanks is a Drunk. Tom Hanks flirts with Mallory and is asked to leave
- Alex's friend dies. And it's a One man Show!
- The Final episode had like someone hugging ever 45 seconds...

Family ties should come to mind when you think of the worst part of the 80's

Match these Charaters to their catch-phrase
The Fonz
Nick (From Family Ties)
Joey (From Blossom)
Cha-Chi (Happy Days)

- Whoa!
- Waa Waa Waa
- Eehhhh...
- Yo!


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