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Mind control and abductions.

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 01:08 PM
I think the targetted individuals who experience gangstalking (, kidnapped from their original parents at birth and were placed into a non-loving family. These non-loving parents are nephilim giants. The stalkers are also nephilim giants. I mean what kind of humans would do such a thing to such people? I mean unless some people got into trouble and then were black mailed to become a stalker to get out of their charge in court. But to me that doesn't make any sense because people commit crimes everyday, I don't think the secret societies would take their salvation away by black mailing them because God forgives all sins. Also, another thing doesn't make sense I don't know why the giants would spend so much time stalking one person when there's lots of people in the world who are sinning.

When you are being hypnotised (when you are daydreaming), the operator and stalkers are actually fragmenting your soul. Making you weaker, they might actually be abducting you when this happens. I assure you they don't need to come to your home while you are sleeping to drag you off to a military base. I live in a room with a barred off window. And the doors have latches on them, not doorknobs. So the people can't get in. This is all about bible propchecies and the nephilim. It says in the bible that coming of the Son of man will be like the days of Noah where there giants in those days. I believe that after the flood, the angels kept falling more and more. But they did not touch Noah's genetics (God forbid). I believe before the flood, after the flood, and before the coming of the Son of man and during the coming of the Son of man, there were still giants on earth. SHAME on them. These quacks actually believed that satan would help them become gods. It also says that satan deceived these angels into thinking that, he must have did a pretty good job to deceive 1/3 of the angels. These guys are stupid man.

check these websites out: (read the book part 3, that talks about the teaching of Jesus)

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