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Thoughts and reality

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posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 10:46 PM
Some of you may remember me, most will not. This post is in the closest topic I could relate it to, Medical Issues. Though it is not a medical issue, It has to do with the brain. I suppose I could have put it under science and religion as well, therefore, Mods feel free to relocate this topic.

I would like to start with the idea of opening a topic entitled 'mind and body'. I believe a whole host of topics could be discussed here, including mine.

Since I have a host of thoughts flooding through my mind, that's where I would like to start.

Thought: Past of Think - N1. Process of thinking. 2. Serious consideration 3. Idea

Considerate: Adj. of Consider

Consider: Vb. 1. Think about. 2. Give thoughtful attention to.

Thoughtful: adj. 1. Absorbed in or showing thought.

Think: Vb. 1. form or have in the mind. 2. Have as an opinion. 3. Ponder. 4. Devise in the mind.

I'm sure most of you have discontinued reading by now as todays' youth require instant gratification rather than deep thought and critical thinking. Those of you that continue reading, I hope you enjoy my post and contribute to it.

I have gone through a lot in my life and am starting to realize and put into practice how my thoughts can create emotions and action, and my action from my emotions creates my reality.

I have also given thought to root emotions giving way to root actions. A quick example would be: a root emotion such as hurt leads to a secondary emotion of anger, which, could lead to a root action of violence, in turn could lead to a battery, murder, domestic abuse, etc; again which could lead to negative reality.

I hope most of you are still with me.

I'm going to end on this note and see if I get any feedback. I will then consider adding to my post.

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