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Predictions for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and beyond ...

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 04:57 PM
Predictions for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and beyond ...

My Future Timeline ... no i am not a timetraveler.

A split election and 50% of the population is upset over the result. An illegal war continues, and the world strays away from American Policy.
Reforms within America Continue as Republicans start to take power.

As a result of domestic policy Privacy, Freedom, and Constitution and americas foreign policy, several groups form, and the lines are drawn.
There will be arrests and a raid or two...but almost no news coverage. You will see these are the roots of the war that is to follow.
the next 4 years it continues to escilate.

America is attacked by a foreign nation, Bush then leads the nation into war. Not sure if its going to be Iran or Korea.
First thing Bush does is pass more reforms taking away your rights and privacy.
Then comes the draft...leads to more unrest in the cities as people will not want to die in an unjust war. Draftees will be taken by force from their homes and sent to training. In a show of force, riot squads and tanks are sent to the cities to keep the peace. Homes are illegally searched, and leaders of rebellious factions are arrested and held without charges or rights. This is where we see the start of 2 americas, the cities and the rurals. Its not about blue states and red states, because every state is divided. The cities are anti-war and anti-Bush. See county voting maps!

Muslim Terrorist Cells attack at least once within America, taking hostages...possible shopping mall or school. The Media is giving a lot of attention to the demands of the Terrorists. The Govt. doesn't negotiate. We see a greater divide.

The Govt. will push to far taking away your freedoms in the constitution, for the sake of Security...this will cause "Radical Groups" or Suburbian/Urban Militia Groups to form, and quickly become labeled as "American Domestic Terrorists".

The people will be outraged over the outcome of their confrontation...which would be on the news live, and all of the "American Domestic Terrorists" are killed, while not firing a shot (waco like). At this point I expect there to be the Waco style attacks that John was talking about. (NOT IN 2005)
Small groups will form at first, after the next waco type massacre these groups will grow in size and start to bomb Government Buildings in retalliation.

You too at first will think that these people are working with the Muslims/Koreans to tear apart this country. But these first myrters will become hero's of the New Confederation.
Over time the people will see that this country needs a change. They will march, it will be The protests of the Vietnam era all over again, only worse.

Their is wavering support for Israel at home, and it is attacked by Syria when Syria enters the war against America with Iran. America Counter Attacks ... creating a bigger mess than just fighting Iran.

Around this time the Economy ... i don't want to say collapse, but worse than the great depression. Maybe the dollar collapses because of the HUGE debt we keep multiplying with these continuous wars mabye its the housing market crash (Japan went into a decade long depression becuase of the their housing market crash). Maybe its OPEC changing their reserve currency because of the Iran War..maybe its all of those things at once, who knows?

Their will be an Oil embargo against America by all OPEC nations. The price of Oil would be too expensive anyway. Get your bikes ready!

2008 Election - Republicans keep power by using SCARE TACTICS - maybe of a Russian & Iran Allience...maybe its a Muslim Crusade?. They win the rural communities and lose the cities. Riots continue in the cities, only getting worse as food shortages start to become more common. Rations begin for OIL and Food.


At this point the world media is showing the "American Domestic Terrorist" side of things...while American Media "Govt. Controlled" is painting a negative picture. The Militia is getting more and more coverage on the news, and when they get their message out... "responsibility to defend americas constitution" the people will wake up and will want to work with the world rather than rule over it...a little too late for that though

A new Declaration of Indepence will be written in Philadelphia by an African American Student. The Momentum is starting to swing in favor of the cities. Because the Rural communities begin to see the price of freedom, and how far one will go to be free and that everyones measure of freedom will not be the same. Rural communities will start to preach about working together and being tolerant of others. That is where we need the change the most.

That was that good news...This is when it starts to get real bad...because the people demand the removal of every politician from office. Will the politicians try to hold their power, or submit to the will of the people like USSR collapsed when the People overthrew them??? My money is on, they will try to keep their power base.

Not pretty at all. Food shortage, unemployment, riots, civil unrest, and at this point we are losing the Iran War, and our Draftees are dieing in high numbers. Wouldn't it be something if around this time Mad Cow or Bird Flu breaks out?

After the economic collapse, China Europe Austailia and Japan were all left in horrible shape...and blamed America. World sentiment at this point would be Anyone but America can lead the world.

Food shortages go world wide and Korean people are starving, but we stop sending the rest of the world food and start to hoard it for ourselves.

The politicians still haven't left office...Russia starts to mobilize to take out the American Threat and this is the year that either Yellowstone or Sumatra blows up ... or ... Something happens???

Russia/China allience launches nukes on American Cities.

Long Period of Mop Up.

These things were sent in motion years ago.

posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 06:25 PM

youve had enough to :w:

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